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Katz「カッツ」 is the leader of the Katz Street Troupe. In the past, he loved to play role the Seven Deadly Sins with his friends.


Katz 16 years ago


Katz shown to be greedy with money.


Armor Giant arc

Pelliot and the Fake Seven Deadly Sins were playing around in the village and ordering people order. Pelliot and the rest headed to the forest where their found the Boar Hat which surprised them since they weren't any bar there. Pelliot and got excited and went there, to order the owner to pay them for standing in his land. The real Seven Deadly Sins came out, and realize that the kids were playing them and King's information on the next Sins is false.

Meliodas told Pelliot that they were about to leave, Diane then appear, thinking the rest has come back which shock the Fake Deadly Sins due to her size and thinking she was about to eat them, but got angry at them. Later the Fake Deadly Sins got along with the Real Deadly Sins. Pelliot then told the Sins about the Mountain God that live in Ordan mountain. The kids were later informant from a villager that a group of Holy Knights Dawn Roar and the kids headed to the forest to find them.

Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Percival arc

Katz and his troupe rehearse their performance. Introducing himself as fire user, Katz throws paper in the air and sets its on fire and burns it. Katz then introduces Elva and after her is about to introduce Donny, but seeing him leaning to the cart annoys him as he does not take it seriously. Percival shows up and applauds them, liking their performance. Donny wants Percival to pay, but as he doesn't have money, he tricks him and takes his belongings. The troupe runs, but Percival easily catches up to them. He explains he is looking for Ironside, but none of the have heard of it. Katz proposes he comes with them to the nearby village, where he may find some info. On their way, Katz explains they are drop-outs, who failed to become Holy Knights. Percival reveals that Ironside and his grandfather were also Holy Knights, which surprises everyone that Percival is a son of a Holy Knight. Arriving at the village, they see a big wolf, who Percival easily defeats and shocks them by his strength.

While celebrating the defeat of the wolf, Pellegarde arrives. Seeing Percival in good shape, Pellegarde comments that Ironside must have feelings for his son and wonders if Varghese is alive too. Katz demands Pellegarde to apologize, however Pellegarde decides to push him away, but uses a bit more power and sends him flying few meters.



Katz uses a wand in conjuntion with his magic.


Katz possess a magic power that allows him to generate fire in small proportions.



  1. Chapter 6 (4KOA)Q&A Corner


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