King vs. Guila & Jericho is a battle fought between King of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knights, Guila and Jericho in Vaizel.


After Guila and Jericho's attack, Meliodas, noting that the two are now much more powerful than before, instructs the other Sins to separate.[1] Soon after, both Meliodas and Ban are defeated by the two Holy Knights, just as King encounters them.[2]


In an instant, Guila points her lance towards King and releases the same technique she previously used on Meliodas, Chain Explosion, which results in a gigantic explosion. King appears to be worried, but when the attack settles, is shown to remain unscathed, by using the Form Five: Increase of his Sacred Treasure Chastiefol as as moving, circular barrier around himself. As he states that he was joking, Jericho, without waiting any moment, immediately breaks through his barrier. Again acting as though he is surprised, King then shifts Chastiefol to its standard spear form and attacks Jericho from the behind, again stating that he was only joking. After some time, after Guila and Jericho are defeated and have collapsed, King yawns, and stating that he has warmed up, mocks his opponents after seeing them lay defeated.[3]

King then interrogates Guila and Jericho whether their current fight was to divert King from the Holy Knights' goal, when Guila simply declares that the Holy Knights would win.[4] As King mentally states that he cannot feel Meliodas, Ban and Diane at all, he begins to turn, when his two opponents, before he can finish his statement, they, interrupting him, attack together relentlessly again. However, King dodges both attacks by moving very high up, as giant plant attacks the Holy Knights. King, confirming that the plant is a form of Chastiefol, called Form Four: Sunflower, mockingly states that Jericho and Guila were strong, but needed much more training. The end of the plant blooms, revealing a flower, which then releases several projectiles towards King's opponents. Much to his surprise, however, the giant plant is then vertically cut into two; after the attack, Chastiefol, which has returned to its standard spear form, is revealed to be split into two.[5]


While King wonders as to who damaged Chastiefol, he finds Love Helm still in Vaizel despite him having been evacuated previously. The referee, commentating a little on the battle, proceeds to reveal that he had rescued Jericho and Guila. Love Helm then jumps, and undoing his disguise, reveals that his true identity is Helbram, much to King's great shock.[6] Helbram then instructs Guila and Jericho to recover their main target, and stays back to fight King.[7]


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