Link同調リンク Rinku」 is a power possessed by the Cardinal-ranked Holy Knight, Helbram.


Link allows Helbram to take on the powers of others who ally themselves with him. As long as everyone still remains allied with him, he can add on multiple powers to his own.[1] The power is similar to Snatch, but it does not rob the people of their abilities. Furthermore, any individual lending their power to Helbram is able to converse with Helbram. The power requires the usage of a strange-looking orb. When the Link is severed, those who ally themselves to the user will equally receive damage.


  • Blind Follow付和雷同ブラインド・フォロー Buraindo Forō」: In contrast with the nature of his power, Helbram can use this technique to force all those linked with him to follow his commands.

Borrowed TechniquesEdit

  • Hunter Wisp狩玉ハンターウィスプ 'Hantā Uisupu'; literally meaning "Hunt Sphere"」: Borrowing from an unknown Holy Knight's unnamed power, Helbram summons three small light orbs and fires them at the target. These orbs relentlessly hunt the target down and explode on impact.[2]
  • Hail Bullet雹弾ヘイルバレット 'Heiru Baretto'」: A technique borrowed from Gustaf's power Ice Fang. Helbram generates multiple sharp icicles and fires them rapidly at the enemy.[3]
  • Call of Inferno地獄の呼び声コール・オブ・インフェルノ 'Kōru Obu Inferuno'」: A technique acquired from the unknown Holy Knight's power, Death. A black fog is generated and permeates outwards from the user. It gradually kills any who inhale it, causing them to cough up blood.[4]
  • Killer Iceberg殺しの氷山キラー・アイスバーグ 'Kirā Aisubāgu'」: A second technique borrowed from Gustaf's power Ice Fang. An incredibly large icicle is created and fired at the enemy.[5]


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