Kay「ケイ」 is the non-blood related brother of the current king of the Kingdom of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon, and the son of a Holy Knight.


Kay has short, puffy hair and wears common clothes.


Kay is selfish and cruel towards his younger adopted brother, Arthur, when they were young. He took his sword and made him cut an apple blind folded on the cliffs. Kay appeared to be happy when Arthur nearly died, and was upset when Bartra saved him.

Even after Arthur pulled out Excalibur and became king of Camelot, Kay still holds his petty jealously at his adopted brother and seemed to have never changed at all.


Kay was the only son of a Holy Knight of Camelot, until his father adopted a young boy named Arthur. One day, Kay takes Arthur's sword and offers to return it if he could split an apple on a cliff, with a stick whilst being blind folded. Amazingly, Arthur accomplishes it with ease, angering Kay. Kay grinned and tossed the sword towards Arthur, breaking the rock pillar he stood on and causing him to fall. Suddenly, Arthur was saved by a mysterious Holy Knight, making Kay to become upset and run away.

When Arthur was about to pull out Excalibur and become the rightful king of Camelot in front of everyone from the people to the Holy Knights, a bitter Kay can be seen hiding behind the wall, glaring at his adopted brother's ascension to royalty.



Arthur PendragonEdit

Kay is Arthur's adopted brother. Kay appears to greatly dislike Arthur, as he was frequently cruel towards him and smiled when Arthur nearly died by falling down a cliff. Kay later shows his jealously when he watches Arthur pull out Excalibur and became king of Camelot, glaring from the background.


  • Kay, in Arthurian legend, was a foster brother to King Arthur and his seneschal.



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