King vs. Guila is a battle fought between King of the Seven Deadly Sins and Guila of the Holy Knights.


Guila is beating the Seven Deadly Sins and it seem they are losing. Guila is about to attack Ban but she is stopped by King who used his spear to cut through Ban to attack Guila but she get out of the way. King later stand on top of the spear and tells the Sins that he is here to help and the only reason he is helping Ban is because of his sister. Guila told King that she knew King would betray the Holy Knight but King says that he joined the Holy Knights to kill Ban, nothing more and tells her to tell her boss Gilthunder that, which made her angry and tells him that Gilthunder is not her boss and attack them with Shot Bomb but King easily block it with his spear. Guila is happy to fight the four Sins but King requests to fight her alone which the other Sins are okay with.


Guila is waiting for King to attack and tells him if the three Sins could not beat her, how can King beat her. But King uses his spear to attack Guila from behind and left a scratch which surprised her but think she misread it. King uses his spear again to attack Guila from the sky which she barely dodges. Surprised at the speed and power of King, Guila try to use her weapon but it is stopped by King's spear. Guila begins to run away from the spear attack but King keep on using his spear to attack her.

Guila notices that King is on a whole different level than the other Sins while trying to dodge his attacks. Guila manages to bend the spear with her weapon which it send falling down but King stops the spear from falling as Guila is about to used her ultimate attack Brilliant Detonation and send her attack to kill all the Sins but King used his spear Form Five: Increase, which turns his spear into many small daggers, and attack Guila defeating her.



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