The Istar arc is the tenth arc in the series, starting from the 122nd chapter and ended on the 137th.


Still reeling from their defeat at the hands of Galand, the Seven Deadly Sins decide to go and train to beat the Ten Commandants. Meanwhile, Diane loses her memories and ends up back at her home region.

Fights and EventsEdit


Story ImpactEdit

  • Melascula unleashes demons upon the land; however Hendrickson, Gilthunder, Howzer, and Griamore defeated two of them.
  • The main survivors of Camelot are resting as Merlin's soul is transferred into the Aldan, King suddenly meets up, and Diane has amnesia from Gowther's spell. Meliodas plans to have the people he's with do some training, including having Elizabeth Liones and Arthur Pendragon to awaken their magical abilities.
  • Diane runs to Megadozer to meet up with Matrona.
  • Galand and Monspeet attack Diane, but Matrona intervened. Shortly after, Matrona knocks Diane unconscious, and then carries her and Gideon.
  • Monspiet unleashes a "Gokuencho" to attack the Seven Deadly Sins, but Hawk Mama eats it. Soon after, the group arrives to Istar.
  • Zaneri gives Meliodas a test of overcoming his feelings of Liz's and Wandle's death while also giving Elizabeth a test to cure some "disease-filled seeds". Meliodas passes his test.
  • The others meet up with Hendrickson's group causing King to question Hendrickson.
  • Gilthunder and Howzer meet up take on the test to defeat a Clay Dragon, but failed even though they improved.
  • King starts doubting Meliodas' trust. After fighting him, Jenna gives back to Meliodas his stolen power.
  • Meliodas gets teleported to where the Ten Commandments are and defeats Galand with his new powers within ten seconds.
  • The Commandments split into five groups of two to take over Brittania.
  • Everyone else comes out of their tests back with Arthur having a cat on his head and Griamore becoming younger.
  • It is revealed that Zaneri never put in any actual seeds and that Elizabeth is the reincarnation of Liz.
  • Gilthunder's, Howzer's, and Meliodas' power levels exponentially risen.
  • Arden and Deldry sense Fraudrin's presence in Fersen.
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