Lilia「リリア」 is a mysterious young mage and a former apprentice of Merlin. She is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is the founder and leader of the Seven Disasters.

Appearance Edit

Lillia is a young woman with light skin, dark purple eyes and short black hair.

After  absorbing part of the Sins and Rimuru's powers, Lilia's eyes become a lighter tone and her hair becomes longer and light blond.

Personality Edit

Lilia is very arrogant and prideful and is not beyond committing deplorable crimes such as mass murder to get her way, and often looks down on her opponents and sees them as weaker than her.

Her pride and arrogance leads her to desire the destruction of the entire world, for no other reason than to prove that she can. When Rimuru asks her what is her grudge against her world, she tells him that holds no grudges and just wants to prove herself as the most powerful. However, this arrogance also proves to be her downfall, as she underestimates her opponents and disregards their power.

After being defeated by the Sins and Rimuru, Lilia leaves part of her arrogance aside, seeing that she's unable to win a battle against her former master and her friends without help.

History Edit

Lilia was once an apprentice of Merlin, and learned the basis of magic under her master. However, after an incident where she angered the Boar Sin, the girl left to learn magic herself, and desired to one day surpass Merlin as a magician.

Years later, Lilia, believing her magic to be more powerful than that of her former master's, decided to prove it by summoning a demonic entity known as "The Ruler of the Storms" to destroy Britannia. Fueling her summoning magic by sacrificing dozens of humans she deemed unworthy of living, Lilia casts the spell to summon the demon. However, she ends accidentally summoning Rimuru Tempest and his friends, Milim Nava and Benimaru. Initially confusing the slime with the Ruler, she attempts to convince him to fulfill her wish, but, shortly after, she realizes her mistake and tries to kill him. However, being unmatched to Rimuru's powers, she decides to escape.

Later, after the Sins and Rimuru's allignance, Lilia begins experimenting on the creatures that came across Britannia due to the space-time disruption caused by the summoning, including Lizardmen and Orcs from a different time period of the Jura Forest, stripping them of their sentience and transforming them into brainwashed minions. She then casts a forbidden spell that causes any damage they take to be converted into energy and transferred for her.

After the group manage to find her hideout, she reveals the curse placed on the creatures and resurrects the Orc Disaster to absorb more of the group's powers. Having absorbed enough energy, Lilia transforms into a much more powerful demonic form and attempts to kill the Sins and Rimuru. However, she is defeated and, before being able to escape, releases a destructive tornado on a last attempt to kill her her enemies.

Later, weakened and converted back to her human form, she decides to look after allies that share her ideas and mindset. Then, after some failed attempts, she is able to summon a mysterious woman named Valenty, her first ever friend and new ally to her goal's achievement. The Sins track Lilia down, but she and Valenty escape after Valenty awakes a mysterious power. Shortly after, Lilia decides to create her own group to confront the Sins and bring the calamity to the world, entitled as The Seven Disasters.

Some point after Valenty's departure, Lilia reunites with her after sensing the enormous amount of magic power used by her teammate and after using the crystals collected by her friend in Balleno, she is able to summon the brand new member of the Disasters, Eastin Anamabyllis.

Some time later, she's surprised by a sudden attack of Merlin, being captured by her in the process. Before being taken away, she asked Valenty to search Eastin for help.

Later, she is able to escape from her space-time prison and, with Eastin's help, is able to defeat both Gowther and Ban which where waiting to ambush her friends, being able to escape once more and reunite with Valenty and her new companions, Eastin and Mono, officially join them.

Times later, she was able to summon new members for her team, the Dungeon Conqueror, Shin, and the Lunatic Destroyer, Roxy. However, for unknown reasons, she started to lose control of hers powers after the new members' summoning.


Seven Deadly SinsEdit


Lilia is Merlin's former apprentice, much like Vivian, she despites Merlin mostly due to her own arrogance hadn't allowed her to absorb Merlin's advises during her magic lessons, making her desire to surpass her to grown even more. Lilia also stated that her current feelings towards Merlin are a mix of admiration and envyness.

Seven DisastersEdit


Valenty is Lilia's first friend and ally, making them are very close.

Eastin AnamabyllisEdit

Despite Eastin's doubts about Lilia's capacity to be her leader, Lilia seems to hold no grudges against her, visible when she didn't care to join forces with her in the battle against Ban and Gowther or when she simply ignore Eastin's insults when she lost control of her powers.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Little is know about Lilia's powers, however, as Merlin's former apprentice, she's a very powerful magician, being able to kill groups of several Holy Knights with ease. According to Merlin, she is talented in summoning and evacuation magic, being able to summon creatures from another worlds and teleport herself and other people to long distances. Also, like her former master, she posses a magical orb used by her to channel most of her spells. Also, as a Druid, she posses some level of healing magic, visible on her spell Eroica (エロイカ).

After awakening the power she absorbed from the Sins and Rimuru, she materializes her power in a black dragon that shoots powerful energy blasts against her opponents. Due to this transformation, her powers raises drastically to the point to resist the combined efforts of the pre-Commandments saga Seven Deadly Sins, Rimuru Tempest, Milim Nava and Benimaru. In this form, she is also able to create tornadoes of massive destruction, strong enough to destroy a whole mountain. 


  • La Sylphide「ラ・シルフィード Ra Shirufīdo」: A spell that allows the user to materialize a bow made of magical energy and attack their enemies with light arrows.
  • Requiem「レクイエム Rekuiemu」: A spell that surrounds the target in a ominous magical circle that decreases its stamina.
  • Star Link天空咆哮スターリンク Sutārinku; literally meaning "Sky Roar"」: A summoning spell used by Lilia to summon a massive meteorite to smash her opponents.
  • Pathetique「パセティック Pasetikkuo」: An offensive spell that shoots several energy beams down towards multiple targets.
  • Eroica「エロイカ」: Using the power of the Druids, the user channels their magic to heal injuries.


  • Lilia might be based on the second disaster of the Benevolent King Sutra's definitions, extraordinary changes of the stars and planets, due to her power to summon beings from another worlds and consequently causing distortions at the space-time fabric.
  • Most of her spells are named after Bethoveen's symphonies or other musical-related parisian elements. 
  • Lilia is the first female character to be leader of a group.
  • According to Grand Cross data, she's a fan of sake and desserts.


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