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Lancelot「ランスロット」 is the son of Ban and Elaine. At the age of 10, he went missing with his attendant Jericho. Six years later during the events of Mokushiroku no Yonkishi, he reappeared as a mysterious talking fox named Sin「シン」 and accompanied Percival in his journey, and later returned to his human form. He is also a Holy Knight of Liones, and one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


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Full Appearance
10-year-old Lancelot
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Lancelot before cutting his hair
Disguised as Sin the Fox

Lancelot appears to inherit both traits from his parents, although he inherited his mother's facial features mostly causing most people to mistake him for a girl after first meeting him. He has short blonde hair, but later cut it much shorter to look more like a boy, while revealing the scar he got from Tristan in a fight.

As Sin, he appeared as a normal fox with a coat of pink fur covering most of his skin except for his underside and the tip of his tail. He wears a collar with a small, crystal pendant around his neck and his eyes often appear closed.


At first appearance, Lancelot appears to be cheerful and friendly around a con artist merchant, seeming naive and innocent, but later revealed a more ruthless side similar to his father after seeing that the merchant was tricking the fairies with junk to get their treasures.

As Sin, he was shown to be blunt and straightforward in his conversation with Percival and Donny, after saving them from Pellegarde. At first, he showed no interest in Percival as he didn't bother speaking with him until he had reason to believe that the boy was one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, as he claims he is part of a group who opposes King Arthur and the Holy Knights of Camelot who hunt down for the four in hopes of preventing the prophecy of the world's destruction at their hands.

His attitude shows he approaches matter in a business-like manner and casually dismisses Percival's retort that he won't destroy the world, claiming that despite what the boy intends, it is destined to happen and cannot be prevented.


Lancelot was born from Ban and Elaine becoming the prince of the Benwick Kingdom. He visited Liones on prince Tristan's tenth birthday, having a fight with him that left him with a head injury which awakened his ability to read hearts. There he met his father's former companions, including Gowther who showed him Ban's history with the Seven Deadly Sins. After learning how his father was respected as a knight, Lancelot developed a great admiration for him and a desire to be recognized by him.


Side Story 6

Lancelot approaches a human merchant who was trying to scam the forest fairies with false merchandise and tricks him by showing innocence and then beat him up when he tries to kidnap him.

When the other fairies ask him to play with them or go on an adventure, Lancelot prefers to patrol. Despite the fact that the fairies thank him for his work, Lancelot hears in the voice of their hearts that they think he is strange and that they do not understand humans. After making a spear with what he took from the merchandise, Lancelot is disposed of by what he heard destroying his surroundings, screaming as he despises the laziness of fairies. He then reproaches Ban for his lack of disposition as king and allowing the humans to fool the fairies. Despite accepting his father's apology, Lancelot leaves in shame after hearing when he is grateful for his help. There, Lancelot has a brief encounter with Jericho, who after worrying about the wound on his head, has thoughts about how cute Lancelot is, leading Lancelot to run off calling her a perverted guy.

After a night with his parents where Ban talks him about ale and Zhivago, Lancelot goes along them to check about the marcader that mysteriously vanished in the rain. Hearing Ban and Jericho talk about the rumors of humans disappearing all over Britannia, Lancelot asks him to let him help him, but Ban orders him to return home.

Upon awakening in the middle of the night, Lancelot decides to go out to investigate on his own, being found by Jericho. Lancelot asks if his father would praise him if he manages to solve the mystery alone, leading Jericho to decide to accompany him. When it starts to rain and a mysterious doorway is revealed in her, Lancelot hears a mysterious voice asking him to go with her. Despite Jericho's complaints, Lancelot insists on going so Jericho leaves through that entrance with him. This event caused both of them to disappear with their whereabouts unknown.

Some time after he went missing, Lancelot became affiliated with the kingdom of Liones and was entrusted by the king with the mission of finding the prophesied Four Knights of the Apocalypse. In order to not be discovered by the forces of Camelot, Lancelot disguised himself by transforming into a pink-white talking fox named Sin.

Percival arc

Six years after his disappearance and transformation, Sin meets Percival when he comes ashore from God's Finger.

When Percival and Donny were about to be killed by Pellegarde, Sin arrives with Percival's things and uses an Incantation Orb to teleport them to Dragon Back-Bone, a mountain 30 miles from the town they were in. Sin then lets them know that he saved them, leaving Donny shocked to see a talking fox. Sin then reveals that Percival is one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, four Holy Knights prophesied to destroy the world, and that he was sent to find them. Percival denies being such a thing and that he only seeks to find his father, to which Sin tells him that he is in Camelot. Donny explains that Camelot is a kingdom that was destroyed during the war against demons 16 years ago, but Sin states that Camelot still exists but that to get there they must first go to Liones. Donny doesn't believe him, but Percival decides to go with Sin and convinces Donny to join them.

Echo Gorge arc

On the way to Liones, the trio decide to stop for a meal, which Percival suggests a competition to see who catches the biggest prey. Donny fails to capture any prey with the bow, earning Sin's taunts. In that, a scream after a lost arrow leads them to meet a young giant woman that surprises Sin for being a giant who worships Goddesses but not nature. When some fairies appear talking about a boy who got into the Echo Gorge, Donny tells them that it must be Percival. Fairies explain that Echo Gorge used to be beautiful but now it is hell.

After meeting with Percival and defeating the Holy Knight Talisker, Sin explains that he used a Chaos Staff that the king of Camelot gives to his knights. Sin reveals that he captured a prey that gives him the victory in their competition. After Nasiens joins the group, Sin says they need transportation to get to Liones, so Nasiens suggests going to Sistana to get it,

Sistana arc

When the group stops to eat, they discussing the events that Percival, Donny and Sin went through before meeting Nasiens. Donny berates Sin for not having used his only Incantation Orb to take them to Liones.

Upon reaching Sistana, a mini golem leads them to find a piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness buried., surprising Sin for having searching properties.

At night, the four of them stay at an inn. Sin tries to explain what the Coffin of Eternal Darkness is, but is unable to finish because of Donny's interruption. They then spy on Ironside's speech to the townspeople, revealing that he owns the other pieces of the Coffin. Sin reveals to them that Ironside plans to kill everyone in town to activate the Coffin's magic. Sin suggests that they escape with the missing piece, but Percival sets out to save Anghalhad when she interrupts the speech. Nasiens, Sin, and Donny run to the inn, but discover the maiden stealing the piece, actually being Ironside's familiar in disguise.

After the battle with Ironside, Sin arrives stating that his allies got rid of the monsters that Ironside had summoned throughout the town. When Donny and Nasiens ask him about it, Sin says they are his "forest friends", something only Percival believes to be true.

Cant arc

When the group is forced to stop for Sylvan to rest, Sin warns him that they will eat him that night if he keeps delaying them. Sin then shows a map of Britannia to see the next destination that he suggest to be Cant in order to get supplies to cross Dalflare Range. Anghalhad rejects that idea and demands to get to Liones as fast possible, but Sin says that they will die for sure if if they get into the mountain without preparation.

Arriving at Cant, Sin scolds everyone for being distracted and that they should first find a place to stay. Seeing that Anghalhad wasted all the money they had, Sin angrily yells at her. After she and Percival leave to retrieve the money, Sin goes "for a walk". Sin talks with Sylvan in tha stables about his mission of find the Four Knights and about his "true identity". Fleeing the chaos caused by the dragon, Sin tells Sylvan to go underground following Percival's magic.

Upon meeting Howzer, Anghalhad and Nasiens in the jails, Sin insults Howzer for how he treats Donny revealing that he did not steal the Dragon Handle but rather protected it from the enemy and has been helping him in his mission to protect Percival who is one of the prophesied Four Knights.

After Howzer takes care of the dragon, Sin goes with the others to rejoin the rest on the baby dragon's back.

Dalflare Range arc

When the group camps in the mountains, Sin is asked why the place is called the "Dark Range". Sin tells them that there are rumors about strange visions being had there, as well as human-eating ogres and dimensional caves from which there is no escape. That night, Sin dreams of a mysterious woman who knows his real name.

The next day they find a strange town where Sin feels a magical presence. However, he is forced to follow Percival and Donny when they enter the town. Sin suddenly appears, asking the Elder who he really is, if he is after Percival and the Dragon Handle, having also noticed the bird that he has been using to spy on them from Cant. Upon hearing Sin's name, the Elder decides go talk to him in private while the others make food for Donny and Percival. The Elder congratulates Sin on seeing who he really is, offering him space to rest after his journey.

Upon waking up from a nap, Sin instructs Percival in how to enchant his weapon with his magic to defeat Cernunnos.

When Gowther was in trouble after someone throws a spear to eliminate Percival, Sin eliminates the spybird with an arrow, Gowther thanks him, to which Sin says that he did not do it because he was his friend but that he owes him one that time for dispelling Ardbeg's magic that prevent him for entering the cave.

Leaving the town, Sin argues with Donny about staying with Gowther and insists that they hurry so their pursuers don't catch up. Upon breaking Ardbeg's Chaos Staff, Sin gets into a discussion with Anghalhad about his recent actions and whether he is really on their side, although they all agree that Sin always helped them in the end. This ultimately leads Anghalhad to gain motivation, to which SIn says that anger is a greater source of strength for humans than depression. Percival expresses how much he likes Sin, although he claims that he is not part of the group, Percival says that he likes having him around.

Upon reachin the Entangled Forest, Sin and then Anghalhad suggest to lure their pursuers there but the girl lacks of any idea of how to do it.

Entangled Forest arc

Sin formulates a plan to fool the Dark Talismans by using Percival's mini golems to separate them while they hide their presence using a circle of runes. When asked who taught him about the circle, Sin says the Fairy King. Sin states that they have no chance of defeating the Dark Talismans in a pitched battle, but if they split them up and go against one at a time, they will have a chance. Sin warns them to use all their power and knowledge and take advantage of the fact that the enemy will surely underestimate them.

During the battle against Elgin, Sin tells Percival and Nasiens to infuse their weapons with magic to prevent being affected by his Wither power. Sin also supports Anghalhad and Donny in their fight against Burgie and Doronach, instructing Anghalhad to separate Burgie from her magic staff to render her powerless, taking advantage of Doronach's power to achieve it, and explaining to Donny that his magic is actually Telekinesis, which allows him to move things freely instead of just making them float.

When Fiddich shows up and heals his teammates with an Incantation Orb, Sin and Percival manage to raise everyone's morale to continue fighting. However, the Dark Talismans decide to eliminate Sin first, locking the four with him in a Perfect Cube so that the others do not interfere. After suggesting who Sin really is, a familiar of the King of Liones, Fiddich offers a quick death in exchange for him telling them what they want. Sin suggests that they let his friends go in exchange for it, but Fiddich rejects the offer. Sin tells Percival that he can no longer accompany him before being attacked by the Dark Talismans. Sin evades the attacks and kills Elgin and Burgie by shooting arrows at their pressure points, stating that being willing to kill they should be prepared to die. After Doronach release his Impact magic, Sin returns to his true form and easily kills Doronach with a single punch. After Fiddich splits Doronach’s body in half, Sin (in his human form) expresses his disgust, saying that the knight had no mercy for his allies. When Fiddich demands to know who he is, “Sin” introduces himself as Lancelot.

Fiddich does not understand how he never heard his name if such a strong Holy Knight should be well known, to which Lancelot says that none of his opponents have survived to spread rumors about him. Fiddich thinks of the best way to defeat Lancelot by analyzing what he knows about him, not knowing that Lancelot actually reads his thoughts, who asks if he already finished his plan to eliminate him. Fiddich uses his power Haste to become much faster, but Lancelot manages to dodge each and every one of his attacks. Lancelot says it is a good warm-up after spending so much time as a fox. Fiddich tries to trick him with a feint and a kick, but Lancelot preempts him by kicking him in the leg. Trying to get some distance, Lancelot sweeps him away and sends him flying with a kick.

Lancelot asks if any of his companions are knights with a star-shaped visor. Fiddich says he does not know what he is talking about, but Lancelot finds out that he does know him but they are not close. Lancelot then asks if he knows where Dubs the giant craftsman is, confirming that he does not before Fiddich even answers, leading Fiddich to realize that Lancelot can read his mind. Fiddich decides to flee by undoing the Perfect Cube with an Absolute Cancel stored in another Incantation Orb, promising to let everyone in Camelot know about Lancelot. However, Lancelot uses Donny's knife to unleash Shining Road which completely destroys Fiddich. Lancelot reaffirms that no one who meets him in battle gets out alive.

Percival hugs Lancelot crying at how happy he is that he did not die. Lancelot reads his thoughts about how he could not help him as well as his grandfather. Lancelot reminds him that he is Lancelot, not Sin, and returns Donny's broken knife, promising to replace it in Liones. Anghalhad demands to know who he really is and why he disguised himself as a fox. Lancelot uses some arrows to make three graves for the deceased Elgin, Doronach and Burgie, explaining as he buries them that he is a servant of the King of Liones, sent in order to find the potential Four Knights of Apocalypse and bring them and their companions to the kingdom guiding and protecting them without interfering too much in order to see if the prophesied knights had the will to overcome the obstacles that came their way. Thus, he disguised himself as a fox so that the Holy Knights of Camelot would not discover him. Percival helps him bury the bodies and asks about the knight and giant he asked about earlier, to which Lancelot says it's an unrelated personal matter.

Lancelot leaves some seeds in the graves saying that the deceased could continue to exist as life in that forest. Nasiens asks, seeing that he has the ability to transform and read minds, if he is part of the Fairy Clan. Percival gets excited at the idea of him reading minds and to prove it, repeatedly thinks of the word "poop", to which Lancelot refuses to say, though Percival was in fact going to ask him how many times he had thought of that word.

When Pellegarde suddenly arrives, everyone is alarmed by his presence, but Lancelot says they do not have time to play with him. Pellegarde asks who he is, to which Lancelot says they are leaving, using an Incantation Orb to teleport away leaving Pellegarde with the words in the mouth. The group suddenly appears in the Kingdom of Liones, and Lancelot says that the king is waiting for them.

After arriving, Lancelot guides Percival and his friends to the castle, requesting to see the king from the guards. The guards then reveal that Meliodas is not available, much to Lancelot’s disappointment. He then suggests that they kill some time around the country, only to realize that Percival separated from the group.

Later, after Percival has been found by both his friends and the Tristan Platoon, Lancelot is revealed by Tristan to be a fellow member of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, along with himself and Percival.


Even as a kid, Lancelot has shown above-average combat skill and physical abilities, having quicker reflexes than an adult man before he could capture him and kick him with enough force to send flying away. He is strong enough to hurl a makeshift spear at a boulder, almost completely shattering it.

As a teenager, he shows great archery skills, having enough precision to hit the opponent's pressure points with deadly effects. His physical attributes and combat technique are enhanced as he manages to kill a strong and resilient man like Doronach with a single one-inch punch.

Lancelot has great speed and perception, being able to easily keep up with Fiddich who was using his magic power Haste that increases his speed and can even block a kick from him before it starts.


  • Heart Reading: Inherited from his mother, Lancelot also has the ability to read people's minds, thoughts, and memories, a common ability among fairies.
  • Transformation: An ability coming from his fairy heritage that allows Lancelot to change his physical appearance. He usually use it to shape-shift into a small pink fox.
  • Shining Road「シャイニング・ロード, Shainingu Rōdo」: By pointing a weapon at an enemy, Lancelot fires a beam of light that chases the target at high speed pulverizing them.[5]



Lancelot has a close and loving relationship with his father. Despite being frustrated with his occasional lack of disposition as king, Lancelot has great admiration for him and constantly tries to act like a responsible adult so that he will recognize and praise him.


Lancelot is shown to have a good relationship with his mother, being able to talk to her about things that he does not tell his father.


Lancelot and Jericho have a teacher-disciple relationship. Jericho seems to harbor a certain attraction for him, leading Lancelot to see her as a pervert.


  • Lancelot is named after his namesake Sir Lancelot, who is one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian mythology where he typically figures as King Arthur's greatest companion and one of his greatest knights, and his parents were King Ban of Benoic and Queen Elaine.
  • Lancelot is right-handed.[6]
  • Unlike his parents, Lancelot shows a high tolerance to alcohol despite being a child.



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