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Edinburgh「エジンバラ, Ejinbara」 was a kingdom located within Britannia. It is located 186 miles east of Liones. The Kingdom served as a prime location for mining minerals to make glass, before its takeover by the Vampire Clan when their seal was broken[1], and ultimately its unintentional destruction by Escanor.

After retiring as a Holy Knight, Deathpierce has returned to rebuild Edinburgh, his former home, to its former glory and to make it a country for humans only, due to his master being killed by a demon and being brainwashed by a goddess.


Before its destruction and overthrow, Edinburgh was considered a powerful kingdom with Holy Knights serving and protecting its people. Twelve years ago, the seal on the Vampire Clan was broken and the entire human population was either massacred or turned into vampires including the kingdom's Holy Knights. As it had a good alliance with Liones, Zaratras orders the Seven Deadly Sins to retake the kingdom and eliminate the threat of the vampires.


Albion arc

Upon arrival at Edinburgh, Zeldris and the Ten Commandments discover to their surprise that a castle was built on top of Edinburgh Hill, and are even more surprised to see that it is in ruins. Sensing the residue of an immense power radiating nearby from a 30,000 feet deep hole, Zeldris concludes that the culprit could only be Meliodas.[2]

Epilogue arc

When Deathpierce quit being a Holy Knight and left the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, he intends to return to Edinburgh, his homeland, where he will dedicate his life on restoring it and make Edinburgh as a kingdom only for humans.



  • Edinburgh shares it's name with the capital of Scotland, the northern country of Great Britain.


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