"I I'm the fairy king, So I want to protect the forest, my people, Diane, everything!"
— King about his desire of protecting everybody in The Clash At The Fairy King's Forest

Kingキング」 is the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth of the Seven Deadly Sins. His real name is Fairy King Harlequin妖精王ハーレクイン Yōsei-Ō Hārekuin」 for he protects the Fairy King's Forest and the rest of the Fairy Realm. His Sacred Treasure is the Spirit Spear Chastiefol, which he uses in conjunction with his inherent power, Disaster.


King wanted
King's Wanted Poster
King 10 years ago armor1
King's armor 10 years ago
King full color view
King's original appearance
King transforming to introduce himself
King's Human appearance
King wearing Helbram helmet
King wearing Helbram's helmet
King sprouting his wings.
King's Wings
King's new outfit
King's outfit during the Holy War
King new form
King's current appearance
King Before and After

King's human form (before) and fairy form (after)

King's fairy form resembles a young boy with short brown hair, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, and brownish-orange eyes. He wears a long orange and aqua sweatshirt with a hood and navy blue sleeves, quarter-length navy blue pants, and short boots with large buttons matching his hoodie. He also carries a green leopard pattern pillow which is actually a transformation of his spear Chastiefol. Despite being a fairy, he has no visible wings.

In his human form, he looks almost exactly like his wanted poster; large, fat and more ragged, perhaps hinting at how humans look to fairies. He wears an enlarged version of the clothes he wears as a fairy, though he can freely change the clothes he wears in this form.

Ten years ago, he wore full-body light green armor with a helmet that fits the size of his human form. King's wanted poster depicts him as a big man with short hair, sideburns, a button nose, and a sneer. His Seven Deadly Sins Grizzly symbol is located just above his left ankle, on the outer side of his lower leg.

After the Kingdom Infiltration arc, King added Helbram's Love Helm helmet attached on the hood of his jacket.

After switching bodies with Drole and Gloxinia and going back in time, King wakes up with tiny wings sprouting on his back that resemble those of a fairy.

During the battle against Mael, King's wings develop completely in the form of huge butterfly wings, coming together with a new form in which King's body becomes that of a taller and thinner teenager, with a longer hairstyle with a populated frontal crest.

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In his first appearance, he is shown to be an ally to the Holy Knights and is willing to wipe out anyone who gets in his way along with the person he is after.[1] Since he is the Sin of Sloth, he is shown as somewhat lazy, preferring to levitate in most occasions. In the past, he was shown to be a compassionate character who returned stuffed animals stolen by Ban to children. Furthermore, it appears that he is an emotional person who cries easily.[2] King has trouble admitting his affection for Diane. Although he enjoys being with Meliodas and Diane, he could not bring himself to express it.[3] He cares deeply for his sister, Elaine, as shown when he was willing to take revenge for her death by "killing" Ban.[4]

King is also shown to have a caring side. He helps the Seven Deadly Sins in their battle against the Holy knights, although he claims it is merely for Diane.[5] Despite being the Sin of Sloth, he is hard working and serious at times. When King joins the group, he starts to act like the only rational one in the group, and questions his teammates' erratic and slightly insane actions, such as their nonchalance about losing their sacred treasures.[6] When forced to do something he dislikes, King can easily be motivated if it will make Diane happy.[7] Despite King's kind personality, he is not against killing someone, if pushed to his limits. King was willing to kill Guila and Jericho if they continued to attack him, but was unable to after Helbram saved the two.[8]


King was born more than a thousand years ago from the Sacred Tree of the Fairy King's Forest. At some point he was chosen by the Sacred Tree to be the third Fairy King.

700 years ago

King slash by Helbram

King slashed by Aldrich

Seven hundred years ago, King was the ruler and guardian of the Fairy King's Forest; a country set on the border between the Fairy and Human realms. His spear, Chastiefol, was made from the Sacred Tree placed in its center. King used to live with Elaine along with other Fairies, keeping up the peace between them and the humans. During his time protecting the forest, King and Helbram were best friends. But unlike Helbram, King found no interest in humans and cautioned Helbram not to trust them. However, Helbram and his group went out of the forest to see the human world, where they met a group of human travelers who promised to give them items in exchange for information about the Fairy World. However, it was revealed that the humans were only after their wings, which could be sold for a lot of money, as it was believed to extend a person's lifespan. King then went out of the forest to save his friends despite Elaine's efforts to stop him, telling her to stay and protect the forest. After finding the dead bodies of the Fairies, King stumbled upon a tall, armored human wearing an eye patch named Aldrich who attacked him from the back, ending up nearly killing him, until he was saved by a young Diane. Due to his injuries, King ended up forgetting about his life as a Fairy King and spent his time playing with and protecting Diane.

Diane later met a stranger who offered them soup, despite them being a fairy and a giant. Feeling uneasy with the old man, King told Diane to be cautious around humans. When Diane came down with a fever, he was sent into panic due to the fairies' lack of understanding on disease and sickness. However, Diane stopped him, telling him to not leave her side since she was always lonely. The old man who gave them food found them and offered some herbs for Diane to feel better. At this point, King realized that a human's time passed much faster than the other races, as the old man that he had met before had aged several decades since the last time he had given them soup. As soon as Diane got better, they ended up playing tag with each other. He told her that if she caught him, he would grant her a wish. Diane took it seriously and caught him, but ended up getting her clothes ripped, leaving her naked, much to his surprise. He decided to make her new clothes and went to the old man's place, only to find more towns built there, and that the old man had a grandchild now. After leaving the forest, he told Diane about marriage between two humans who love each other.

King arrested

King captured for his sins

Diane asked if King loves her, to which the latter shyly nodded. Diane then asked him if he would always love her and stay by her side, which made him blush harder. Later that night, he finally remembered his identity and found out that the village close by is on fire. He told Diane to sit back and hurriedly went to the village, only to find out that everyone died with their backs slashed. King found the man who killed him years ago, and was shocked to see him still alive. He then realized that it was Helbram using the identity of the person who hunted down the fairies for their wings. He got back up and decided to end Helbram's rage to humans, killing him in the end. King then went back to Diane to erase her memories of him, fearing that he will be unable to protect anyone anymore. King was then captured by unknown Holy Knights for the crime of "Sloth" as he was a king, and was unaware of Helbram's mass murder of humans, and turning a blind eye. Unaware at the time, one of those Holy Knights was Meliodas, with whom he would be properly introduced to after joining the Seven Deadly Sins. Additionally, due to his imprisonment, King was unable to return to the Fairy King's Forest, and was absent during the events that lead to the Destruction of the Forest and the death of his sister, Elaine. Because of his absence, his own people began to resent and eventually hate him, overall ending his reign as their king.

15 years ago

King's sin eventually led him to become a member of the Seven Deadly Sins when King Liones formed the group. Despite being a former king, he was not assigned the role of the leader, and group was led by Meliodas and supervised by the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras. Additionally, in meeting the other members of the sins, King was introduced to Ban, who's immortality originally peaked his curiosity, yet he ultimately overlooked this fact due to the uniqueness of the other members and befriended him, unaware of Ban's connection to the Fairy King's Forest's destruction. King was also reintroduced to Diane, who at the time had no memories of their time together. From that point onward, King adopted and maintained a more human form to help prevent Diane from remembering their former past, which also led to some other sins (mostly Ban and Gowther), as well as the majority of the holy knights of Liones, from ever seeing his true appearance as a fairy.

King returning all the stuffed animals

King returning the stuffed animals to kids

A long time ago, Ban went through a phase of collecting stuffed animals. He went around stealing every stuffed animal in the kingdom, thinking that he wouldn't be cursed if he did such a small deed as he worked hard as a knight. Immediately, King grew angry at Ban, complaining that the little children throughout town were crying. Whilst Ban finally grew satisfied and fell asleep, King silently returned all the stuffed toys to the children.[9] Since then, King follows Ban wherever he goes to prevent him from causing trouble, giving other people an impression that they were the unlikely "dynamic" duo.

12 years ago

King and his teammates participated in a mission to wipe out a group of vampires at the castle of Edinburgh. During the attack, King was partnered with Diane and confronted the two Vampires, Mod and Ganne, however, due to Ban, who was very drunk, and had deliberately used Snatch to steal all his and Diane's strength as they were fighting, they were both struggling very hard to defeat them. Fortunately, they were saved by Gowther who had made the vampires believe he was a part of their family and had the two vampires attack and kill one another. Diane and King were then upset over Gowther for not coming sooner, who justified his actions by saying that he wanted to make it exciting.

Some time later, after the training, King accompanied Ban to a bar where he angrily glared at the immortal who passed out drinking while Meliodas was talking to Hendrickson and Dreyfus. At some point in time, he and his fellow Sins met up with King Liones who was with young Elizabeth. King did not recognize her until Gowther revealed her identity ten years later.

10 years ago

At the day of the betrayal, King and the rest of his teammates were summoned by Great Holy Knight Zaratras to meet with him at the castle. While walking with his fellow members, he reminded his captain, Meliodas, that he is always drinking when the latter mentioned that they should have attended the National Foundation Festival. They entered the room together and saw a murdered Zaratras, much to everyone's surprise. King obeyed Meliodas's last order to separate and hide until they can regroup.

Ten years ago, after the incident, King went back to his hometown to see his old family and friends. He discovered that a bandit had stolen the hidden treasure, the Fountain of Youth, and had killed the Guardian Saint, who was his sister. King later found out that it was Ban who had killed his sister and decided to take revenge on him by joining the Holy Knights.[10]


Forest of White Dreams arc

King is first mentioned when Gilthunder claims that he perished in the Capital of the Dead. In the middle of Meliodas and Gilthunder's fight, King's death is announced to Diane and Elizabeth.[11]

Baste Dungeon arc

After Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane and Ban escaped the Baste Dungeon, a young boy is seen with the Grizzly symbol near his left ankle, floating in the air whilst watching the shooting stars in the sky from a window.[12]

Capital of the Dead arc

King stabbing Ban in the chest

King meets Ban again

King is looking out of the window when Gilthunder comes in and tells him that Ban has joined up with Meliodas and Diane. He then wonders why they decided to move.[13] Gilthunder reassures King's loyalty to the kingdom, to which the latter coldly replies that he has his own ways of doing things. Suddenly, a Black Hound, named Oslo, enters the house and King welcomes it back. He asks if it had found Meliodas and the others, mysteriously understanding what it says. He then notices something in its mouth and pulls out two Holy Knights crests, whilst telling Gilthunder that the rest of the Holy Knights better stay away, or he will wipe them away along with his enemies.[14] Later, he appears before Ban and delivers a surprise attack by stabbing him in the chest.[15] When Ban asks who he is, he replies that it is not important and quickly pierces his spear completely through Ban.[16] Acknowledging the fact that Ban is confused by who he is, King reveals that Ban has killed the Guardian Saint of the Fountain of Youth to obtain immortality.[17] Immediately after hearing King stating his sin, Ban quickly sends Ellen and her brother away, and engages in a battle.[18] King swiftly hovers towards Ban, attempting to pierce him again with the spear, but fails.

King dreaming about Diane

King's shy side

Before Ban can return with an attack, King immediately uses his levitation abilities to perform the technique, Bumblebee. Despite the simultaneous strikes, Ban still continues to dodge all the attacks. Once again, the attack fails, forcing the impatient Ban to activate his ability Snatch. Just before he can activate it, Meliodas arrives and intervenes in the battle, and hits him on the head with a cup. Diane and Meliodas immediately recognize King, while Ban is surprised and dumbfounded. Despite Diane being happy to meet him, he quickly flies away without saying a word.[19] After escaping, he continues to watch over the rest from afar, whilst complaining that he made it appear as if he ran away.[3] He then comments on how cute Diane was and how it is almost impossible that Meliodas still looked the same.[20] Finally, he remembers Ban's sin in the Fairy King Forest, and exclaims that Ban is fooling them. Out of the blue, Oslo barks at him, telling him that the group has moved to the edge of the town.[21] A subtle wind whips up all the petal on the flower field, and the characters are all teleported to the Capital of the Dead.[22] Noticing that Ban began chasing a mysterious figure, King quickly follows, wondering how they were able to enter the Capital.[23]

King using Fossilization on Ban

King petrifying Ban

While continuing to chase Ban, King provokes him.[24] The former tries to attack the latter, but fails. Noticing that King is able to dodge with ease, Ban finally acknowledges the fact that he is the real King and begins to fight more seriously.[18] King uses his pillow as a decoy, cushioning Ban's punch and dodging quickly.[25] Stating that he does not desire to reunite with Ban in such a situation, King narrates how he came to discover his hometown burned to the ground and the death of his sister.[10] His pillow then transforms into a form of a giant stuffed bear, immobilizing Ban, exclaiming that the Guardian Saint whom Ban killed was his sister.[4] When Ban, in response, declares that he is immortal and can not be killed, he uses Chastiefol's Form Three, Fossilization that can petrify anything it impales. Ban's skin around the impaled area is shown to have been petrified.[26]

Elaine reveals herself to King

Elaine reveals herself to King

After Ban's body completely solidifies, King starts to move away, but notices a sphere of light appearing in front of Ban. King is then shocked when he realizes that it is actually Elaine. Confused, he sees Elaine kissing Ban and undoing the petrification. He asks why Ban can see Elaine whilst he can not, revealing his jealousy and disconcert. When he hears Elaine's voice, he asks to let him see her. King then questions whether Elaine is still mad at him for abandoning her and isolating for many years. However, he exclaims that there is no reason to save Ban, because he took everything from her. Angered, King asks what Ban is doing to his sister, only to hear Ban saying that he will make her his. King is left behind by Ban who heads out to assist Meliodas and Diane fighting against Guila.[27] King continues to ask Elaine why she forgave Ban and not him, but Elaine simply replies that he left her alone for over 700 years, whereas Ban gave her renewed happiness in just seven days. Before King could say anything else, Elizabeth and Hawk arrive. He then asks about their identities, so Elizabeth and Hawk introduced themselves as Meliodas's traveling companions. Elizabeth tells him that a Holy Knight has suddenly appeared and is fighting against Meliodas and Diane, who in response, asks her whether she came to seek his help. Surprisingly, Elizabeth bravely tells him to run away instead, while trying borrow his spear to fight against Guila. Feeling inspired by Elizabeth's bravery, King heads to the battlefield.[28]

King using Increase to stop Guila's Brilliant Detonation

King using his spear's fifth form

During the fight, King suddenly appears behind and thrusts his spear through Ban to attack Guila.[5] Ban asks him why he is there, to which he replies by saying that he is there to help Meliodas and Diane. Guila then blasts herself free and says that King's betrayal was expected.[29] King then easily defends against Guila's next attack. When Guila confirms that she wants all four to attack her, he confidently insists that he will deal with her alone.[30] He then easily puts Guila on the run by having his spear chase her. After Guila used Brilliant Detonation, King uses his spear's Form Five, Increase to defeat her technique and strike her down.[31]

King then turns away, but Guila gets out of the rubble and attacks him. He is saved by Meliodas' Full Counter and notices that Guila's presence is gone. Afterwards, King, along with the rest, are rejected by the Capital, which Elaine thanks him for protecting Ban before they leave. When they return to the living world, they see how Guila got to the Capital of the Dead. He then volunteers to petrify her, but Meliodas insists that he will handle this.

King transforming to introduce himself

King's transformation

Later, when everyone is eating fish, King asks Diane if she is okay, which the latter denies. Ban then exclaims that she is faking it, which he disagrees and defends.[32] King then asks who Elizabeth is and Meliodas introduces her as the princess of the Liones Kingdom. King is shocked and turns into his former form.[33] King then properly introduces himself. He feels exhausted for maintaining his human form, and explains that it requires a lot of concentration.[34] King then almost gets into an argument with Ban, but Meliodas stops them. Elizabeth compliments him on his fight against Guila, to which he accepts and explains that he is indeed powerful because of his sacred treasure. He then says that the Holy Knight had no chance against the other three if they had their treasures with them. He then shifts his attention to his fellow members and asks them what happened to their sacred treasure, and is shocked to know the stories.[35]

King yells at them when he hears how they lost their sacred treasures, which was given to them by a king (except Diane because he likes her), but Hawk asks him why it is such a big problem.[36] King explains it by using the lake as a sin's power, telling him that if they used a sacred treasures, they can carry a whole house of water as power.[37] King then says that it would be pointless to argue, and they should find them while searching for the other members. The next day, King, Meliodas and Elizabeth go out to find information, leaving Ban and Diane at the Boar Hat to house it. While walking, everyone is looking at them and, to the group's surprise, they see that Elizabeth has gained a wanted poster.[38]

The town realizes this and tries capture Elizabeth, but Meliodas saves her and runs away. Later, while in an old tower, Meliodas tells Elizabeth to stay put while he tries to find information.[39] Later, after Hawk ran toward them and told them what happened to Elizabeth, King decides to go back to Boar Hat to get help, but then he sees Meliodas's serious face and says that they are doing it now.[40] Meliodas and King make the plan and after Meliodas saves Elizabeth, they meet again in the Boar Hat and go to the next town.

Vaizel Fight Festival arc

King scared and avoids fighting

King scared and avoiding fighting

When they get to Vaizel, King volunteers to stay behind with Diane, when she starts to complain. He then heads into town with Meliodas, Ban, and Hawk, after Elizabeth decides to stay with Diane. After hearing about a weapon no one can use being used a prize at a tournament, King says that a sacred weapon can't be in place like this. He is the shocked when Meliodas and Ban decide to enter the tournament. He then tells Meliodas and Ban that looking for the sacred weapon comes before horsing around. When he sees the prizes, he notices that one of them is Diane's sacred treasure Gideon. He is the pulled into the sign in line, which he is choked when someone picks Meliodas up. He is then put down when someone helps them out. He then recognizes the person that helped them and wonders where he has seen him before.

Meliodas and King congratulating King for his win by cheat

King being called cheap

Later, King enters the arena and wonders how he was dragged into this. King is having some doubts about this and tells Meliodas that Diane will be angry by doing this but Meliodas tells him that Diane will be very happy if he wins, something that gives him some motivation. During the preliminaries round King is running away from his opponents and when the preliminaries round end, King passes the round by not getting hit but the people say he is cheating since he is floating but the head of the torment lets him go. Meliodas and Ban tease King for being cheap which annoys him.

Elizabeth showing herself

Elizabeth appears

King's next opponent is Cain Barzad who is the one who showed them where the sacred treasure is and King is upset that Ban put his name as "Old Fart". During the start of Griamore and Matrona's fight, Matrona reveals that she is wearing Elizabeth's clothes. King tells Meliodas that she might be Elizabeth but Meliodas tells him it's not her since her breasts are slightly smaller and her butt is a little bigger, much to King's confusion. After Matrona wins and her face is revealed to be Diane, she later punches Meliodas in the stomach for not recognizing her. King follows Matrona and asks initially about her size and then where Elizabeth is, only to be revealed that she is in Diane's bosom and both of them have shrunken.

King knocked out of the ring by Cain

King sent flying out of the ring

After Diane and Elizabeth tell them what happened to them, Diane jumps happily on Meliodas, shocking King who has a nosebleed after hearing what she wants Meliodas to do to her. Ban informs King that his fight will start soon, and then asks him whether he is already dead due to the great amount of blood he lost from all the nose bleeding. While King is waiting for his fight to start, Diane cheers for him and tells him to win, to which he responds by giving her his game face. Upon engaging in battle, King tries fighting Cain but despite fighting hard, because he is really weak against Cain, he is losing. King uses his power Disaster on Cain but Cain senses it and sends him flying out of the ring, defeating him.

King vs Guila and Jericho

King sees how Meliodas and Ban are doing

King is upset that he lost and watches the next fight, which is Meliodas versus Ban. Both Diane, King and Elizabeth are cheering them on and King tells Ban if he loses, he will tell Elaine. During the fight, King comments on the power of Meliodas and Ban and is very glad he doesn't have to fight them. Later during the fight between Meliodas and Diane, all the sins sense great danger coming toward Vaizel and King and the rest put up an act to scare the people away from Vaizel. The Holy Knights Jericho and Guila then appear and the Sins split up to fight them each of them alone. After King took most of the people out of Vaizel, he returns to find Meliodas and Ban defeated by Guila and Jericho, but after King defeats them with great ease, he gives the injured Meliodas and Ban to Elizabeth and Hawk to watch over them while he tries to get information out of Guila and Jericho.

King then tells the Holy Knights if this is just an act for a bigger event bur Guila simply smiles and tells him that the Seven Deadly Sins will be defeated. King then senses that Meliodas and Diane's powers seem to be completely gone and
Helbram knock King down to the ground

Helbram knocking King into the ground

asks them if they know anything about it, but they attack King again. King tells them if they attack again, he will kill them and uses his Spirit Spear Chastiefol Form Four, Sunflower to finish them. The giant plant shoots out its attack but is sliced in half and the girls are saved by Love Helm who reveals himself to be Helbram, which shocks King greatly. Helbram greets King, addressing him with his real name, "Harlequin" and Guila and Jericho immediately state their readiness to support Helbram, but he refuses; he instead instructs them to recover the target. When Helbram questions King's nervous expression, the Fairy King, bewildered, questions Helbram as to how he is alive, a question that Helbram dodges. King expresses his confidence in his power, and has a regenerated Chastiefol attack Helbram. Helbram, though commenting on Chastiefol's regeneration, kicks King, while easily blocking Chastiefol.

King fights off Helbram, but is easily overwhelmed by the latter who even stops his spear attack in mid-air. Right before Helbram cuts him, King launches a spear attack at Helbram that lands on his face, hence removing the helmet and revealing his face. Helbram then senses Meliodas's raging power coming toward them while King is utterly shocked to sense Meliodas's dark power and gets knocked out by the force of it, when Meliodas lands to their location. While Helbram watches the defeated Meliodas, Ban gets both King, Elizabeth, and Hawk and starts retreating from the area since Diane got her Gideon back. King later wakes up and gets his wound treated by Meliodas and Ban. The group then heads to a new location to find the next Deadly Sins or sacred treasure.

Armor Giant arc

Ban tossing King toward a boulder

King being tossed by Ban

After the Boar Hat stop at an unknown location, Ban and King start training together to improve themselves after the event at Vaizel While they were sparing, Ban ask King if he was taking him lightly and told him he should try to act like he is trying to kill him, but King told him how can he kill someone who is immortal, to which Ban revealed that he could stop him from fighting like he did in Capital of the Dead. Ban then told King about Jericho slash wounds did not heal him to which King find it odd and think it could be the power to slow down time for the wound to heal or might be an illusion power that creates a sensation.

King then told Ban that he isn't acting himself and might be trying not to think about thinking, but Ban then appear behind King in quick speed and toss him toward a boulder to which he stops himself from crashing. Ban told King that he just wanted to crush the Holy Knights and take back the kingdom as soon as possible. King was then surprised to see Ban caring about other peoples business to which Ban told King he feels the same where, but King revealed that he wanted to stop the Holy Knights because he wanted to help Diane.

Ban grabbing King in angry

King being held by an angry Ban

Ban then reveals to King that he wants to get the Horn of Cernunnos which shocked King because it is a treasure of the kingdom and asked Ban if he was planning to steal it, but Ban told King that since he is going to save the kingdom, the horn would be a good reward for him. King then reveals the legend of the horn which could have the ability to communicate with the Goddess Clan, King was then shocked to find out that Ban is planning to use it and ask the Goddess to revive Elaine from the dead since it wouldn't be a trouble for a Goddess. Ban then told King he should take him more seriously which King agrees to. While sparring, King reveals to Ban that the main reason he isn't acting like himself because of Meliodas' change in form at Vaizel and that his power resembled Guila and Jericho, but more sinister.

King started to think that Meliodas could be from the Demon Clan but was stopped by an angry Ban, who yelled at King and said that Meliodas isn't the same as the monster. King was confused about the monster Ban was talking about, but Ban told King that Meliodas took him in despite being an outcast and being a bad person. Ban told King that only two people in those world accept him for who he is and those were Elaine and Meliodas. Ban then told King that Meliodas would never kill anyone, no matter how bad they were, saying he was too naive to be the same as the monster he fought. Ban and King later met with Diane and Elizabeth who later went to find Meliodas. They were surprised to see a sliced up mountain caused by Meliodas.

King being trap by Jillian

King being trapped by a Dawn Roar member

King and the others later meet up with a group of kids who are role playing as them, and later befriended them. Everyone was later informed that a group of Holy Knights were spotted at the mountain to which the kids went there to find them. Later, the Deadly Sins were told by a dying knight that there is an Armor Giant at the mountain which defeated the knights easily. Meliodas then revealed to everyone that giant is Gowther.

King, Meliodas, and Ban headed to the forest to find Gowther, to which they find him having a stand off against the Dawn Roar. However, the stand off was broken when one of the kids Pelliot attack which smash another kid named Armando. The Deadly Sins then headed to the battlefield while King was shock why would Gowther attack Armando to which Meliodas told King that they would worry about that later. King rushed in and took Pelliot away from the battlefield before he gets hurt. King then use Form Third, Fossilization to petrify Hugo however, Hugo's arm was cut off by Simon to save him which shocked King, but then King was trapped by a Dawn Roar member. As Weinheidt was about to shoot Gowther with a powerful arrow, it was stopped by the injury boy Armando who then reveals himself to be Gowther to the Deadly Sins shock.

After Gowther made the Dawn Roar leave the battlefield by offering the Armor Giant head, Gowther reveals to the
Meliodas and Ban being saved by King Guardian

King saves Ban and Meliodas using Guardian

Deadly Sins that the armor has a beast in it which was once a Holy Knight. Gowther left the battle field to make sure Pelliot is saved from the beast. The Deadly Sins then face off against the beast with King using his Chastiefol Form Two, Guardian to save Meliodas and Ban who were sent flying by the beast. The Guardian, however, was defeated by the beast with ease, which shocked King. King told Meliodas he will attack Dale with Fight Fire With Fire-Raining Daggers but it had no effect on Dale, who then spit out Venom Spit which effected King greatly. King was then carried by Gowther and was amazed when Meliodas kill Dale ease with a real sword. King went back to the bar, feeling better and having a party with the Deadly Sins for
King shut Gowther mouth

King shutting Gowther

Gowther's return. Everyone started smelling King due to Gowther revealing who King is by smell and noticed he smells good in his normal form but bad in his human form, to his dismay. Gowther used his power Invasion on King to reveal that he could have killed Dale with ease but did not want to because of Helbram, but King shut Gowther mouth with Guardian. When Gowther revealed that Elizabeth is in love and possibly Meliodas, King quickly tried to calm Diane down before she could attack anyone but was surprised that she was pass out due to drinking.

Kingdom Infiltration arc

King calling out Oslo

King calling for Oslo

When Meliodas asked for his team's aid in retrieving his stolen weapon, King chided his captain for being careless until the Meliodas explained the nature of the item. After Elizabeth was captured by a female Holy Knight, King witnessed Diane giving Meliodas, Ban, and Gowther a very long throw to the Kingdom of Liones, much to their astonishment. Diane and King started to travel to Liones on foot along with Hawk's Mother and plan to help out since they are the only two who have Sacred Treasures with them. Diane asked King if he had ever seen Meliodas that angry before to which King said that it was his first time seeing him like that. Diane wondered that if she had been kidnapped instead of Elizabeth, would Meliodas get that angry for her, but King told her Meliodas will come for her since they are important friend to which Diane said that Meliodas is kind, but said that Meliodas wouldn't make a face like that.

King strike Helbram

King strikes Helbram

King told Diane that he will definitely come for her even if he does it alone which made Diane happy, but wonders if he does it to cheer her up. King realized that they should hurry and summoned his pet, Oslo, which King revealed its ability and try to transport them to Liones quick. But Diane was too big for Oslo and told King to push her butt to get her which made King blush and ordered Oslo to get bigger quick. When Diane was struck by Gilthunder's Thunderbolt attack, King witnessed Oslo being affected by that technique. After his comrade managed to fully enter from Oslo's mouth, King tended to his wounded pet. As Dreyfus was under Gowther's Nightmare Teller, a past version of King was seen glaring angrily at a drunken Ban next to table where Meliodas, Hendrickson and Dreyfus converse. King somehow manages to get to Liones to save Diane from Helbram, however, Diane was already in a near death state by Helbram which made King look in disbelief. King flew down, trying to find the one who damaged Diane. However, Diane said that it wasn't Guila or Howzer since they both tried to protect her, but King punched Howzer despite his weak strength and started to blame them for not protecting her well. Howzer tried to stop him, because he saw the bleeding in King's hand, but saw that King was crying because he was unable to protect his loved ones.

King fighting Helbram

King fighting Helbram

Helbram called King out for being too late for Elaine and seven hundred years ago, and start attacking him from above. But, King fought back with even greater power he had in Vaizel. Helbram handled all of King attacks and mention that King had a lot more power than in Vaizel which King told Helbram to return to his true form and wanted to fulfill their promise of fighting against each other with full power from seven hundred years ago. Helbram turn back to his true form as a Fairy. King mentioned that he did not know it was Helbram back in Vaizel since he was wearing an old helmet, but an angry Helbram quickly attacked King with a strange power that resembled a Great Holy Knight's power. Helbram told King that he couldn't get rid of his old helmet as it remind him of who he was, but King yelled at him to shut up. Helbram wondered what King see in Diane, but King ask Helbram he should understand how it feels to lose someone.

King protecting Diane, Howzer, Guila and Zeal

King protecting Diane

Helbram started using the Sacred Tree branch to attack Diane, but King used all of his attacks to protect Diane from dying. As King was knocked around by the Sacred Tree, Helbram mention that King is unable to fully use Chastiefol to is true powers as the Sacred Tree that was forge from it, forsaken King for his failure in the past and that since Helbram is a "True Fairy", the Sacred Tree is on his side. Helbram summon his roots to ruthlessly kill Diane as King watched. As the smoke cleared up, Diane (as well as Howzer, Guila and Zeal) was protected by King with Chastiefol barrier form Form Eight, Pollen Garden as Helbram looked in shock as King used up all of his power to make the barrier. Seeing Diane safe, a wounded King smiles.

Helbram stating that the helmet was a present for King

King close to his dying friend

King flew up close to Helbram, the latter wondering why the Sacred Tree had not forsaken King and allowed him to draw out so much power. King explained that the Chastiefol eighth form was made to protect others and slowly heals them as the Sacred Tree had pollen to heal itself when attack. King looked at Howzer and told him he was lucky to be near Diane when the healing shield appeared, as were Guila, Zeal, Gowther, and Jericho. King told Helbram that the Sacred Tree was born to protect the Fairy Realm, and has no sentiments of evil. King explain that is the reason that he has the ability to draw out more powers than Helbram. King asked Helbram whether he still intends to kill humans, Gustaf and his comrades who were allies to Helbram through Link, were shocked of their superior's true nature and as when the Cardinal ordered his subordinates to give all their powers to him, Gustaf and the others tried to break their connection to Link, only to be taken control by Helbram's Blind Follow and gave all their powers to the mad fairy to battle the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth. King summoned Chastiefol back to him and prepared to fight Helbram to his fullest power. As the two Fairies clashed with each other with their weapons, Helbram was starting to have a mental breakdown while King remind calm and told Helbram he could rest now, as King slash Helbram, defeating him and breaking his Link orb.

King threathing Dreyfus for information

King threatening Dreyfus for information

Before Helbram fell, he told King they were too late as Hendrickson had the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and Elizabeth, all the keys required to release the Demon Clan, King asks how Elizabeth was the final key, but Helbram told him to see for himself as he fell. King went close to the near-dead Helbram and picked up the helmet which Helbram revealed was meant to be a gift from him to King when he got it from the humans seven hundred years ago, and said he was stupid as the helmet was dumb and ugly. King started to break down in tears, saying he agreed and left the helmet on top of Helbram's dead body. King floated towards the injured Diane and apologized to her for getting her into trouble, but Diane instead thanked him for saving her. King told Diane to leave everything to him, but Diane then said Harlequin which surprised King until Diane said that name simply sounded nostalgic to her, but didn't know why. King smiles and said it could have been a dream. Howzer asks King that if the Deadly Sins aren't after the kingdom, why were they here. King explains that Elizabeth was kidnapped, and they came to rescue her, but Dreyfus appeared out of nowhere and attacked King from the back. However, the Fairy King used Chastiefol to knock Dreyfus away and held him away by floating the blade at his neck. King told Dreyfus that according to Helbram, Elizabeth was going to be used to bring back the Demon Clan, possibly through sacrifice. Howzer was shocked to hear this news, and Guila reveals that Hendrickson was behind the plan and the New Generation were a part of it. King continued to ask Dreyfus if he was a part of the plan and should pick his answer carefully or die.

King ambushing Hendrickson

King ambushes Hendrickson

Diane attempts to get up while King tries to convince her to rest since she is still badly injured, but Diane refuses as Elizabeth needs to be saved and King's pollen healed her. As everyone gets ready, King tells Diane if Elizabeth is Diane's precious friend, then he would do anything to save her and that Elizabeth is the reason that all the Deadly Sins are reunited. The group then heads out to Hendrickson's location to save Elizabeth. While on their way, King and the other Sins sense a large amount of power exerted with very strong force in a nearby battle. Gowther explains that Meliodas is fighting against three Great Holy Knights, at which Diane begs King to go and help Meliodas. King refuses as he wants to remain near Diane since she is still injured and knows that Meliodas is fine on his own. After being joined by Meliodas, Gilthunder, and Margaret, the group heads to the castle to rescue Bartra and Elizabeth. On the way, Meliodas explains to the group about Gilthunder's situation and Arthur informs them of his identity and reason for being in Liones. Suddenly, the group are teleported to a forest. King attempts to fight Vivian, but her returns to Liones, leaving King and the group to be lost in the forest. Fortunately, the group are teleported back to Liones by Arthur's cloaked friend, who is soon revealed to be Merlin of the Seven Deadly Sins.

King depress and crying over Helbram cruel fate

King crying over the fate of Helbram

After Merlin set Elizabeth and Bartra free Elizabeth was worried over Diane's wounds until Diane revealed that she was saved by King and was glad she was fine. Meliodas points out that they have defeated Hendrickson and freed the king, and ask Dreyfus what would he do now. As Dreyfus admitted defeated and was crying to know Griamore is alive, Meliodas happily declare that everything was fixed. However, after Merlin, Arthur, and Bartra left to treat the king's wound, the castle was attacked by Hendrickson, and he caused the New Generation's demon blood to go out of control. As Jericho transforms into a Demon and was about to kill Gustav and the slowly transforming Guila, Gowther along with Diane appeared and stop Jericho from killing. Gowther used Invasion on Jericho and Guila to keep them calm. King seeing the situation, was about to kill Jericho to save Diane as she has few strength left. However, Meliodas stop King for a moment and told him it was strange how all the New Generation suddenly became Demons, and realize someone has active them. Hendrickson came face to face with the Deadly Sins and the Holy Knights, explaining that he did all of this and was after Elizabeth. Hendrickson offers to spare Meliodas and the others if Elizabeth come with him, as he doesn't want to kill "one of his kind", but the group refuse to hand over Elizabeth to him, and King ambush him until he was attacked by Helbram who was revive thanks to Hendrickson forbidden technique. Hendrickson explains to King how he found Helbram and that now he is just a lifeless shell of his former self which brought the Fairy King to tears, knowing that his friend is a slave to Hendrickson. Battling Helbram again, King pleads his best friend to stop.

King pick up Helbram gift

King picks up Helbram's helmet

While fighting against each other again, King refused to fight him as he already killed him twice, and doesn't feel right to kill him a third time. Ban then attacked King which infuriated him, until Ban explained it was Meliodas's order as captain of the Deadly Sins to take things seriously. Helbram drew out his last remaining will to tell King is fine with him if King killed him as he was still his best friend. King, however still refused to kill Helbram, still feeling guilty over how many times he killed him which made Helbram to yell as he explained that they are no longer friends which brought a tear to King eyes as he summons Chastiefol Form Four, Sunflower and killed Helbram by destroying his body as the latter smiled in relief. King picked up Helbram old helmet and wondered if they are still friends in the end. As Ban figured out a way to return New Generation back to normal, Ban and King teamed up to remove the strange "plant" inside of them while the others went and save Elizabeth.

King using Chastiefol's Form Seven, Luminosity

King using Form Seven, Luminosity to light the darkness

King rejoined the other Deadly Sins member at Merlin Old Castle to face Hendrickson in the final battle. As King battled against Hendrickson with the aid of Meliodas and Diane, Ban was slam against the wall by Hendrickson which made Ban furious as he revealed that the wall he smashed against was a Red Demon, to everyone's shock. King was even more surprised when he found out that the Red Demon was in Fairy King's Forest during its destruction which made King question Ban's sin in killing Elaine and drinking the water from the Fountain of Youth. When Ban slammed Hendrickson into the ground, the Deadly Sins, without Diane due to her size, went inside with King using Form Seven, Luminosity to light the way. The Deadly Sins were shocked to see a Gray Demon which Hendrickson revealed that it has greater power than the Red Demon and put its blood into him, gaining him a new form and much more powerful as he easily destroys Ban upper half.

Meliodas along with the other Deadly Sins, were blown out of Merlin's Old Castle and badly injured due to Hendrickson's new found power. Diane, however, reacted and used Rising Meteor on Hendrickson, sending him to the sky. Diane told King to finish him, which the latter did by almost using Form Eight until Hendrickson used Dark Nebula to defeat them. King grew furious when Hendrickson killed Hawk while protecting Meliodas and Elizabeth. When Elizabeth unlocked her hidden power and healed everyone, Meliodas thought of a plan and asked Gowther to use his ability to spread the message, but King was in tears, trying to reveal to Meliodas that Gowther was killed as his head was chopped off, but to Diane and King's horror and shock, Gowther was still fine as he was searching for his glasses while holding his head. Once Gowther spread the message through Broadcast, King and along with the Deadly Sins attacked Meliodas and Hendrickson with all of their powers, which revealed that Meliodas was charging up for Revenge Counter, his ultimate technique, as it finally killed Hendrickson, ending his reign. Once Bartra returned from Camelot with Merlin by his side, he forgave the Holy Knights and cleared the Deadly Sins name for their crime. As the others started to grieve over Hawk death, the black matter on the pig dead body started to be removed and revealed that Hawk is alive, but shrunken. However, everyone was still joyful for their friend being alive, except for King who was still puzzled by Hawk's size.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc

King saved an old man

King saving an old man from a falling column

As Liones is being rebuilt, King, while Oslo is on top of him, was wondering how Diane is feeling after seeing Meliodas and Elizabeth hugging each other after Hendrickson's defeat, and believed that Diane is feeling depressed due to her feeling toward Meliodas. However, King realized that this could be the chance for him to make Diane fall for him instead, but stopped himself when he realized that he can't make Diane fall for him because she sees him as her comrade instead of a lover. Oslo barked at King, which the latter understood, but he said that he is a Fairy and couldn't help. But, when a large column was about to fall on an old man, King quickly saved him by levitating it and told the old man to be more wary. The old man was thankful for King's help, and revealed that he was distracted because his wife left him, which greatly depressed King, thinking Diane could leave them due to Meliodas's relationship with Elizabeth. distracted by his emotions he accidentally drops the heavy wooden beam onto the helpless king. stuck because of the beam.

Ban Bizarre Party

King traveling with Ban and Jericho

King begged for help to remove the large column until Diane appeared in a regular human size and lifted the column with ease as it surprise everyone. King was shocked to see Diane in regular size, but revealed that Merlin offered her magical pills called Minimum Tablets that allowed her to shrink for seven hours as her clothes is being repaired. King continued to stare at Diane, which the latter noticed and asked him if she looks strange in western clothes or being small in general. King, however, revealed that he doesn't care if Diane is big or small, she is still Diane, which made her smile. King asked Diane if she could invite Meliodas to the National Foundation Festival despite calling himself stupid in his head as he wanted to ask Diane, expert to his shock, Diane ask King out instead. The next day, King put Helbram's helmet on his hood to remember him as the rest of the Deadly Sins got new uniform as well, expert for Merlin. The Deadly Sins end up celebrating the festival while working in the Boar Hat along with everybody else. However, when Ban was about to leave the Deadly Sins, King comforted him and told him to let Elaine's death go, which Ban refuse and told King that he is going back to the Fairy King's Forest much to King shock.

King being attacked by Fairies

King attacked by Fairies

However, King doesn't believe Ban as the latter tends to lie a lot, and that he saw the burned down forest ten years ago, but Ban decided to leave him and went on his journey. Having trouble believing Ban, King followed the bandit in order to find out the truth despite meaning leaving the group for a short period of time. While following Ban, they spotted Jericho who was following them as she was still mad at Ban for stripping her clothes and power from before. As the three journey together, Jericho questions the existence of Fairies and the forest which King realizes that she was born after the forest was burned down. When a fog appeared out of nowhere, Ban told them that they were there much to King and Jericho's shock, they found themselves in the newly made Fairy's King Forest to King great joy as he also spot his old Fairies friend, Cisca, Ende, and Melik. However, King was greatly saddened and shocked to find out that his friends hate him for leaving the forest for seven hundred years and now believe that Ban is their new king instead of King. Still depressed over the Fairies hating him, King continued to journey inside the forest with Ban protecting him, finding Elaine's grave which brought a tear to his eye before he ran away. King grew more depressed, questioning how could he face Elaine's grave, still seeing himself as a failure when a group of Fairies appears and start attacking King until Oslo arrived and defended King.

Albion arc

King seeing Helbram spirit

King seeing Helbram's spirit

When Oslo asks King to return to the kingdom, King brushes it off as he knows he is not needed in Liones and wonders what he should do since he's either a Fairy King or one of the Seven Deadly Sins which again humid his eyes, spontaneously wearing Helbram's helmet when he ended up not only hearing his old best friend's voice, but seeing him as well. King freaked out and wondered what is happening until Helbram explain that his spirit rests within the helmet and only King could see him once he wears the helmet possibly by killing Helbram three times, but unsure about the theory. Helbram joked around, saying that he can't enter the Capital of the Dead due to either unfinished business or killing humans for 500 years, but Helbram tells King that Elaine asked him to look after King and to protect Ban. While King sulked over Elaine's message, Helbram ends up mentioning Hendrickson which scared King, thinking the villain is still alive, but Helbram brushes it off as he thought he was overreacting. Later, King asks Jericho when she is planning to leave as only a few selected humans were allowed to be in the forest which Jericho replied that wherever Ban goes, she would show more value than a dead brat which Ban overhears and strips her out of anger. Ban revealed that he was not going back to the Boar Hat and was planning on going on a journey to find a way to bring Elaine back alive to which Jericho offered to come along as his disciple however, Ban refuses.

King fighting against the Albion

King fighting against Albion

However, King tries to convince Ban to return by asking Merlin for help or to fix his relationship with Meliodas which Ban refused. Ban than teases King, saying he should return to Boar Hat as Diane will "die of loneliness" if King isn't with her which made King mad for teasing him until Ban revealed that it was true when a few days ago, Diane admitted that she is lonely without King while King went out to get supplies. King was shock at this news as he believes Diane somehow regained her lost memories of him to which Ban smiled and told him to go home. King decided to head back to Diane since no one wanted him at the forest and asked Jericho if she wants to go back to Liones which she refused as she wants to be with Ban. As King was about the leave, an Albion appeared at the forest and start destroying it. King decided to fight the giant, but was proven too weak against the beast. However, this inspire the Fairies by King bravery and fight the beast while Gerheade take King to safety. King actually wore the helmet which Helbram told him how the Fairies became lazy and weaker after the war, leaving everything to the king, until King showed them what it means to be strong and beg King to leave while the Fairy fought. However, King refused as he need to protect them and slay the beast with True Spirit Spear Chastiefol, which led King to be heavily injured.

Istar arc

King punching Gowther for erasing Diane's memories

King punches Gowther for erasing Diane's memories.

After being healed by Ban's blood, King head to Camelot to see if Diane is okay after hearing the news she was attacked. When King was taken to Diane, it turns out that Diane completely forgotten who King was and only remember what happened sixteen years ago. King decided to remain with Diane in his human form to not surprise her and to comfort her. However, Diane soon left the castle as she started to forgot more which led to Gowther revealing he used Lost World on her to test if her feelings for King are stronger than memories. King was furious at Gowther action, but quickly calm down when he realizes he did the same to Diane and shouldn't judge, but still punch Gowther and went after Diane along with the others who they know that she is heading towards Megadozer to tell them about Matrona. However, they were soon being attacked by Monspeet's Hellblaze which Hawk Mama ate to save them. When the group lost sense of Diane, Meliodas told King that Diane will be fine for now and should focus on training to defeat the Ten Commandments which King agreed. The group decided to head to Istar to regain Meliodas strength and to have the group trained.

King confronts Meliodas

King confronts Meliodas

While they, Jenna, one of the head of the Druids, took them to the cave of training where they will be paired up with other members to train. However, while there, they came across Gilthunder, Griamore, Howzer and shockingly, Hendrickson who is alive and human again. While the others were somewhat okay with Hendrickson fighting alongside with them, King was still furious at Hendrickson's past actions and refuse to pair with him during training. Once Meliodas finish his trial, he went to the cave of training and paired up with King. However, once inside, King started to fight him instead of the Amber they were supposed to choose. King started to question Meliodas motivation and that if he was on their side which Meliodas refuse to answer, saying that King wouldn't believe him anyway. After much battling, the two come to an agreement to work together while King keep an eye on him.

Meliodas, with the help of Merlin decides to pay a short visit to the Ten Commandments which shocks King and the others who protest against the idea. However, Meliodas goes his way anyway while they wait for 10 seconds in anxiousness. Once Meliodas is back, and after finding out about his doings, King angrily yells at him but is tuned downed after finding out about Meliodas' plan.[41] Helbram asks him through the helmet about what happened in the cave, but king refrains from telling him. He then exits Istar along with Meliodas and the others.

Ravens arc

When traveling, King is sitting outside the Boar Hat with Oslo when he noticed Oslo was reacting to someone summoning him. Helbram calls out to King through the helmet, warning him not to allow Oslo to leave. King puts the helmet on, allowing Oslo a chance to leave and King learns from Helbram that someone forced the gate between The Living World and The Capital of The Dead open. Stating that this person is putting a spell on the dead similar to how Hendrickson did to Helbram but a lot stronger and forcing the souls to return to their bodies with malicious feelings. King asks
Elaine, King and Jericho journey through Vaizel Labyrinth

King and Jericho protect Elaine

Helbram if the one who summoned Oslo is one of those who died only to receive a solemn look. Realizing that his sister was resurrected, King decides to take leave for a while to sort the situation out. When explaining to the others, Meliodas tries to have King give further details about why he's leaving, only to have King tell him he still doesn't trust him because he doesn't know about Meliodas's past. Elizabeth tries to reason with King by explaining she doesn't know about her past either and it doesn't bother her only to have King explains that it's not like that. When leaving, Meliodas hollers to King that if he needs backup, give them a holler. As King flies away, a worried expression appears on his face as he wonders what his now resurrected sister is up too.

Great Fight Festival arc

King asks Gloxinia

King demands an answer from Gloxinia

Along with Oslo, King finds the revived Elaine near the bar My Sweet Gluttony that belonged to the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor. He later rejoined with Meliodas and the others in Vaizel Great Fight Festival. There, he discovers that one of the members of the Ten Commandments who organized everything, is actually the first Fairy King, Gloxinia, who supposedly had died during the Holy War 3000 years ago. When King asks about it, Gloxinia affirms that he abandoned his position as Fairy King, now being the Repose of the Ten Commandments. Gloxinia ask him if he is a fairy too, but King demands to know the reason for be with the Commandments to which Gloxinia says that he must win the festival to get an answer. 

True Spirit Spear Guardian

King uses Chastiefol's true power

When the Fight Festival begins, King is paired with Diane, who still lost her memory. The pair ends up confronting the Gloxinia Servant and the Drole Golem. During the fight, Diane keeps King between her breasts to protect him, believing him a human child due to its lack of wings. No matter how much King tries to remind her, his efforts are futile. When Diane finds herself in difficulty during the battle, King comes out of his chest and finds some familiarity when he sees the Gloxinia Servant. The servant restricts him with vines, but King manages to get out and counterattack using Form Five: Increase and then Form Two: Guardian. When King tells Diane his name, she gets confused as to call him King or Harlequin. After the golem managed to defeat the Guardian and both Drole and Gloxinia increase the power of their representatives, King decides to release his Sacred Treasure, unleashing the true power of the Sacred Tree, which draws Gloxinia's attention. With his true power, King manages to incapacitate the golem with Form Two: Guardian and destroy the Gloxinia Servant with Form Five: Increase and Form One: Chastiefol. Diane is impressed with King's incredible power, but this one is exhausted by the excess of magical power he used. In that, Drole Golem manages to recover and attack King, who is saved by Diane who takes the hit for him. When Diane tries to fight Drole's golem with her own golems Fillet and Loin, these are quickly defeated. King advises Diane to create golems based on beings with whom she has a deep emotional connection that would make them stronger. When she creates golems in the form of Matrona, Meliodas, Hawk and Elizabeth, King is impressed by her ability but is disappointed because she did not create a golem based on him, until he manages to discern a small and battered golem with his form which makes him extremely happy. Although with greater effort, the first three golems are finally defeated, until King's golem manages to completely destroy Drole Golem in one fell swoop.

King and Diane crying for Meliodas's death

King cries for Meliodas's death

After witnessing the battle of Gowther and Escanor and as this last one ends up ablating Drole and Gloxinia, King is locked next to all the others in the rocky hands of Drole to conquer to Meliodas not to attack. There, King regrets the fact that the Ten Commandments are too powerful for any of them to face, stating that Meliodas is the only that can fight them. King is finally teleported alongside everyone to Liones by Gilfrost. There, he observes through his crystal ball the battle of Meliodas against Drole and Gloxinia, impressing by the tremors that they feel to where they are, affirming that the Ten Commandments never should have been released. In the end, when all the Ten Commandments cornered Meliodas, King can only observe with pain as Meliodas is killed by Estarossa.

Memories of the Holy War arc

A month after Meliodas's death, King and Diane had moved to the Fairy King's Forest along with Matrona and her family. 

While King was naked in a forest lake, he curses that his wings do not grow, wondering what he should do to do it. In that, King discovers horrified that Diane was also taking a bath in that lake. King apologizes and hides behind a tree, exclaimed with a nosebleed that saw all the nudity of Diane. Diane says that if it has not sprouted it is probably because he was ashamed and that he is still who he is. When King tries to clarify that he was talking about his wings, they both go back to seeing each other naked. 

Diane & King vs. Drole & Gloxinia

Drole and Gloxinia face Diane and King

After getting dressed, King discusses with Diane about Meliodas's death and the rampart of the Demon Clan over Britannia and the eventual fall of Liones into his hands. When Diane asks why the forest was not attacked by the demons, King reveals that the forest is protected by a magical barrier that prevents even the Ten Commandments from detecting it. However, King claims that Drole and Gloxinia could still find it as ancient fairy and giant kings. King mentions that is suspicious that any of the two haven't done any move since Meliodas's death.

After reunited with Gerheade, this one adverts King about a strange presence that she was feeling around the forest, although she can identify or clarify it. While King decides to let everyone to have a good moment to dance and mashes merry, including Gerheade, King and Diane suddenly disappears.

King defeated

King defeated by Gloxinia

As it turns out Drole and Gloxinia are there to abduct Diane and King, unleashing a battle between them. Deciding to go with his full power, use the true form of Chastiefol and attacks Gloxinia with Form Two: Guardian. However, it is pushed back by a single blow of Gloxinia's Basquias. There, King notices the elasticity of the Oredora in which Drole and Gloxinia trapped them, realizing that they could not escape. Gloxinia proceed to attack with his own Form Two: Guardian to which King response with Form Five: Increase. Suffering the wear of his magic power, King is left extremely exhausted. Gloxinia then comments on King's supposed limit and slashes him from behind, covering himself in Form Five: Yggdra Armor. Wounded and incapacitated, King apologies with Diane, who was also defeated by Drole, for not protecting her. Gloxinia states that King's lack of wings and control over the true power of Chastiefol and its's magic consumption makes him lose. King demands to be killed instead of wasting time, to which Gloxinia responds that he will indeed do so, but only if they fail to meet their expectations much to the two Sins' confusion. The former fairy and giant kings claim to train them to defeat the Ten Commandments.

Gloxinia then uses Form Seven: Moon Rose'Drop of Life to completely heal his wounds. King and Diane are skeptical at first, asking about Drole and Gloxinia's intentions. These two explain to them about certain crossroads in their fight against the demons 3,000 years ago that made them take sides with the Ten Commandments. King ask what happened to make that two legendary warriors have to end like that. Gloxinia and Drole declares that want to put both him and Diane in a trial to verify the rightfully of their decision, adverting that they will grow or die as a result. King accede to do it, trying to persuade Diane of the opposite at the same time as her. At that time, Drole and Gloxinia used a spell that was taught to them by an "old and dear friend", releasing a great wave of light.

King awakes in Gloxinia's body

King awakes in Gloxinia's past body

Upon awakening, King realizes that he is alone in a place he does not recognize. However, to his surprise, he discovers that he is inside Gloxinia's body. Upon hearing a scream from Diane, King flies in his direction, surprised by the speed of the first Fairy King. In the end, he discovers that Diane is inside Drole's body. While they wonder what is happening to them, they both feel the magical power of a member of the Ten Commandments, but are surprised to discover that it is Meliodas, who receives them naturally. Diane and King do not understand how it is possible that he is still alive, which Meliodas takes as a joke. Although they try to explain to you that in reality they are not Gloxinia or Drole, Meliodas does not take them seriously. There, someone else arrives claiming that the reunion is complete, dealing with someone who looks exactly like Elizabeth. However, seeing his huge white wings, King realizes that it is a Goddess.
King uses Gloxinia's power against Calmadios

King fights Calmadios

When Elizabeth and Meliodas leave the scene, Diane and King go after them. There, King discovers that they are in the Britannia of 3,000 years ago, before Drole and Gloxinia became Commandments, but does not understand how it is possible that there is a Goddess equal to Elizabeth, also tells Diane that they must maintain the appearances of Drole and Gloxinia at the moment. When Meliodas reveals that the Valley of the Fossils was being attacked by the Demon Clan, Diane and King are shocked to witness the horrible massacre perpetrated by the hordes of demons. While King is wondering what to do, both are impressed with the incredible power of Meliodas. There, a demon with an incredible power approaches them, King tells Diane to run, but Meliodas warns them that it is Calmadios the Piety of the Ten Commandments and that they will activate their Commandment if they flee from him. When Calmadios attacks Diane, an annoying King avoids his attacks and releases a powerful ray from Basquias over Calmadios. Impressed with the power of Gloxinia and after discovering that Diane was well, King affirms that with those bodies they will be able to fight with him. In the end, King manages to use Form Two: Guardian and Form Ten: Emerald Octo to beat Calmadios along with Diane and Meliodas' Full Counter. Although King says that they should not let down their guard given the large number of demons that remained, he is surprised to discover that everyone has left. Elizabeth reveals that she convinced everyone to abandon the battle, which surprises King. There, a human thanks them for saving them and identifies them as members of Stigma, the alliance between the Goddesses, Giants and Fairies.

After the battle, King and Diane follow Meliodas and Rou to the Stigma barracks at the Fairy King's Forest. Along the way, King wonders what could have been the decisions that Drole and Gloxinia made and that he and Diane must confirm to pass their trial. In the Light of Grace, King is surprised to see Ludociel of the Four Archangels and his incredible magical power.

King discovers that Gerheade is Gloxinia's sister

King discovers that Gerheade is Gloxinia's sister

Later, while watching Diane train with another pair of giants, King begins to notice a concentration of power on the outskirts of the forest that reminds him of Ludociel's power. After being ignored by Diane, King is surprised to meet with Gerheade and even more when it reveals to be the younger sister of Gloxinia. King asks him about the power he is feeling and Gerheade tells him that it is a barrier that Ludociel placed to protect the forest, which calms King. However, Gerheade goes on to tell him that he is actually a living bait of demons to lure the Demon Clan into a trap and exterminate them. When Meliodas says he will go to try to reason with them, King questions his motives for them not to listen to him being a traitor. Meliodas says he must do what is necessary to end the war before all the clans are exterminated and tells King to accompany him, so he can see it himself. Concerned about leaving the forest and Gerheade unprotected, Rou offers to protect both, reminding King of Ban's face.

On the way, King, Diane and Meliodas contemplate the giant Ark that Ludociel uses to kill all the demon hostages. Upon arriving, they find Elizabeth wounded in a barrier of the Goddesses. Afterwards, they contemplate how she confronts Derieri and Monspeet in her Idura Transformation, but instead of fighting, Elizabeth tries to use her powers to save them from their transformation. King is annoyed by Ludociel's criticism of his actions. When Elizabeth finally manages to save them with the help of the other Archangels, Sariel and Tarmiel, Ludociel intends to kill both Commandments. However, King and Diane prevent it. King states that they can not despise the actions of Elizabeth who risked her life to save the two demons. Meliodas thanks them, but King reminds him that Derieri and Monspeet could be a threat in the future, which Meliodas says he will worry about when the time comes, leading King to say that nothing has changed.

Suddenly, King feels that something is happening in Fairy King's Forest as all magic powers there are vanishing, and he goes there along with Diane. Along the way, they both talk about their recent experiences and about how violent the Goddess Clan can be. King also realizes that all the time he was misunderstanding Meliodas just for being a demon.

King met the past Gowther

King meets the past Gowther

However, both are surprised by Gowther. King does not understand how he can be in the world three thousand years ago, but seeing his way of acting, King realizes that he is not the Gowther he knows. Both see Melascula speaking to Gowther through a portal, leading Gowther to reveal that he is one of the Ten Commandments, which King can not understand. Diane tries to hurry forward, but King gets her out of the way when Gowther tries to use Invasion on her. King demands that he not interfere, but Gowther tells them that he can not allow anyone to approach the Light of Grace until the door of the Demon Realm is finished. When King reveals that Gowther was responsible for erasing Diane's memories in the future, Gowther does not understand how they can speak as if they knew him, leading both to reveal their identities. Gowther, however, is fascinated, but at the same time begins to ramble about the massacre occurring in the Light of Grace, at the same time acting as if he were talking to another person. Gowther finally reveals that with whom they are speaking is a puppet created so that the real Gowther communicates with the outside world after being imprisoned, then King asks where is the true Gowther. Soon, another portal opens from which the real Gowther appears before them. King asks the real Gowther about what happens in the Light of Grace, revealing that it is a rebellion of humans against Stigma. King reproaches him for sacrificing all those lives to escape his prison, but Gowther says his goal is the end of the Holy War. King decides to go to Light of Grace, but Diane decides to stay to talk to both Gowther.

King rushes to arrive, wondering why Rou betrayed them and recriminated that once again is not to protect his little sister. There, King realizes that the test of Gloxinia is that, since he was unable to protect Gerheade, but King is confused with the fact that Gerheade is still alive in the future. When it finally arrives, King is horrified to see Gerheade dying in Rou's arms. Dominated by anger, King invokes Basquias and attacks Rou. However, at the last moment, King remembers when he tried to kill Ban in revenge for Elaine, and decides that he will not kill Rou. However, someone else completely destroys Rou and King realizes that it is the real Gloxinia, who is in a state of dementia and pain.

King and Gloxinia after the trial

King returns from his trial

There, King awakens once again in his true body. At his side, Gloxinia explains that in the past he was dominated by his anger at believing Gerheade dead, killing Rou and opposing Stigma for not protecting her, finally ending on the side of the demons. Gloxinia claims to be the worst brother of all, but King says he is. Gloxinia asks him why he did not kill Rou, King tells him that because he was not truly evil, like the enemies he confronted recently, remembering how important Ban is to Elaine, he could not kill Rou who was the same for Gerheade. Gloxinia affirms that the true evil exists, reason why King says that it fought with such to protect to which he loves. King asks him if everything that happened to him was real or an illusion, Gloxinia explains to him that in fact it was real and that he passed his trial by making a decision different from his own instead of being wrapped by anger and being trapped in the past, all of which must have made him grow. King at first rejoices, but then begins to babble that all the power he felt was just to be in the body of Gloxinia. Suddenly, King begins to feel a great pain in his body, product of the spell of time. King tells Diane that he must return safely too.
Diane kissing King

Diane kissing King

However, Drole reveals the crossroads in which he found himself at that time when he was defeated by Zeldris. Since fleeing from battle is something the giants consider worse than death, their only options were to die or join the Ten Commandments. King realizes that Diane will not be able to return no matter which of the two he chooses, which Drole only says he wants to know if the cricket would have been dying like the Giant King or living as one of the Ten Commandments. King screams and cries for Diane, so she does not choose, but Diane suddenly wakes up safe and sound, puzzling Drole to reveal that she chose to flee. King is relieved to see her well and Diane declares that she loves him and kisses him. King faints there.

King wakes up shirtless in the woods when Oslo licks his face, saying he was having the best of dreams. However, Diane is there revealing that her kiss was no dream. When Diane thanks her for keeping her promise of 200 years ago, King realizes that she remembers her memories. Diane explains that Gowther returned them and that neither of them were bad people, King regrets the way he treated him. When Diane tells her that she always loves him and if he still loves her, King kisses her with passion. There, Diane points her back and King is shocked to see that they are growing wings. Marvel at them, King wonders if Gloxinia says the same as him when his wings start growing. King ask where Gloxinia is, and Diane takes him to where he is meeting with Gerheade after three thousand years. Diane says both must return to Lions with the Seven Deadly Sins and Gloxinia promises to protect Fairy King's Forest. King asks Oslo to open a portal to take them, and both fall on the roof of the castle where everyone was waiting for them.

Corand arc

After being received by the other Sins, King and Diane are too surprised to discover that Meliodas is alive. King tries to apologize to him for the way he had treated him, but Meliodas and Ban begin to annoy him for his new and small wings causing King to get angry. When Meliodas asks Diane about his change of countenance, King tries to say that they are both a couple now, only for Meliodas to interrupt him. When Gowther suddenly flees from the place when Bartra shows him his old magical heart, King is shown annoyed by Ban's skeptical attitude. King goes along with the other Sins in search of Gowther.

King and Diane helping Gowther

King and Diane help Gowther

When Diane stops Gowther from erasing his own memories, King appears to cut his off by releasing True Guardian. Upon reading his power level, Gowther discovers that he is at 41,600. Gowther asks him how he could raise his power level so quickly in such a short time, only to embarrass him by asking him if it is related to his small wings. When Princess Veronica approaches and Diane stops a Gowther in Havoc, King orders her to retreat. There, King hears the story of Gowther from Merlin, revealing that he never really had a magic heart, but a real one inside him. When Gowther manages to recover all his memories and emotions that he himself had sealed, he tries to hug Diane to thank him, but King jumps in between to interpose. Even so, the three manage to understand each other.

Later, King was in a bar next to Gowther and Escanor. King drinks to get drunk, questioning Gowther because he does not drink too. King tells him that he wants to be honest with him and knows him better, although he has no idea how, even though deep down he does not forgive him for what he did to Diane. Before the conversation continued, King falls unconscious from drunkenness. Using Search Light, Gowther can see King's thoughts and discovers that King actually feels sorry for what happened between them. After Escanor smashed the place by momentarily entering his other form, King ends up wounded on the ground and is loaded out of the bar by Gowther and Escanor.

King attends the banquet at night with all the others. Having a good time, King is surprised to hear about Zeldris being the representative of the Demon King and Gowther's past with Bartra.

The next day, King was asking Ban how to ask Diane for marriage. In that, both see Elizabeth leaving sad the conversation she had with Meliodas. King tells her that she must understand what a lady's heart is like, getting knocked out by a simple slap of Meliodas' fingers. After awakening, the three feel the magic coming from the Boar Hat and discover Elizabeth saving Merlin. When this one is very affected, King asks Meliodas if he really did something to her.

After putting all his armors, King attends with his companions to Merlin informing that his next destiny is the city of Corand where a dimensional distortion that prevents entry into Camelot originates. King thinks he heard of that city before and tries to ask Helbram if he knows anything, but to his surprise, Helbram's soul had left. Helbram then returns, congratulating King on his wings and winning Diane, although King is appalled by his claims. He is confused when Helbram tells him that no matter what happens, he will always be his best friend.

When Elizabeth starts acting strange and then faints, King is surprised when Diane tells him that Elizabeth must be remembering her past lives. There, Meliodas reveals to everyone that Elizabeth will die in three days and also tells them all their story of how they were both cursed with him living eternally, and she reincarnated eternally, to meet and separate again and again for all eternity. Like all present, King ends up impacted.

On the way to Corand, the group stops in Ordan to save its inhabitants from demons. King easily kills a Copper Demon with True Increase. Helbram praises his new power, although King says that he still lacks a lot and that his opponent was only very weak.

King defeats the reanimated soldiers

King defeats the reanimated soldiers

When arriving at Corand, Meliodas is deceived by an illusion of Zeldris, causing that it finishes captured by Melascula. Upon entering his search, Helbram points to King on the skeletons of the victims of the massacre in Corand that populate the city which begin to move alone. At first, King manages to deal with the skeletons without problems with Increase, but when the skeletons gain more strength from the negative emotions of Meliodas, his attacks become less effective. Even so, King manages to defeat them quickly with True Sunflower.

When the last soldier explodes when he can not bear all the power of Meliodas, the vengeful souls of Corand begin to expand. Realizing, King is horrified when the spirits end up owning Diane. Helbram tells him that no attack will serve to save her and asks forgiveness saying that everything is his fault, which King does not understand. King asks everyone to abstain from attacking her and tries to reason with Diane, but this ends up hitting him hard with Gideon. There, Helbram is revealed as responsible for the massacre in Corand and is delivered to meet the revenge of the spirits. King cries while the spirit of Helbram tells him that he is glad he was his friend, before the helmet was crushed. Although this does not manage to calm the spirits, Diane is finally saved by an aroused Elizabeth's Lest's There Be Light.

King attacks Melascula

King incapacitates Melascula

After Elizabeth heals his wounds, King is surprised to discover the link Elizabeth had in the past with Merlin. There, Melascula appears in person saying that he would judge everyone in the name of the Demon King, transforming into a gigantic serpent. When Elaine tries to save Ban after this force trapped in Melascula's jaws, she ends up being beaten. King tells her that she should not be forced and that they commit themselves, but Elaine insists on saving Ban. King is shocked to see the transformation that his sister suffers to save Ban, growing her wings.

After Diane manages to wound Melascula in one fell swoop, King is faced with incapacitating her completely with Bumblebee, leading Melascula to say that his power now equates to that of Gloxinia. After Melascula is purified by Elizabeth and captured by Merlin, King is present along with the rest of the battle between Escanor and a Meliodas consumed by his Assault Mode.

After the battle, in which both Meliodas and Escanor end up seriously injured, King returns with the rest to the Boar Hat, where Merlin exposes that Meliodas can no longer control his demonic impulses having lost his emotions before the Demon King. Seeing herself forced to watch Meliodas and Elizabeth in her Perfect Cube, Merlin tells King, Diane and Gowther that they are the only ones who can fight if something happens. Outside, King talks to Diane and Gowther about what will happen to Meliodas if he fails to recover. Holding the destroyed helmet of Helbram, King says that he will protect everyone as he sacrificed himself to protect him and Diane.

Prelude to the New Holy War arc

Following the road to Camelot, King turns the destroyed helmet of Helbram into an incline for Diane commemorating Helbram's last wish. King also gives Gowther an earring made with the fake heart he brought, in memory of Nadja. Despite being disappointed that Gowther calls it a useless thing, King is pleased that he is happy to have it. At that moment, everyone is alarmed to see that one night suddenly is consuming the sky.

King and Gowther using Celestial Arrow

King and Gowther using Celestial Arrow

When Diane rescues Elizabeth and Meliodas from an enemy attack, King rushes to find out who attacked them. In that, an old demon appears to analyze the powers of all. King asks Gowther if he knows him, being shocked when he reveals that it is Meliodas' teacher, Chandler. Chandler proposes that they give Meliodas and Elizabeth and let them go, but they all refuse. When Chandler uses Microscopic in Diane to shrink her, King is surprised when she is naked.

While Chandler unties his Meteor Works, King manages to escape next to Gowther, Diane and Hawk in the sky. King says that he never expected to have to combine powers with Gowther, while both join to create their Combined Technique: Celestial Arrow. Gowther warns King that Chandler can use the Full Counter, so he must wait for him to give him the signal for the attack to strike, King says he relies on him. Combining an illusion as decoy, Gowther manages to evade the Full Counter and make the hit of the Celestial Arrow effective.

Suddenly, the image of a swarm of demons approaching alert Hawk. King says he worries too much, attacking him with his True Increase. Despite Gowther's warning, the attack is reflected by Chandler's Full Counter, who had created his own illusion to deceive them. After receiving the blow of his own Increase at twice the strength, King falls to the ground very hurt.

When Chandler attacks everyone with his Crimson Requiem, King is saved from attack by Ban, along with Diane, Elizabeth and Meliodas. There, Chandler begins to suffer the effects in his spirit of the Celestial Arrow, giving King the opportunity to hit him with True Guardian. There, King declares that they and Meliodas are comrades of fate.

Seven Deadly Sins battling Chandler

King fights Chandler

Chandler attacks them furious with his Grudge Blade, but King manages to contain it with True Increase, preventing the blades reflected with the Full Counter with others, giving rise to Chandler to praise his ability. King says that he feels safe in a firefight and that they will protect Meliodas and Elizabeth at any cost. 

Chandler prepares to face everyone with several Grudge Blades, but King manages to contain them with Increase. When Diane and Ban manage to set aside and contain Chandler, King releases his Increase on him and Ban. However, the demon manages to let go and engages in a strong fight against King. King does everything to resist, but Chandler's attacks finally overcome him and wound him. However, an opening created by Hawk allows Elizabeth to heal everyone. 

King prepares his next blow, saving himself from Chandler's attack thanks to Gowther's intervention. King makes a direct hit of Chastiefol against Chandler, rendering him incapacitated.

King decides to sacrifice himself

King decides to sacrifice himself

There, King remembers the words that Meliodas told him when he met him while being captured by the Holy Knights, about him being a splendid king. King states that those words in the past saved him and wonders if he really became a splendid king. Ban and Diane elojian to King to have saved them, King tells Diane that he should wear some clothes, but it is strange that she has not returned to normal size having defeated Chandler. King is alarmed when Gowther falls victim to the Absolute Order, but even more when Chandler awakens, having released his true form and power.

King says there is no hope, since Chandler is on a completely different level. He hastens to attack him with Bumblebee, asking Ban to take everyone from there while he gives them time. Ban tells him not to let him fight alone, but King says that staying alone will delay him. Leaving her with Elizabeth, King apologizes to Diane saying that she could not protect her brothers from the Fairy Clan, but that now she can protect her and the others, having the death of a king. King receives a powerful attack from Chandler, believing himself dead. However, King is saved along with the rest in the last second and taken to the Boar Hat, by Drole and Gloxinia.

Gloxinia prevents King and Diane of keep fighting

Gloxinia prevents King of keep fighting

While Drole and Gloxinia pretend to face Chandler, Diane and King decide to support them. King asks Ban to take care of everyone while the Boar Hat runs away. However, Gloxinia retrieved King and Diane with Emerald Octo. When King asks what he does, Gloxinia says that the fairy who is just sprouting wings should leave. King insists that he can still fight, but Gloxinia points out that he has exhausted almost all of his magic power. Even so, Gloxinia praises the power that King acquired with those small wings, affirming that he will become the most powerful Fairy King when they are fully grown. After this, King and Diane are sent to Boar Hat. When feeling Drole and Gloxinia were killed, King and Diane are sad.

While everyone regroups, King says they must prepare some countermeasure against Chandler and take advantage of the time they have before anchoring them to hide Elizabeth and Meliodas. However, Chandler reaches them in that very same. Knowing that Elizabeth and Meliodas are out, King and the others rush to help them, only to discover Meliodas awake. However, Meliodas retains his memories of them and declares the dissolution of the Seven Deadly Sins to become the Demon King, leaving King and the others perplexed. After he leaves with Elizabeth and Chandler, King is upset by what he did. When Ban decides to go to Purgatory in search of the emotions of Meliodas, King reminds her of Elaine, so Ban asks her to take care of her for him. When Elaine is desperate to find out, King dubiously tells him that he will come back for sure.

King helping to rescue hostages in Camelot

King helps to rescue the hostages

Feeling the magic of Zeldris approaching, King is alarmed by what follows, but Merlin decides to go out and confront him. Seeing everything, King and the others are surprised to discover that Merlin has the bandits of the Demon King and the Supreme Deity. King reminds everyone that they have an enemy in front of them and that they must fight with everything they have, but Merlin decides to go and negotiate with Zeldris alone, leaving behind a magic plant for everyone to listen to their conversation. Thus, King discovers Merlin's past in Belialuin and that Meliodas plans to become the Demon King by absorbing the ten Commandments in himself. When Merlin returns having deceived to Zeldris so that another individual attacked it, King is teleported to Camelot next to all the Boar Hat.

Once in Camelot, everyone separates to gather the prisoners of the demons and teleport them to safe Liones, King deals with it with True Sunflower. After reuniting with a getaway Elizabeth, everyone decides to take action to stop Meliodas from becoming the Demon King, even at the cost of Elizabeth's life.

King taking care of Elaine

King taking care of Elaine

Upon returning to Liones, King and the Sins are received by all with honor. In that, Margaret appears revealing to have been possessed by the Archangel Ludociel. King and Diane worry about that, remembering their experience with the Archangel in the trial. There, all agree to form an alliance to stop the Demon Clan.

During the next day, King takes care of Elaine who is still in poor health and asks Ban and Meliodas to return with them.

After meeting, Merlin declares that she will go to Camelot to save Arthur. King tries to tell her to wait to go with an army, but she insists on doing so immediately to avoid a large-scale confrontation. After Merlin manages to get back to Arthur, he hogs his own heart with Excalibur, much to everyone's horror.

Current arc

After the death of Arthur, a Holy Knight goes to the Boar Hat requesting the presence of Elizabeth and a representative of the Seven Deadly Sins for the meeting to decide the strategy for the battle. King tells him he's received. While Merlin, Escanor and Elizabeth leave for the meeting, King notes that Escanor looks very discouraged.

King using Tyrant Tempest

King fights the demon army

During the preparation for the Holy War, King is excited by Merlin's new clothes in Diane, saying that he could never do similar clothes, to which Diane tells her that she would always treasure the clothes he made her. King promises Diane to protect her and together rescued Elizabeth and Meliodas, also afraid fear tries to ask for marriage after the war, but both are interrupted by Escanor who reprimands them for being romantic as they are about to start the war against the demons.

King leaves to the battle like member of the Search and Destroy Force, heading towards Camelot to the south. On the way, the group faces the entire army of the Demon Clan and the battle between both sides is unleashed. When the Holy Knights were suffering disadvantage in the battle, Diane manages to wipe out the enemy with her Queen Embrace. King hides inside his wave of earth and then goes out next to his Chastiefol and destroys three Albions at the same time with Tyrant Tempest, impressing all his companions. There, King and Diane recognize the Omega Ark of Sariel and Tarmiel that manages to eliminate much of the demon army.

King attacks Estarossa

King attacks Estarossa

In the end, the group manages to eliminate almost all the army of the Demon Clan. King suffers slight injuries that are quickly healed by Elizabeth. King and Diane make fun of Howzer's new leadership attitude. Seeing the arrogant attitude of several of the Holy Knights, Diane and King point out that everyone is composed as Ludociel. Both get upset when Deathpierce criticizes Elizabeth's words, just as they are surprised to discover that Elizabeth was reasoning with the demons throughout the battle.

King and Diane are alarmed when suddenly Derieri falls on the battlefield. When Estarossa appears chasing her, King is taken underground with the rest of the knights by Diane to protect them from the Black Hound of Estarossa.

While Sariel and Tarmiel face Estarossa, King suddenly notices the aura of the demon disappearing. When the Archangels return, King and Diane are alarmed to see that Estarossa follows them, as well as their new transformation and level of power.

King, Derieri, Sariel and Tarmiel go after Estarossa

King goes to rescue Elizabeth

When Estarossa manages to overcome the Archangels and tries to take Elizabeth away, King intervenes by attacking him directly with Chastiefol while Diane creates a barrier to protect Elizabeth and Guila. However, King's attack is ineffective, just as Estarossa easily breaks Diane's wall and hurts Guila. After eliminating Sariel and Tarmiel for the second time, King and Diane intend to attack him, but are stopped by Elizabeth. There, the princess decides to give herself to Estarossa to prevent him from continuing to kill everyone, being taken away from the battlefield by the demon.

King declares that he will go after Estarossa and Elizabeth, since he is the only present able to follow them in flight. There, Sariel and Tarmiel manage to recover and reconstruct their original bodies, deciding to go also after Estarossa. King promises to save Elizabeth and calm Diane when she fears they will not get it alone. There, Derieri asks to go also to help them, but everyone mistrusts her. However, King claims to trust her because Elizabeth once risked her life to save her, missing Derieri for knowing such a thing. King declares that they need all the help they can get against Estarossa, receiving the words of Sariel that the Seven Deadly Sins are a group full of rare.

On the way, King thanks Derieri for helping them rescue Elizabeth. Derieri affirms that this is not her only objective, since she also wishes to obtain his revenge against Estarossa. However, Derieri begins to feel surprised when pronouncing his name.

King punches Mael away

King punches Mael away

Upon arriving at the Heaven's Theater and finding Estarossa engulfed in a mass of darkness with Elizabeth locked up inside of it, the four confront him. While defending himself against his attacks with True Increase and True GuardianKing notices that Sariel, Tarmiel and Derieri are acting weird as their fight, claiming things about Estarossa and Mael, lending King to question if Estarossa is doing something to them.

When Estarossa emerges from the darkness that enveloped him revealing four white wings, King asks how it is possible for a demon to possess the wings of a goddess. King is surprised by the sudden appearance of Gowther, who reveals that the true identity of "Estarossa" is Mael, of the Four Archangels.

Mael using Kyusai no Ya

Mael pierces King's shoulder

King notices that Mael begins to writhe when he recovers his true memories. When Gowther affirms that he is responsible for his suffering and that he is willing to let himself be destroyed as a punishment, King is alarmed by asking him if he is aware of those words to which Gowther responds that it is what he should be.

As Mael attacks and intends to destroy Gowther, King punchs him away with True Guardian. Gowther asks King not to get involved, but King says he can not do anything else, being the only one there with him, reminding him the fourth rule of the Seven Deadly Sins of always helping a comrade in trouble. 

King attacks Mael with Chastiefol's Kyusai no Ya

King attacks Mael with Chastiefol's Kyusai no Ya

Mael reappears taking King in the back, happy that he is a Gowther comrade, pretending to stink his heart through the suffering of his friend. Mael gives a strong blow with his hand, but King manages to block it with True Guardian. King quickly goes on the attack by gobbling Mael with Bumblebee. However, Mael fires his Kyusai no Ya, piercing King's shoulder. Gowther intervenes insisting that he is the one who should be destroyed, pleasing Mael with his expression of pain. Despite being shot down and injured, King prepares Chastiefol and launches his Sabaki no Yari on Mael. The Archangel catches the Chastiefol attack with one hand, saying that the more King resists the more Gowther will suffer, encouraging him to resist. King claims to be the Fairy King and do not underestimate it.

Gowther begs King to allow the conflict to be resolved with his death, but King refuses to lose anything important to him again. King changes back to True Guardian, giving Mael a strong and surprising blow that sends him flying. King tells Gowther that if he really knows the pain of losing someone important, then he should not talk about dying that way, causing Gowther to cry over his words.

King protects Gowther

King protects Gowther

Mael manages to counterattack and get rid of the Guardian with an Ark beam. Mael mentions that it will be fun to try to face him both together. There, Tarmiel and Sariel appear to unite King and Gowther in the fight.

King manages to intercept Mael's attack along Sariel using True Increase. However, a part of the attack manages to hit him, seriously injuring his arm. Then, King receives the intrusions from Gowther's Broadcast about the plan that Derieri formulated to defeat Mael. King takes his part in distracting Mael with repeated attacks of True Increase preventing him from reaching Gowther. Thus, Sariel and Tarmiel take advantage to immobilize Mael using their Graces, being able Derieri to attack him repeatedly with her Combo Star, hurting him to the point of almost killing him.

King injured

King injured

The plan fails at the end when Mael manages to convince Tarmiel to release him, allowing him to kill Derieri with his Kyusai no Ya and take away her Commandment. Knowing that Mael intends to absorb a fourth Commandment, King intends to stop it. However, that's when King succumbs to his injuries and falls unconscious.

Mael encloses himself in a huge cocoon of light to absorb the Commandment and soon begins to shoot rays of darkness left and right. Gowther takes care of charging King in the middle of the rain of lightning to Elizabeth and Hawk. Hawk takes care of bringing King while Elizabeth proceeds to heal his wounds.

When one of the rays of darkness is absorbed by a portal that appears in front, King is surprised to realize that it is Olso, who leaves the portal in its giant size. Then, Diane comes out of his mouth and contains all the rays. King asks her what she does there, what Diane tells her that they both promised to be together forever.

The Sins using Trinity Attack - High Tension Rush

King attacking Mael with Gowther illusions

Upon completion of his healing, King feels overwhelmed to perceive the magic power of Mael. When a Mael transformed by the Commandments appears, King, along with the rest, is obliterated by the Lightball of Love. King asks Elizabeth to hurry to heal Diane's wounds, however, Diane says she has no pain and begins to feel sleepy. There, King begins to feel the same way, and falls asleep next to Diane.

Gowther manages to use his Sense Opener to undo the effects of the attack that turned pain into pleasure and sleep. King jumps behind Mael next to Diane, Elizabeth and Gowther, complaining that now with his senses restored he has pain screaming all over his body. Elizabeth quickly heals them all, and Gowther gives him and Diane the signal to carry out their combined technique.

King seing the commandment cursed mark

King seing the commandment cursed mark

King uses the sixth form of Chastiefol, Yggdra Cloth, acquiring an armor with which he sets out to attack Mael. In conjunction with Gowther's Caleidoscope technique, dozens of King's illusions appear, confusing Mael without being able to distinguish the real one. Diane proceeds to use her Drole's Dance to gradually increase King's power level. Although at first it seems to work, Mael uses the Commandment of Truth to use his Bell of Truth, dispelling the illusions.

Mael proceeds to use the Reticence Commandment to use the Scythe of Silence, slashing King and Diane. King suddenly loses the ability to control Chastiefol. Upon seeing his back, King discovers a mark of the commandment that keeps his magic sealed. King is alarmed when Gowther fails in his attempt to self-destruct because of Mael's Incence of Purity.

King devastated in front of Olso's dead body

King devastated in front of Olso's dead body

Seeing Mael about to unleash another Lightball of Love, King sees that Elizabeth could not release her magic in time. There, Olso sacrifices himself receiving the attack, leaving King in shock. King desperately asks Chastiefol to catch the body of Oslo, being this one trapped by Diane to be King without magic. King embraces Olso's body devastated, asking him why he did something similar. Hawk tells him that he did it to protect his precious king.

King new form

King's true power awaken

When Diane uses Gideon's Lightning Rod to disperse Mael's attack to the ground, the Heaven's Theathre falls apart. King falls from the sky thinking about how it is that the King Fairy falls helpless to fly. King begins to fall apart emotionally, bemoaning Meliodas for not protecting Elizabeth and claiming he was wrong about being a splendid king. He thinks then of Helbram and Olso, regretting not protecting them after they did. King remembers Gloxinia's last words, apologizing for not being the Fairy King he expected. Recalling Diane's confession of love, King manages to recover, hearing the voices of Helbram, Olso and Gloxinia encouraging him to prove who he is and to protect Diane until the end.

King obtains a transformation, releasing the seal of his magic and obtaining full-sized wings, in addition to a developed body. With his new power, King is able to separate Mael from Elizabeth and Diane, leaving everyone surprised with his new form.

Feeling his aura and presence, Diane wonders if he really is the King he knows. King reassures him that he is still him, surprising Diane for having read her heart.

True Chastiefol Pollen Garden

King protects Diane and Elizabeth

King turns Mael to put an end to the fight between them. King is able to hear the chaotic thoughts in the voice of Mael's heart, crying out for his sins, his desire to have Elizabeth and his intention to destroy whoever gets in his way, and says that he doesn't spected that he wants to talk. Mael launches a Jiai no Kougyoku, claiming that Elizabeth will be his even if it should be only her soul and her corpse. However, King emerges intact claming that he won¿t let that happen, having protected Elizabeth and Diane with True Form Eight: Pollen Garden.

King overpowers Mael

King overpowers Mael

Mael launches to attack King, but he counterattacks with a new and more powerful version of True Guardian, hitting until Mael is badly hurt. Mael tries to use his Chinmoku no Oogama, but King responds with his new True Increase, destroying the scythe and hitting Mael repeatedly. King tries to reason with Mael pointing out the similarity in his experiences and losses, trying to convince him that although they will never recover what they lost, they must live to protect what they most appreciate, affirming that he must have something that he wants to protect from the bottom of his heart, but Mael insists that he does not interfere and get out of his way. Mael launches several Kyusai no Ya, but King deals easily with it with his new True Chastiefol. Despite leaving Mael in disrepair, King says he will not kill him because revenge only brings hatred, but will face him as many times as necessary as the Fairy King, Harlequin. King also thinks if Olso and Helbram would be okay with it.

There, Mael's body suddenly begins to writhe and rip apart. King understands what is happening, explaining to Diane that Mael is reaching his limit and is beyond any help, since with his magic power and strength almost completely exhausted, the power of the Commandments opposing his power of Goddess is devouring him until eradicate him. 

When Gowther launches himself on Mael to use Invasion on him, they begin to fall to the ground. King flies to reach them, but understands that if he tries to stop them, Gowther's spell could be canceled and that Mael's body is already on the edge of destruction. King decides to entrust the situation to Gowther.

When Gowther is expelled from Mael, King tries to reach him to prevent him from falling. However, Gowther is saved by Mael, who returns to his original form after being saved by Gowther.

Abilities and Equipment

As the current Fairy King and a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, King is very powerful. He is strong enough to overpower a Great Holy Knight single-handedly. Being a Fairy, King has demonstrated a number of abilities unique to his species; such as the ability to levitate or fly, the ability to change his appearance and clothes at will, as well as possessing great speed equal to Meliodas and Ban. Upon unleashing his true power, Meliodas and Ban commented that his strength grew to "an incredible level". This was later re-affirmed when he defeated Helbram, a Great Holy Knight level combatant, while protecting all the injured in the area; then almost immediately after, swiftly defeated Dreyfus, one of the Great Holy Knights of Liones, despite the injuries he sustained from his battle with Helbram. During his reign as the Fairy King, his power was said to be so great that it kept the human kingdom from invading the Fairy King's Forest. It should be noted that this included the Holy Knights of Liones.

Despite his great power, King is physically weak, however, he makes up for his lack of strength with his sacred treasure, Spirit Spear Chastiefol and his immense level of magic power. In spite of his lack of physical strength, he has shown a remarkable level of durability as shown in his second battle with Helbram. It was believed that King was able to control the Sacred Tree a long time ago and with it draw out the true power of a fairy, but the tree abandoned King for an unknown reason. This was later proven to be false as the Sacred Tree has no evil intentions at all and it was King who did not want to fully utilize the Sacred Tree's powers.

After going through the trial and his wings finally growing, King's power increased greatly, being able to freely access the true power of the Sacred Tree and his Sacred Treasure. Melascula states that his power became comparable to Gloxinia's. Gloxinia himself remarked that despite King's wings have only barely grown, he can wield his spirit spear on par with himself and thus would be capable surpassing the first Fairy King eventually and even becoming the most powerful Fairy King in all of history. This statement was later proven to be true, as after breaking Mael's seal and having his wings fully grown, his true potential was awakened, not only changing his appearence but the strength and quality of his powers greatly. This allowed him to not only overpower Mael with his Chastiefol, but to also use multiple Chastiefol forms simultaneously; for both offensive and defensive purposes, as he easily overwhelmed Mael in their fight while simultaneously protecting and defending Diane and everyone else from further harm during the battle.

King is extremely fast, as shown when he not only effortlessly evaded the attacks of both Guila and Jericho simultaneously, but also knocked them unconscious before either of them could realize it. He is also able to keep up with fellow sins Meliodas and Ban in terms of speed. Despite lacking physical strength, King posseses a remarkable level of durability and endurance as shown in the Kingdom Infiltration arc where he not only fought and defeated Helbram, but also, pinned down Dreyfus immediately after, despite the injuries he sustained against Helbram.


Main article: Disaster

King using Disaster on Cain.

  • Disaster災厄 (ディザスター)  Saiyaku (Dizasutā)」: An innate power granted to the fairy bestowed with the title of the "Fairy King", this ability essentially grants them the authority to rule over the Fairy King's Forest. This ability allows King to exercise complete control over life and death by altering and controlling matter at a molecular level. For example, he can turn a shallow scratch into a fatal wound, a minor poison into a lethal toxin and a small benign growth into a cancerous tumor that can devour a body whole. It also gives him complete control over nature, allowing him to manipulate various flora, letting it flourish or perish in moments. This power was originally described as the reason that King is able to completely draw out the mysterious qualities of the Spirit Spear, Chastiefol, as Disaster can modify the natural status of something and can change its shape.
  • Levitation: King possesses the ability to levitate and is capable of flight because he is a fairy. He demonstrates great skill in using it and is able to move quickly through the air. He can also utilize this ability to levitate objects and manipulate their trajectory without the need to make any direct contact.
  • Transformation: An ability that allows King to change his physical appearance as well as his clothes. In order for King to change appearance, he requires a great amount of concentration. This ability appears to leave him exhausted, however King was able to maintain his transformed appearance for quite a while ten years ago, implying he has immense willpower. Somehow King shifted to human form almost randomly in either comedic or serious situations.
  • Heart Reading: As a fairy, King can read the true thoughts and feelings of others. After awakening his true potential, his control and use of this abilty was greatly magnified, as he not only read Diane's thoughts, but also Mael's thoughts, being the only one around Mael capable of hearing and understanding him in his transformed form.
  • Dancing Fairy踊る妖精 (ダンシングフェアリー)  Odoru Yōsei (Danshingu Fearī)」: A fight dance that has been passed down through the Fairy Clan for generations. Using this technique, King leaps into the air and charges at his opponent while rapidly jabbing with his fists. It is very weak and the charge can be stopped with one finger.[42]


  • Chastiefol: King's sacred treasure, the Spirit Spear, Chastiefol, is a spear crafted from the sacred tree, only found in the Fairy Realm. It is much stronger than steel and possesses the mysterious qualities of the tree, which King's ability, Disaster, draws out.[43] It has several different forms, including a pillow which can act as a shield[44], different forms of spears[45][46], and a large stuffed grizzly bear.[47]


  • Helbram's Helmet: Helbram's Helmet is a special helmet that Helbram bought from a human seven hundred years ago as a gift for King, but used it as a disguise for his Love Helm identity. Once Helbram died for the third time, his spirit rest within the helmet whenever King wears it.

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit
4,190 3,370 0 820

Upon releasing Chastiefol's true form, his Power Level momentarily doubled that of an Albion's. Therefore it was between 11,000 and 12,000.

After passing the trial and his wings grew, his power levels are as follows:

Sacred Treasure Release
Total Magic Strength Spirit
41,600  ?  ?  ?


Seven Deadly Sins


King and Meliodas are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. King enjoyed his time with Meliodas in the past and still cares about him to this day. When King joins up with the group, he occasionally disagrees with Meliodas' actions, but still trusts him as a good captain. After Vaizel, King struggles with the fact that Meliodas could be a demon himself. Despite finding Meliodas's perverted antics shameful, King still respects Meliodas for that shameful nature since King is too shy to be bold for Diane and wants Meliodas to teach him to be more bold. However, after finding Meliodas relates to the Ten Commandments, King starts to question Meliodas's true nature and whether or not he is on their side. It doesn't help when Meliodas refuses to tell him and instead questions his title as king of the Fairies. King decided to be on Meliodas's side since Diane and Ban trust him, but warn Meliodas that if he betrays them, King will kill him.

Despite having mix feelings over Meliodas true nature, he was troubled seeing Meliodas get beaten by the Ten Commandments and shed tears when he died, showing that deep down, King still cared about Meliodas as a captain and friend. After passing his trial, and learning about Meliodas and Elizabeth's curse, King finally understood his captain better and deeply regretted how he treated Meliodas prior to learning about his past, and as a result his mixed feelings towards Meliodas have subsided, now fully trusting him as a close friend once again.


King and Diane are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. King is in love with Diane but is too shy to reveal it. When King is forced to do something he dislikes, he can easily be motivated if it will make Diane happy. King is shown to comfort Diane whenever she is hurt or upset. When Diane was ruthlessly beaten and near death, King was willing to use all of his powers to protect her. In the past, King looked after the young Diane for five hundred years after she saved and took care of him until he was fully healed. When they meet up again ten years later, he still loves her and finds her just as adorable as she was a decade ago. Soon after defeating Helbram, Diane regains her memories and falls in love with King. King is dedicated to protecting and loving Diane. They eventually kiss and become a couple. Even after losing her memories once again due the actions of Gowther, Diane grew fond of King quickly when she saw how determined he was to protect her during their battle at the Great Fighting Festival, seeing him not only as her friend and ally, but as someone very close to her. After the two of them underwent their trials from Drole and Gloxinia, Diane's memories were completely restored, as she immediately kissed King after explaining that her memories were back, signifying that her love for him has grown.


King and Ban are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. He hated Ban and wanted to kill him, in order to avenge his sister Elaine who was believed to be killed by Ban - even though she actually died because of a Demon's purgatory fire. When Elaine told him to protect Ban and join up with the group, King reluctantly accepts her request and assists the fight against Guila. Although he no longer despises Ban as much, he still feels uncomfortable around him. As time progresses, two become closer than they were before, as King eventually learns the whole story between him and his sister, how they loved each other and was even shocked by how determined Ban was to bring Elaine back to life. He accompanied Ban on his journey to restore the Fairy King's Forest, and was even shocked when Ban actually accomplished this goal. He was even more shocked by Elaine's return and Ban and Elaine's love for one another, and as a result King now truly respects and has befriended Ban.


King and Gowther are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. King is shown to be annoyed at Gowther's clueless nature and Gowther's revealing of secrets. King grew furious at Gowther for erasing Diane memories, but at the same time, knew he was no better. However, their relationship was strained due to Gowther's actions. After passing his trial, and learning more about the holy war and Gowther's past involvement in it, he finally understood Gowther's behavior better, and despite not fully forgiving him for erasing Diane's memories, he was more than willing to assist Diane in helping Gowther deal with the return of his memories and emotions.


King and Merlin are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Like the others, King respects Merlin greatly and is fully aware of her abilities. He has no hesitation to consult her when needed as seen when he resorted to her for a solution to Diane's amnesia.


King and Escanor are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Not much has been revealed between the two, but it appears that King is somewhat weary of Escanor, as he goes berserk during daytime.



Elaine is King's sister, who he left at the Fairy King's Forest for 700 years, protecting the Fountain of Youth. King loved his sister so much that he was upset at the discovery of her death, vowing to avenge her by killing Ban, who was reported to be the one who killed her. Despite wanting Ban dead, he respected and accepted Elaine's request to help and protect Ban during the fight against Guila. After learning the truth behind Elaine's death, his hatred of Ban slowly disappeared, especially after learning of his intent to revive her, as well as his promise to restore the Fairy King's Forest for her. After learning of Elaine's revival, the siblings met once again at Vaizel during the Great Fighting Festival, and were happy to be reunited with each other once again.



King is Oslo's master and is very loyal to him. Oslo knew King many years before he met the Seven Deadly Sins, in the Fairy Realm. King cared for Oslo so much that Oslo was also a part of the reason why King was able to fully grow out his wings. Oslo's loyalty is also shown when he sacrificed himself.


King and Elizabeth share a fairly good friendship. King greatly respects her for being a princess of the royal family and her bravery for trying to pull his spear to help the sins. He is concerned for her well-being, as shown when he assists Meliodas in saving her from the Ceramic Tear Inn after she was captured by Griamore. When they were properly introduced, King was shocked to find out her identity and apologized for his 'rudeness' earlier before transforming into his human form, wearing royal attire to greet Elizabeth formally, believing that it was more respectful.


King and Hawk seem to share a good friendship, and sometimes King calls him Mr. Pig, Little Porker, or Little Piggy. King shown some respect for Hawk for trying to pull his spear to help Elizabeth to help the sins, but he shows more respect towards Elizabeth.


Several years ago, King and Helbram were best friends, despite having different views on humans. Helbram trusted King very much, but frequently teased him. Gowther mentions that Helbram is the reason he was unable to use his full power. When King believed he killed Helbram, he decided to atone for his sins and was sentenced to imprisonment for one thousand years.


As the Original Fairy King, and as a member of the Ten Commandments, King saw Gloxinia as a powerful enemy. King was visibly surprised by the difference in power between himself and the former Fairy King. This was seen during the Great Fighting Festival arc when he saw the extent of Gloxinia's healing abilities on Escanor, his abilities to form flower and wood golems for battle, as well as the different forms and abilities of his Spirit Spear Basquias. Later when Gloxinia and Drole approached King and Diane in battle, King managed to impress Gloxinia with his readiness to battle him, however he shrugged off most of King's attacks towards him, stating that King could be stronger than he currently is if he had his wings, a statement which upset King. During his trial, King could feel the significant difference in power between his own body and Gloxinia, and also learned a lot about Gloxinia's past and the similarities between the two of them. After King passed his trial and his wings grew, both King and Gloxinia's opinions towards one another changed, due to their similar pasts. King now viewed Gloxinia as an ally, and even trusted him enough to look after the Fairy King's Forest while he continued his fight with the remaining members of the Ten Commandments. Gloxinia also now seems to hold King in high regards, as he came to his rescue during the fight against Chandler, and his final words to King were how even though his wings had just grown, his power has now become comparable to his own, that eventually as they grow he would slowly, but definitely become the most powerful Fairy King of all times, a statement that King was visibly surprised by.


Vampires of Edinburgh

Capital of the Dead arc

Vaizel Fight Festival arc

Armor Giant arc

Kingdom Infiltration arc

Albion arc

Istar arc

Great Fight Festival arc

Memories of the Holy War arc

Corand arc

Prelude to the New Holy War arc


  • As the Fairy King, King's lifespan is relatively longer than any of the other races.
  • According to Meliodas, King is the third Fairy King to be chosen by the Sacred Tree.
  • The reason King and Elaine's wings haven't came out yet because they are considered late bloomers.
  • The technique Bumblebee connects with the color of King's sacred treasure which is the color of bees.
  • According to the data book(s):
    • Special skill: Sleeping huddled
    • Hobbies: Observing Diane and his Daily Routine is watching over her
    • Weakness: Lack of muscles
    • Birthplace: Fairy Realm
    • What he likes about himself: His elegance (in his old man form)
    • Dream/Hope: Marrying Diane
    • Regrets: Too many
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: That he doesn’t have wings yet
    • What he wants the most right now: Diane’s heart
    • Favorite animal: None in particular
    • Favorite scent: Diane’s cleavage
    • Favorite food: Cheese
    • Charm Point: Unruly strands of hair
    • He has a complex about his childlike facial features
    • The person he respects the most is the previous Fairy King, Dahlia
    • A person he doesn't want to make an enemy of is Escanor.
  • King once lost to a cat that stole his snacks.
  • King has a sweet olive scented body odor in his child-like form, but a musty, sweaty smell in his chubbier form.
  • King dislikes drunkards - this is one of the reasons he does not like Ban.
  • King sleeps on a hammock besides the window on the 3rd floor of the Boar Hat - an excuse to watch over Diane.
  • King currently shares his room with Ban.
  • King is skilled at sewing clothes, having made Diane's and his own outfit.
  • Meliodas claims that King's hobby is peeking, which the latter denied.
  • The Sin of Sloth is usually symbolized with a Goat and the color light blue.
  • In the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll, King was placed 1st overall with 121,945 votes (which included an online poll as well as postcards) and placed 4th (226 votes) when considering only postcards.


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