Danaforダナフォール Danafōru」 was a kingdom, located within Britannia, that was once known to rival the Kingdom of Liones in terms of power, before being supposedly destroyed by Meliodas when he lost himself to his wrath.


Before its destruction, Danafor rivaled Liones in terms of military might and faced invasions from other countries of Britannia. Liz, a young knight from another country, led an attack on Danafor but was unsuccessful. She was sentenced to be executed, until Meliodas decided to rescue and recruit her much to his fellow Holy Knights' anger. Meliodas and Liz fell in love and the Holy Knights eventually warmed up to her. However, one day, Fraudrin appeared at the kingdom, nearly destroying it and killing many people, including Liz. When Meliodas saw the incident, he went berserk with the grief of his loved one's death, destroying all of Danafor with his demon powers, and nearly defeating Fraudrin.

Cain Barzad, who had recently returned from an unspecified mission, returns only to discover that his country was completely obliterated with ruins left behind, leaving him in great sorrow. Those who escaped the horrific tragedy wandered across the continent, while honoring the memories of their lost kingdom. Elizabeth Liones is mentioned by Veronica Liones to have hailed from Danafor and was adopted by King Bartra Liones into the royal family of Liones.


When Howzer argued about the Seven Deadly Sins being on the side of the bloodline of darkness, Dreyfus mentions Danafor and how Meliodas had supposedly destroyed the entire kingdom himself.

During the Vaizel Fight Festival, Cain accuses Meliodas for the destruction of their country after hearing years of rumors during their match. He angrily hurls fireballs at the Dragon's Sin of Wrath until the latter tells his old friend that the he failed to protect Danafor, but promises that he was not behind the country's destruction. The elderly Holy Knight subsequently decides to trust Meliodas' words.



  • Danafor's symbol happen to resemble the Phantom Lord's symbol from another manga/anime seiries, Fairy Tail and the symbol on a Irish god, Lugh.