King vs. Helbram is a battle fought between King of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knight, Helbram in Vaizel.


During King's fight against Jericho and Guila, King, having defeated the two, prepares to leave, as the Holy Knights stand up and again relentlessly attack him. Evading their attacks, King then uses Form Four: Sunflower of Chastiefol to attack his opponents with a fatal attack. However, the plant is then vertically cut into two by Love Helm, who reveals that he has rescued Jericho and Guila, and that he is actually Helbram.[1]


Helbram greets King, addressing him with his real name, "Harlequin". Guila and Jericho immediately state their readiness to support Helbram, which he declines; he instead instructs them to recover the target. When Helbram questions King's nervous expression, the Fairy King, bewildered, questions Helbram as to how he is alive, which Helbram dodges. King expresses his confidence in his power, and has a regenerated Chastiefol attack Helbram. Helbram, though commenting on Chastiefol's regeneration, kicks King, while easily blocking Chastiefol. Stopping another of King's attempts to attack easily, Helbram comments on King's low physical abilities. King's frantic attempts to attack Helbram proving futile, King manages to remove Helbram's helm just as Helbram gravely wounds him. Immediately retreating, Helbram then addresses King as "old friend" in his subsequent statements.[2]


Helbram senses Meliodas heading towards them and subsequently tells King that it is not the time for them to be fighting. Meliodas, manipulating the black substance, forms a wing around his arm and interrupts the battle, knocking King away. Recognizing Helbram as an enemy, Meliodas begins attacking.[3]


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