Maelマエル」 is one of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. During the Holy War 3,000 years ago, a certain person reforged Mael and everyone else's memories, giving the Archangel a new identity as a member of the Ten Commandments and the second son of the Demon King, under the name of Estarossaエスタロッサ Esutarossa」.


Estarossa resting
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Estarossa as a member of the former Ten Commandments
Estarossa "as a child"
Estarossa First Transformation
Estarossa's first transformation
Estarossa Second Transformation
Estarossa's second transformation

Estarossa is a very tall and muscular man and wears a yellow (blue in the anime) longcoat with gold (silver in the anime) gauntlets and boots. He bears a great resemblance to the wanted poster of Meliodas. He has silver hair and noticeable facial stubble. He also has the same demonic mark as Meliodas and Zeldris but unlike Meliodas, it is above his left eye similar to Zeldris.

After absorbing the Commandment of Truth, Estarossa's appearance remains mostly unchanged except that his forearms and legs are covered in darkness, and he gains a spiked circle made of darkness on his back. Once he absorbs the Commandment of Reticence, he transforms for a second time with his entire body covered in darkness similar to that of Meliodas' Assault Mode.

Young Mael
Young Mael
Mael's Transformation
Mael transformation

Mael has long, curly hair. He possesses two sets of angel wings with the first set being larger than the second. He is seen to have a very muscular build. He wears a robe with several buttons along, striped pants and sandals. 3,000 years ago, he wore an armor with the symbol of the Goddess Clan on his chest.

After absorbing the commandment of Purity, Mael undergoes a transformation. He happens to have six large wings on his back, being white three on the left and black on the right. He goes on to wear a long full-body dress with pictures of sparks of light in the background and black lines at the beginning of the sleeves. He also wears a helmet with horns on his head with a long blanket with the symbols of the four Commandments that he absorbed covering his face.


"It's impossible to read what he's truly thinking or feeling, just like Meliodas...But what worries me the most is that inexplicable feeling of unease and discomfort that radiates from him...Like something's out of place...I can't figure what the source of it is... But regardless, he is a strange man."
— Cusack's point of view about Estarossa

Estarossa seems to have a normally relaxed demeanor. When Meliodas appears and threatens the Ten Commandments, he doesn't seem overly bothered by the situation. Beneath this aloof exterior, however, he has a very sadistic and cold side. He cites Meliodas' former ruthlessness as one of the traits he used to admire most about him, and clearly takes pleasures in torturing his estranged brother as punishment for the betrayal of his own kind. He did, however, begin crying when killing Meliodas, implying that he does still feel love for his older brother.

Estarossa seems to enjoy fighting for himself. For instance, he claimed that he wanted to fight with his brothers for the Demon King's throne, even though he confesses to not being interested in it. Consequently, it makes his motivations rather unclear as he does not put himself forward for the Demon King's throne and rather prefers "gaining" Elizabeth instead. He seems to show some respect against strong opponents such as Escanor to whom he asked his name because he deemed it worth to keep in mind.

Zeldris implied that Estarossa may hunger for more power, as he warned him to not try stealing the Commandments they had to recover for himself. Furthermore, Estarossa himself had no qualms in proposing killing his fellow Commandments to acquire their special abilities more quickly, showing that he does not care at all for them apart from possibly Zeldris. This was proven further when he ruthlessly killed the petrified Galand just because it would take time to have Zeldris release him from his petrification. His hunger for power was later proven to be true by the fact that he would rather have all the Commandments for himself, rather than to give them to Zeldris or Meliodas.

Eventually, it's revealed that Estarossa seems to be a rather mentally unstable man. Monspeet mentioned that his mind and soul has been slowly eaten away at by his commandment, leaving him in an unstable mindset. His thirst for power is what drives him now.

While ruthless to demons, considering them as garbage and feeling no remorse for how many he killed, Mael seems to have been a good individual to those not associated with the Demon Clan, expressing deep remorse for killing so many innocents and his kin upon remembering what happened. He had enough willpower to turn himself from being a coward unable to harm an insect to the mightiest of the Four Archangels. He also was very proud of how highly Ludociel thought of him. He does not seem to be sadistic towards demons despite his hatred for them, as he prefers to use a technique that gives them painless death instead of beating them first.

After regaining his memories, while under the influence of the Commandments, Mael became vengeful towards Gowther for what he did to him. He has became sadistic towards those who ally with Gowther, relishing in the pain Gowther felt when King was in severe pain from his attack. However, he seems to still consider his fellow Archangels as allies, greeting them cordially, clearly being surprised as of how they are against him, and while he fights them and King, he never strikes them with one of his attacks, only ever being shown to inflict grievous harm on King. This changes after he absorbs the Purity Commandment, where he has no qualms attacking anyone, even Elizabeth.

After Gowther invaded Mael's mind and made him know the reasons behind why the Archangel was chosen by the demon Gowther to be turned into "Estarossa", Mael showed great remorse for his past actions, letting him to be able to expel the Commandments from within him.

Free from the influence of the Commandments, Mael didn't hesitate in saving Gowther.


3000 years ago

Mael was one of the Goddess Clan's Four Archangels and Ludociel's younger brother. In his youth, Mael was rejected by his clan because he was a coward incapable of harming even an insect. During this time, Mael greatly admired his older brother, aspiring to be like him.

It was also during this time that he met the goddess Elizabeth and fell in love with her because of her being the only person besides his brother who never made fun of him. However, Elizabeth, who only had eyes for Meliodas, did not reciprocate his feelings. Despite this, Mael always kept observing her from a distance and told Ludociel about his feelings for Elizabeth. His older brother then promised to arrange things for the two of them. However, Mael ultimately ended up devastated when Elizabeth eventually fell in love with Meliodas.

At one point, Mael confronted the leader of the Six Knights of Black, Bellion when he raided a Sky Temple and showed his far superior strength by effortlessly almost burning him to death until Meliodas interfered. The result of their fight it is unknown.

Mael is first mentioned when Ludociel asks Nerobasta to call for him during the attack on Stigma headquarters.

According to Ludociel, Mael was at some point killed by Estarossa of the Ten Commandments. This, however, was revealed to be a false memory forged by the demon Gowther[1]. Searching to put an end to the Holy War, Gowther uses a forbidden spell and reforged Mael's and everyone else's memories of the Archangel, him a new identity as the second son of the Demon King, under the name of "Estarossa".

Now a part of the Demon Clan, Mael received the Commandment of Love that Meliodas abandoned, becoming a member of the Ten Commandments. The supposed death of Mael was so devastating for the Goddess Clan, that it forced them to carry out the seal of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Estarossa was sealed away by the Goddess Clan along with the rest of the Demon Clan, ending the Holy War.


Albion arc

Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream

Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream

After Hendrickson broke the seal, Estarossa and the rest of the Ten Commandments appeared before the terrified ex-Great Holy Knight and Fraudrin in Dreyfus' body who greeted them and informed them of the current events in Britannia. After Zeldris suggests recuperation at Edinburgh Hill to recover their severely drained magical powers, Estarossa took flight and left Zhuhur Valley, following his comrades while leaving behind a terrified Hendrickson. Arriving at Edinburgh Hill, Estarossa and the rest of the commandments find a deformed castle. Estarossa decides to relax on the ruined castle. He appears before Elizabeth Liones, in her dream, where she mistook him for Meliodas in the latter's wanted poster. Curiously he is wearing the same armor Meliodas wore 10 years ago.

Istar arc

After getting bored of waiting, Estarossa and the others decided on eating human soul to slowly return their magic back by sending a Red Demon and a Gray Demon until the demons were stopped by three Holy Knights and Hendrickson. Estarossa was confronted by Meliodas when the latter arrived to give them a warning. He then proceeded to watch Galand fight Meliodas, where the former was beaten in under 10 seconds.

After Meliodas' warning, Zeldris suggests that the Ten Commandments split up and move across the land to regain their magic faster while calming Galand down after his loss against Meliodas. However, Zeldris remained behind and Estarossa refused to move as he wanted to relax after being sealed for so long. Zeldris decided to look around, leaving his brother alone to relax. A bird lands on Estarossa arm and begins chirping until it suddenly grows into a mutated beast and subsequently explodes.

Great Fight Festival arc

Meliodas vs Estarossa

Estarossa stops Meliodas' attack.

He, along with the other Commandments, arrive to aid Drole and Gloxinia, who are facing off against Meliodas.[2] For most of the battle, he stays on the sidelines, merely observing with a smile but, when Meliodas attempts to finish them all off in one go with his move, Revenge Counter, Estarossa finally steps in, and effortlessly halts the attack by placing his hand on Meliodas' blade. He tells the barely conscious Meliodas he truly didn't want it to come to this, and asks if he understands as he begins to crush his chest underneath his boot. He explains it's because he loves Meliodas.[3] As he listens to Meliodas screaming, he begins to reminisce and when Meliodas' comrades are mentioned, he becomes angrier, beginning to choke Meliodas as he sarcastically asks when he plans on betraying them. He laments over how great Meliodas used to be before his unexpected betrayal, before deciding to let Melascula finish him off.[4]

However, before Melascula can eat Meliodas' soul, she is summarily killed by Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins. Estarossa believes that Melascula deserved to die for daring to try to eat his brother's soul, and even thanks the human before admitting that he was about to kill her anyway. He then proceeds to destroy each of Meliodas' seven hearts, as Ban tries to stop him in vain. He cries as he kills Meliodas, and obliterates Ban for being too noisy. When the deed is done, Estarossa declares Britannia at the Demon Clan's mercy, and the Ten Commandments set out again, to solidify their conquest.[5]

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

After one month of uncontested reign, Estarossa, Grayroad, Fraudrin and Zeldris are confronted by several Holy Knights and Ban, while trying to conquer Liones Castle. Revealing the effect of his Commandment and rendering all his opponents powerless, he is surprised when Escanor suddenly appears unaffected. Escanor states it because the only thing he feels towards those weaker than him is pity, and Estarossa comments on the arrogance of that remark, as they stare each other down.

Escanor confronts Estarossa

Estarossa confronted by Escanor.

When Estarossa realizes that Escanor must have been the one to defeat Galand Escanor tells him not to hate him, as it would ruin the fight if he was powerless. As they share a good-natured laugh over Escanor's concern, Estarossa suddenly uppercuts him and then punches him into the ground, then kicks him back to the surface. He moves in for another attack put sees the visage of the Sun and suddenly blocks one of Escanor's attacks. Though at first, he seems fine, he momentarily becomes dizzy and falls to his knees. Estarossa, becomes excited at the prospect of a real fight, but Escanor calls his statement presumptuous and brings Rhitta down for an attack, only for it to rebound back to him. Estarossa explains his power, Full Counter, and the two exchange names, in preparation to kill one another. Escanor then decides to fight seriously as well and materializes a miniature sun.

Estarossa using Black Out on Escanor Sun

Estarossa nullifying Escanor's Cruel Sun

After confirming the location of a nearby lake with Ban, Escanor bunts Estarossa away, crashes him into the lake, and vaporizes it in an instant. Estarossa survives, thanks to his darkness, and quickly heals his wounds. When they both decide to end things quickly, Estarossa wraps Escanor's Cruel Sun in the darkness of his Blackout technique and charges, they clash, and again Escanor's attack is rebounded at him. Estarossa states that his magic is superior because he can block out Escanor's sun, and Full Counter makes all physical attacks useless, assumes that he has won.

But then suddenly Escanor slashes his chest with an attack he could not see, and his sun dispels the darkness. Estarossa doesn't understand why Escanor's power is increasing, and Escanor tells him the only one who makes decision about his power, is him. He then commands Estarossa to die and unleashes a furious attack. Zeldris attempts to aid his brother, but both of them are sent flying off into the distance.

Prelude to the New Holy War arc

Estarossa awakening from the coma

Estarossa awakes from his coma

When Zeldris was trying to contact the other Commandments, it is revealed that Estarossa survived the battle with Escanor, although having fallen into a coma for four days. Weakened, he manages to wake up, when he overhears Zeldris' and Cusack's conversation about the Demon King's decisions about Meliodas. He asks if Meliodas is still alive but is quickly interrupted by his brother who advises him to fully recover.

After this, Estarossa would wake up due to a dream in which Elizabeth would appear asking him if he had returned to fight with his older brother after this. Estarossa would react very surprised, which would awaken him from his dream to end his recovery. After this, there is a woman named Peronia, who tells him that she has been taking care of him since he was in a coma. After this, he would dress to rejoin Meliodas and Zeldris, something that had not occurred in several years, but that would notice the presence of Elizabeth, this surprises him despite the fact that both claim not to know each other. The brothers' debate who would be the new Demon King, something that does not interest at all to Estarossa. However, Estarossa says that he wants Elizabeth in exchange for not fighting for the throne, but Meliodas says that he will be the Demon King and that he will not surrender Elizabeth to Estarossa, for which Estarossa and Zeldris launch against Meliodas, but this without much effort throws them brutally against the ground with their dark matter, putting a great pressure on them and sinking them against the ground. Such power showed that neither Zeldris with the power of his father could move a millimeter, however, Estarossa could put up resistance, but then Meliodas would increase more pressure to nail the latter to the ground and keep them for a while. After a short lapse of time, Meliodas would let them get up.

Zeldris and Estarossa ready to attack Meliodas

Estarossa and Zeldris ready to attack Meliodas

Estarossa, astonished at such power, apologizes to Meliodas for having called him a fool but nevertheless, mentally affirmed that he was not yet defeated. This takes advantage of the strong explosion of debris caused by the attack of Zeldris on Meliodas to appear behind Elizabeth to apparently take it, but Meliodas launches an attack with his dark matter towards his brother, which he manages to dodge, and taking several steps back.

After convincing Zeldris to help him in his eagerness to break Elizabeth's curse, Meliodas says that he can not match the power of the Demon King training or taking the Zeldris's borrowed power, and that the only way to do so is by absorbing the ten commandments of the Demon King inside his body, since the ten commandments are fragments of half the power of the Demon King. When Zeldris reveals to possess the commandments of Gowther, Drole and Gloxinia, Estarossa is very interested, after which Zeldris withdraws the commandments. Estarossa urges his younger brother to teach him how the commandments are removed from his wielder, to which Zeldris uses the spell to remove commandments in Estarossa. He is alarmed at that, but the spell does not work, which leads Zeldris to explain that commandments can only be withdrawn if the bearer gives his consent or if he finds himself powerless or unable to fight back. When Zeldris mentions that they will not be able to remove the remaining commandments as they did with Gowther, Drole and Gloxinia, which were special cases, Estarossa asks what would happen if they killed their comrades, revealing Zeldris that in such a case the commandments could be removed without problems from the corpses.

Estarossa destroys Galand

Estarossa kills Galand

Finally, Meliodas orders them to collect the remaining commandments. Before leaving in opposite directions, Zeldris warns Estarossa not to try to keep the commandments for himself.

Estarossa left in search of Galand. so he spends all night in search of him. Once he finds his petrified body, they manage to engage in a conversation with their minds. Galand asks Estarossa to tell Zeldris to release him from his state, however, Estarossa refuses and says that would be a nuisance, proceeding to destroy the body of his partner, ultimately killing him and continuing to take his commandment.

Current arc

On his way to find the Commandments, Estarossa discovers that Derieri and Monspeet were hiding in a human village. There, Estarossa uses Hellblaze to burn to death the girl who housed them and enters and teases them about playing house. Derieri, enraged, attacks him, but Estarossa quickly deals with her using his Full Counter. Estarossa then takes out the soul of the girl's corpse to eat it, but Monspeet prevent it, switching it for an apple by using his innate magic.

Estarossa then attacks Monspeet with a series of punches, managing to put him into a head lock. Estarossa states that he has come to collect their commandments, even if he has to kill them for that. Derieri and Monspeet affirms that they pretend give their commandments to Zeldris. However, Estarossa reveals that he want to take all commandments for himself.

Monspeet sacrificing himself

Estarossa takes out Monspeet's last heart

Monspeet remarks that he is twisted and that he knows something that every Commandment know except for him. Suddenly they swap places, with Monspeet now choking Estarossa, much to the surprise of the latter. Monspeet reveals that he was waiting for Estarossa to have him completely immobilized, to use a technique called Conjurer Joke.

Monspeet continues with his story, revealing that Estarossa was born without the power of darkness, and that the Demon King gave him a commandment out of pity. Monspeet tells Estarossa that if he takes any more commandments other than his own he will die, due to the fact that having one commandment was already eating away his soul and mind. Estarossa angrily tries to get free using Hellblaze with no effect on Monspeet and is eventually driven unconscious by him.

Thinking that they had won, Derieri walks up to Estarossa and Monspeet, asking what they should do with him. Monspeet warns for Derieri to step away, but too late. Estarossa grabs her by the neck intending to pierce Derieri, but Monspeet uses Conjurer Joke one last time, switching himself with Derieri, and having his last heart ripped out instead. After Estarossa crush his heart, Monspeet uses his strength to send Derieri flying and ignites the house on fire that engulfs him and Estarossa.

Estarossa taunting Elizabeth and Derieri

Estarossa taunts Elizabeth and Derieri

He is revealed to be alive as he flies right after Derieri to take her Commandment, encountering the new Stigma alliance after their first fight against the demon army. He excitedly notices Elizabeth and decides to kill everyone besides her using Black Hound, a dog-like figure created out of Hellblaze flames, and to create as well a circular barrier around Elizabeth and Derieri. He says it is his lucky day to find Elizabeth away from Meliodas and tells Derieri that he will send her to the same place as Monspeet once he takes her Commandment.

Elizabeth cuts him off by using Ark and crashing him into a mountain. He says how Elizabeth's rejection makes him want her all the more. Sariel and Tarmiel followed him, and commend him for taking Elizabeth's Ark unscathed. Estarossa shows false politeness as he recollects the two, asking where Ludociel and Mael were, before mockingly reminding them how easily he killed the latter.

Estarossa using Killing Saucer

Estarossa attacks Sariel and Tarmiel

Angried, the two Archangels use Shunenbukaki Seijin on the demon, claiming how they will easily deal with him. Estarossa forces his way through their attack and slices them both in the side with Killing Saucer. As their both bodies are covered in darkness and falling to the ground, light pierces through the black shells, and they re-emerge unscathed.

Estarossa claims that they are able to show their hatred before him yet are unaffected by his "Love" Commandment due to the Supreme Deity's divine protection against the Commandments. Tarmiel ponders on how he was able to kill Mael, to what Estarossa claims that simply he just was stronger, while he pierces the Archangel chest. However, Tarmiel melts into water by the effect of his Ocean Grace while Sariel giggles at the futility of the demon attack attempts. Estarossa attacks him, but his arm is bounced off being cut all over as the Archangel uses his Tornado Grace.

Estarossa about to absorb Truth commandment

Estarossa prior to absorbing the Truth commandment

Then both Archangels trap Estarossa in a separate dimension created by their Graces, rendering him unable to break out. They claim their vengeance is fulfilled as Estarossa is torn apart by Enlil no Tenbatsu, a technique combination of their Graces, that will disintegrate him down to a molecular level to the point where no demon could regenerate.

Out of desperation, Estarossa absorbs Galand's Commandment of "Truth", causing him to possess two Commandments at the same time, giving him enough power to break free from the alternate dimension. He reappears at the battlefield, with half of his body covered in darkness, surprising everyone, who thought him defeated. Hawk assess his total power level to be now 88,000.

His demeanor is showed to have changed greatly, acting frisky and childlike. He aggressively beats both Archangels as he overcomes the protection of their Graces. Sariel and Tarmiel nonetheless, counterattacks him, leaving Estarossa quite wounded. He then realizes that even with two Commandments, he can not defeat them and has no chance of defeating Meliodas. He proceeds to absorb Monspeet's "Reticence" Commandment, causing him to go through a second transformation, this new form resembling that of Meliodas in his Assault Mode, claiming that he is "the great Meliodas". In that, he cross the chest of Sariel and Tarmiel.

Estarossa overcoming any obstacles

Estarossa overcomes Diane's barrier

Estarossa has a recollection of his childhood, sitting in a field by himself, until the Goddess Elizabeth appears and asks him if he got into a fight with Meliodas again. He says he is a coward due to being unable to kill even an insect, making him an embarrassment to his older brother. A dog was following her, and he tries to remember its name. She says he is fine the way he is. Estarossa claims he will become strong enough to end the Holy War, revealing his love for Elizabeth. He remembers fighting together with Meliodas against some Goddess soldiers. His brother praise him for doing well in the fight and when Estarossa asks if he will ever be like him, his older brother said with a smile that it is guaranteed. Estarossa keeps remembering later times, walking wounded through a forest, after he had fought and killed some Goddesses on his own, when he furtively sees Meliodas embracing Elizabeth. He thinks to himself that he did not want actually to be like his brother, but to BE Meliodas himself, as he had the power and ruthlessness he lacked along with the girl he loved.

Estarossa taking Elizabeth away

Estarossa taking Elizabeth away

Coming back to reality, he claims that he is in fact, Meliodas. Out of the blue he is surprised to see Elizabeth and happily ask her if she came to visit him again. Elizabeth realizes she does know him from somewhere, but does not know why her memories of him are forgotten. His attention is then focused on Derieri again, restating that he has come for her Commandment and the other nine to surpass Meliodas, but suddenly he goes back to saying that he is Meliodas as the darkness begins spreading on his body; until he breaks and begins to only repeat Elizabeth's name over and over.

Guila puts herself in front Elizabeth telling her to get behind her as she attack him. Diane and King also intervene with a defense and attack combination, with not much effect. Tarmiel and Sariel manage to cut him in three, but Estarossa instantly counters, slicing the Archangels instead. He tells Elizabeth that here it is too noisy, and they should go somewhere quiet, or he could make it quiet by killing everyone. She agrees, to keep anyone else from dying. Estarossa says there is somewhere he wants to go first with her, as he takes her off flying into the sky.

While they are flying, Elizabeth asks Estarossa where he is taking her. Estarossa affirms that they go to the place where they always went when they wanted to escape from everyone's sight, something that only she and Meliodas knew. Although Elizabeth tries to convince him that he is Estarossa and not Meliodas, Estarossa denies being the useless son of the Demon King. Then, Estarossa begins to suffer the rejection of the Commandments that absorbed, causing it to fall to the ground, but Elizabeth manages to stop his fall.

Estarossa swallowed by the power of the Commandments

Estarossa swallowed by the power of the Commandments

With his mind twisted by the Commandments, Estarossa takes Elizabeth by the neck and begins to hang her. Elizabeth manages to use Ark to push him away, realizing that they are in Heaven Theater, the place where she always met Meliodas. There, Estarossa tells her about how he always used to look at her, at that only person besides his brother who never made fun of him for being a cowardly demon without the power of darkness, but that the only thing that Elizabeth looked at was Meliodas. Elizabeth asks him to help her prevent Meliodas from becoming the Demon King, surprising Estarossa by worrying about Meliodas even in that situation. Estarossa begins to talk about how strong and trustworthy Meliodas is, and how he used to protect him all the time and assure him that he could talk to her about any problem or concern. There Estarossa reveals that Meliodas promised to fix things for him and Elizabeth, but Elizabeth says that his memories must be wrong. Estarossa claims that his brother lied to him, as the rejection of the Commandments gets worse, causing him to release dark matter without control. Although Elizabeth tries to help him, Estarossa locks her in his darkness claiming that if she is going to be stolen by Meliodas, he prefers to make her his by devouring her.

Estarossa true identity as Mael

Estarossa's true identity as Mael is revelated

While being devoured by the darkness of the Commandments, Estarossa is found by King, Sariel, Tarmiel and Derieri who went in search of Elizabeth. Estarossa attacks them with his increasingly twisted mind, releasing words about Elizabeth belonging to him and Meliodas' betrayal. However, when the spell that Gowther had used 3,000 years ago began to lose its effect because Meliodas and the Demon King had begun to notice the truth, Estarossa's memories begin to return to normal. Thus, all his false memories as a demon with his brother Meliodas are replaced by the true ones as a goddess with his brother Ludociel. As the darkness surrounding him begins to disappear, Mael's original wings resurface beneath revealing to all his true identity.

Mael is in shock as he remembers how his faked memories of his "brother" Meliodas were parallel to his true memories of his brother Ludociel and how he taught him there was no sin in killing Demons. He was known as the "Angel of Death" whom the Demon Clan feared and due to his older brother's influence, saw Demons as living garbage. His worst memories were seeing his love interest, Elizabeth, fall for the "filthy demon" Meliodas and was forced to watch as his memories were twisted around and his alter-ego, Estarossa, took in Meliodas' former Commandment and caused him to lose his Grace, Sunshine. He joined the Ten Commandments as Estarossa the Love and was known as the Demon King's second son.

Mael holds Gowther

Mael claiming to Gowther that his sin is unforgivable

He is horrified to know he killed so many of his own race and other innocents and asks who was responsible for turning him to such evil, to which Gowther replies by saying it was his fault and that Mael was free to destroy him in atonement for his actions.

Mael recognize Gowther as one of the Ten Commandments and immediately attacks him with a strong knee strike. Mael takes him by the neck claiming that having made him idolize a dirty demon like Meliodas, turning his brother Ludociel into his enemy and stealing his Grace is an unforgivable sin, proceeding to attack him with a strong blow from Ark. Mael stamps Gowther's body against the ground with his foot, and tells him that before ending with him he wants to know the reason for what he did to him. Gowther tells him that it was to compensate for the balance of power that was lost when Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan, forcing the Goddess Clan to seal them after losing Mael and thus ending the Holy War.

Mael vs King, Gowther, Sariel and Tarmiel

Sariel, Tarmiel, Gowther and King facing Mael

Mael destroys Gowther's heart necklace saying that he put him before such humiliation and pain just to end the Holy War. Mael wants to make Gowther suffer a thousand times his pain, but then Mael realizes that Gowther is just a doll. Gowther confirms that he was created by a great magician who gave his life to perform the forbidden spell. Mael lifts him by the neck, saying with dementia that he can not make a doll suffer who does not know what pain is.

Then, Mael is suddenly punched away by King's True Guardian. However, Mael quickly manages to assault King from behind saying that he would kill him to make Gowther suffer in his heart instead. However, his blow is stopped by his sacred treasure Chastiefol, then followed with Bumblebee engulfing the archangel. Mael shoots his Kyusai no Ya, piercing King's shoulder, mentioning how the technique causes a terrible pain instead of a quick death in someone who is not a demon. Gowther intervenes insisting that he is the one who should be destroyed, pleasing Mael with his expression of pain. King manages to use his Sabaki no Yari against Mael, but the Archangel catches the Chastiefol attack with one hand, saying that the more King resists the more Gowther will suffer.

Chastiefol changes back to True Guardian and hits Mael. However, he easily destroys it with an Ark beam. Mael says that King and Gowther can face him at once, being surprised when Sariel and Tarmiel appear to face him as well.

Mael using the power of light and darkness

Mael using the power of light and darkness

Mael greets his fellow Archangels, going on to ask them why they stand in their way protecting whoever snatched everything from him, accusing them of ignoring the mission of the Four Archangels to eliminate the Demon Clan. Mael is enraged when Tarmiel tells him that he understands how he feels, claiming that it is impossible for him to understand and that he will never be able to recover the time he lost. Sariel and Tarmiel tell him that he must get rid of the Commandments that he absorbed, but Mael affirms that those Commandments are the only hope that he has left and that if they try to take it away, he will only give them desperation.

Mael then gathers a large amount of the light power of the Goddesses and the dark power of the Commandments and uses it to attack them. Sariel and Tarmiel manage to use their Graces in conjunction with King's True Increase to stop his attack, but in the midst of another crossfire, King ends up with his arm seriously injured.

Mael taking Derieri's commandment

Mael taking Derieri's commandment

Seeing an opening, Mael goes to attack Gowther with blades of light and darkness, but is stopped by King's Increase. Mael receives no harm by calling King an annoying fly, but this gives Sariel and Tarmiel the opportunity to use their Graces to immobilize him from both arms. Continuing with her plan, Derieri jumps and starts hitting Mael with her Combo Star, wounding him to the point of death so that Gowther could learn the spell to remove Commandments. After many blows, a wounded Mael resorts to mercy in Tarmiel, claiming that he does not understand why he should always be the one who suffers. These words cause Tarmiel to free Mael's arm, allowing him to use his Sabaki no Yari to pierce the last heart of Derieri and thus claim her Commandment.

Although Sariel warns him that he will never be the same if he does, Mael absorbs the Commandment of Purity. Mael is wrapped in a huge cocoon of light as he proceeds to assimilate his fourth Commandment. Inside, Mael begins to shoot at his discretion dark rays of light, one of which hits Tarmiel.

Mael finally emerges from his light after assimilating the fourth commandment, now with a completely different appearance. All are terrified to feel its magic power, Hawk reads if power level above 200,000. Elizabeth tells everyone to run, but Mael mate makes the Love decree and uses it to perform his Jiai no Kougyoku. The attack manages to put them all out of combat, however, Gowther manages to use his Sense Opener to rid King, Diane and Elizabeth of the numbing effects of his attack. Gowther uses the Twin Bow Herritt's Range Enhancement to wrap Mael and gives King and Diane the signal to use their combined technique against him.

King uses the sixth form of Chastiefol, Yggdra Cloth, acquiring an armor with which he sets out to attack Mael. In conjunction with Gowther's Kaleidoscope technique, dozens of King's illusions appear, confusing Mael without being able to distinguish the real one. Diane proceeds to perform Drole's Dance to gradually increase King's power level. Although at first it seems to work, Mael uses the Commandment of Truth to use his Shinjitsu no Kane, dispelling the illusions and pushing back the real King.

Mael proceeds to use the Reticence Commandment to use the Chinmoku no Oogama, slashing King and Diane and sealing their magic with cursed seals, lending them unable to use their techniques. Seeing Mael preparing another Jiai no Kougyoku, Gowther jumps and clings to Mael's body, asking for forgiveness for not saving him and for having to kill him in order to save his friends. There, Gowther reveals he have a mechanism of self-destruction on him, that has enough power to kill all living within a radius of fifteen kilometers, including him. However, Mael uses the Junketsu no Kou to make Gowther to fall to the ground unable to move and make him to hallucinate with Nadja Liones.

Mael proceeds to use his Jiai no Kougyoku. However, Oslo decides to sacrifice his life receiving the attack himself. 

Mael uses his attack again. However, the cursed seal is removed just in time for Diane to use Gideon's special ability, Lightning Rod, to disperse the explosion on the earth. Mael launches another Jiai no Kougyoku and Diane uses Gideon again to redirect it. There, the Heaven's Theater is broken into pieces.

As Elizabeth catches Diane to prevent her from falling, Mael appears to Elizabeth's back but before he can hurt her, King push him away revealing his new form and fully growed wings, to the great surprise of Diane and Elizabeth. King is able to hear the chaotic thoughts in the voice of Mael's heart, crying out for his sins, his desire to have Elizabeth and his intention to destroy whoever gets in his way. Mael launches a Jiai no Kougyoku, claiming that Elizabeth will be his even if it should be only her soul and her corpse. However, King emerges intact having protected Elizabeth and Diane with True Form Eight: Pollen Garden.

Mael launches to attack King, but he counterattacks with a new and more powerful version of True Guardian, hitting until Mael is badly hurt. Mael tries to use his Chinmoku no Oogama, but King responds with his new True Increase, destroying the scythe and hitting Mael repeatedly. King tries to reason with Mael pointing out the similarity in his experiences and losses, but Mael insists that he does not interfere and get out of his way. Mael launches several Kyusai no Ya, but King deals easily with it with his new True Chastiefol. Despite leaving Mael in disrepair, King says he will not kill him because revenge only brings hatred, but will face him as many times as necessary.

There, Mael's body begins to writhe and rip apart due to the power of the Commandments consuming him now that his strength and magic power were exhausted. However, before he was destroyed, Gowther jumps on him and, asking for another chance to save him, uses his Invasion to enter inside his mind.

Inside his mind, Mael is met by Gowther on the hill where he used to go when he wanted to be alone and where Elizabeth used to go to comfort him. Mael says that all he wants is to disappear quietly, but Gowther tells him that Elizabeth would not allow that. Mael insists that he does not deserve to live after taking so many innocent lives and even trying to kill Elizabeth. Gowther tries to convince him that he must be saved, but Mael says that nobody wants that or awaits his return. While Mael curses the power of the darkness that he obtained after leaving his people, the four Commandments that he absorbed materialize in in front of them, separating Mael from Gowther, ordering him to disappear from that body.

Gowther yells to Mael to expel the Commandments, but Mael is annoyed to have to endure such shame. Gowther affirms that he wants him to live to atone for his sins, and there Mael demands that he tell him the true reason why he was chosen to become Estarossa, since although Gowther told him it was because he was the only Goddess equaling the power of Meliodas, there were others like Ludociel and Elizabeth who were also on a par with him. Gowther suggests that if he has managed to remember so much, then his face should become familiar. Without understanding, Mael has a setback to an occasion in which he ruthlessly massacred a group of innocent demons who pleaded for their lives, and among them, there was a woman who looked exactly like Gowther who was crying for a last moment with his beloved before being killed. Mael does not understand who she was, and Gowther reveals that her name was Glariza, a member of the Demon Clan and the lover of its creator, the magician Gowther. Shocked to discover what he did, the Commandments begin to consume him as his body reaches its limits. Mael says that there is even a limit to his stupidity and, claiming that he can not forgive them, Mael finally expels the Commandments from his being.

Mael manages to return to its original form, and stops Gowther from his fall, to the great happiness of this and Elizabeth.

Abilities and Equipment

As one of the Four Archangels, Mael is an extremely powerful goddess. Like all members of the Goddess Clan, he has wings that grants him the ability of flight.

Despite being initially weak, from the beginning, Ludociel had felt that Mael had immense potential and would be able to surpass him in the future. Living up to Ludociel's beliefs, Mael became the strongest of the Four Archangels as well as the strongest warrior of the Goddess Clan, only surpassed in might by the Supreme Deity herself. His older brother, the leader of the Four Archangels, openly admits that he was not able to match Mael's power when his Grace reaches its maximum at high noon.[6] Being the only Goddess apart from the Supreme Deity herself who has the level of strength needed to rival Meliodas, the leader of the Ten Commandments and supreme heir to the Demon King, Mael was so powerful that after Meliodas' betrayal of the Demon Clan, to perverse the balance of power, Gowther was forced to convert him into Estarossa in order to tilt the power balance of the war in favor of the Demon Clan, forcing the Goddess Clan to perform the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.[7] His power as the most powerful of the Four Archangels is far superior to the power he had as Estarossa, as while Estarossa was considerably overwhelmed by the Commandments, upon regaining his memories and power as Mael, he proved capable of fully controlling the Commandments in his body.[8] The Commandments inside him also serves to replace the Grace he had and has increased his power, as shown by how he managed to pressure King, Sariel and Tarmiel all at once, severely injuring King and only losing upon being caught off guard. Even after he had sustained severe wounds from Derieri's beating, he was still able to instantly kill her with a single Ark Beam and eventually successfully absorb the Commandment of Purity. At this point, Mael's power skyrockets to being above 200.000 and his magic power alone was sufficient to terrify and cause King, Diane and Gowther to sweat, with Elizabeth going as far as to outright telling them to run upon feeling Mael's power.

Mael possesses tremendous speed, as shown when he blitzes Gowther before he can react[9] and instantaneously appears behind King right after the latter knocked him away.[10] He also possesses immense levels of durability and physical strength, as shown when he emerges completely unscathed after taking a direct hit from the second form of King's True Spirit Spear Chastiefol[11] and easily stops his Sabaki no Yari with just one hand.[12] It took both Sariel and Tarmiel using their graces to the fullest to restrain him and he was able to endure the violent beating Derieri put on him without showing any pain despite heavily bleeding, lasting long enough to reason with Tarmiel to make him cease his attack and afterwards effortlessly killed Derieri and absorbed her Commandment.

Having the Commandments of Retinence, Truth and Love has granted Mael tremendous dark powers while he also retains the vast light powers he possesses. He is even capable of mixing them together, creating a sphere of pure light and darkness, generating a blade of light and dark energy in both his hands, and firing destructive beams of light and darkness, a single one of which was sufficient to destroy Tarmiel's physical form. At least after he had absorbed the Purity Commandment, Mael is also capable of combining the curses of the Commandments with his light magic, as shown by how he mixed the Commandment of Love with his light powers to unleash a devastating explosion that severely injured and would have killed Diane and King while not causing them any pain and instead simply making them sleepy until they finally die. He also has become immune to both the powers of the Goddess Clan and Demon Clan, except apparently those of the Supreme Deity and Demon King themselves, hence, only a Fairy, Giant, or a Human as well as a direct attack to Mael's psyche has a chance to defeat him.

As Estarossa

After receiving a Commandment from the Demon King, he becomes an extremely powerful demon. Like all members of the Demon Clan, he is able to manipulate the mysterious jet-black power of darkness for a variety of purposes, such as forming a sphere for battle[13] and wings for flight.[14] His aura, combined with the aura of the other Ten Commandments is so terrifying that it made the normally calm Hendrickson sweat in fear by their presence.[15]

Estarossa has the power to turn other living creatures into demons, similar to the effects of drinking Red Demon's blood.[16] Those incompatible with the power will explode.[17][18] A hint to his true power is given when Drole and Gloxinia, fellow Commandments, are shocked to see someone else with a level of magic power similar to his.[19] According to Cusack; Estarossa's power may be even greater than Zeldris,[20] which is proven true, as he was able to keep himself from being completely immobilized by Meliodas' attack in his Assault Mode, while Zeldris was completely unable to move even while using the Demon King's power, forcing Meliodas to use more of his power to completely pin him down.[21]

After learning Admonition from Zeldris, Estarossa now has the ability to remove Commandments and has also shown to know the ritual to absorb the Commandments into himself, doing so to absorb the Commandments of Truth and Reticence.[22] [23]

Estarossa possesses immense levels of speed and strength. He instantaneously moved behind Ban in order to attack Meliodas.[24] When Ban tried to break his neck or steal his strength with Hunter Fest, he acted as if nothing was happening, showing just how truly astonishing his physical strength is.[25] He easily overtook Sariel and Tarmiel with his Killing Saucer before they can react and managed to easily impale Tarmiel's chest, although the latter quickly escaped with his Ocean Grace. He also possesses immense levels of durability and endurance, as shown when he was completely unfazed by Ban's Fox Hunt[26] and survives Escanor's Cruel Sun and Pride Flare after being hit at point-blank range.[27] He remained completely unscathed from Monspeet's massive Hellfire when the latter used it against him as a last resort in trying to stop him.[28] He even gained praise from two of the Four Archangels for taking Elizabeth's Ark head on and remain unharmed,[29] charges straight through their Vengeful Saint attack without suffering any damage, and survived their Enlil no Tenbatsu long enough to absorb a Commandment.[30]

After absorbing the Truth Commandment, Estarossa becomes much more powerful than before, as he was able to break out of the Domain of God that Tarmiel and Sariel unleashed to imprison him, which was impossible for anyone not holding raw power greater than two Archangels. He was also somehow able to negate Tarmiel's ability to use Ocean to liquefy himself and bypass Sariel's Tornado and break off all of Sariel's bones as well as briefly ground Tarmiel with a single attack, with Tarmiel being astonished by how far his power grew, saying that it rivaled even that of his and Sariel combined. His durability and regeneration becomes great enough to survive and swiftly regenerate from being cut to pieces and half.[31] Absorbing the Reticence Commandment made him even more powerful, allowing him to instantly defeat both Tarmiel and Sariel. He also remained unfazed by King's attack and effortlessly broke through Diane's Diamond Shield while simultaneously grievously wounding Guila and was able to swiftly slice Sariel and Tarmiel in half after being cut to pieces, after which he quickly regenerated. However, this massive increase in power comes at the cost of his soul becoming even more warped.[32]


Main article: Full Counter
  • Full Counter全反撃 (フルカウンター)  Zen Hangeki (Furukauntā)」: Like Meliodas, Estarossa's special power is also called Full Counter. However, whereas Meliodas could only return magical abilities with more than double the strength, Estarossa is only able to return physical attacks with more than double their original strength.[33]
Main article: Hellblaze
  • Hellblaze獄炎 (ヘルブレイズ)  Gokuen (Herubureizu); literally meaning "Hellfire"」: A mysterious ability possessed by Estarossa that allows him to generate black flames.[34] The technique also has the additional effect of nullifying an immortal's regeneration.
  • Rebellion反逆剣 (リベリオン)  Hangyaku-ken (Riberion); literally meaning "Rebellion Swords"」: Estarossa materializes seven black swords, each with a distinct form.[35]
  • Blackout暗黒回帰 (ブラックアウト)  Ankoku Kaiki (Burakkuauto); literally meaning "Dark Regression"」: Estarossa engulfs a specific target with his darkness.[36]
  • Killing Saucerキリング・ソーサー Kiringu Sōsā」: Estarossa creates blades of darkness in his hand that rotate at high speed which he uses to slice his enemies as they are engulfed in darkness.[37]
  • Decree Absorption: After absorbing the Commandments Truth and Reticence, Estarossa gains a form similar to that of Meliodas' Assault Mode, which increases his power dramatically.[38]


The Demon King bestowed Estarossa with the Commandment of Love () (あい)  Jiai」, which was given to him after Meliodas' betrayal of the Demon Clan.[39] Those who stand before him with hatred in their hearts will be rendered powerless to harm or inflict damage on anyone else.[40] Its power allowed Estarossa to suppress Meliodas' Revenge Counter and render him powerless afterwards.[41]

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit
60,000 3,000 53,000 4,000

After absorbing the Commandment of Truth, his power levels are as follows:

Total Magic Strength Spirit
88,000  ?  ?  ?

Main article: Ark
  • Ark聖櫃 (アーク)  Seiki (Āku); literally meaning "Holy Chest"」: An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess Clan that counteracts darkness by disintegrating it with light particles. The target is enveloped in a dazzling sphere of light that breaks apart their body.[42]
  • Decree Absorption: After absorbing the Commandment Purity, Mael gains an incredible power in exchange of his rationality. He also acquires the ability to materialize the Commandments that he absorbed in different techniques.
    • Jiai no Kougyoku慈愛 (じあい) 光玉 (こうぎょく)  Jiai no Kōgyoku; literally meaning "Lightball of Love"」: Mael takes the Love Commandment and uses it to create an incredibly destructive explosion. The effects of the Commandment turns any pain and suffering in the opponents into pleasure, lending them to grow sleepy and finally die.[43]
    • Shinjitsu no Kane真実 (しんじつ) (かね)  Shinjitsu no Kane; literally meaning "Bell of Truth"」: Mael takes the Truth Commandment and uses it to create a bell capable of dispersing any illusion.[44]
    • Chinmoku no Oogama沈黙 (ちんもく) 大鎌 (おおがま)  Chinmoku no Ōgama; literally meaning "Scythe of Silence"」: Mael takes the Reticence Commandment and uses it to craft a scythe that brands anyone hit with the cursed seal of the Commandment, sealing their magic. [45]
    • Junketsu no Kou純潔 (じゅんけつ) (こう)  Junketsu no Kō; literally meaning "Incense of Purity"」: Mael takes the Purity Commandment and uses it to create a big incense which releases smoke that make people be immobilized by a great pressure and suffer hallucinations of what their hearts truly desires.[46]


Main article: Sunshine

Mael was bestowed a Grace by the Supreme Deity known as Sunshine (たい) (よう)  Taiyō」.[47] It allows him to become stronger with the rise of the sun to the point where he can become nigh-invincible, but will weaken as the sun sets. He lost his Grace after becoming Estarossa, being passed to Escanor by unknown means.

Power Level

After absorbing the Commandments of Reticence and Purity, his power levels are as follows:[48]

Total Magic Strength Spirit
200,000+  ?  ?  ?


Goddess Clan


Elizabeth was one of the only Goddesses who never mocked Mael, instead encouraging him to be who he is. As a result, he eventually grew to love her and also admired her power. However, Mael was inevitably devasted when he discovered that she had feelings for Meliodas but still admired her from distance. Even after having his memories altered and becoming Estarossa, he still had lingering feelings for Elizabeth and showed a powerful desire to claim her as his own. After recovering his memories, Mael's greatest regret and shame was hurting and even trying to kill Elizabeth, to the point that he almost allowed himself to die because of that.


Ludociel is Mael's older brother. Ludociel is one of the goddesses who did never mocked Mael for his meek nature and instead encouraged him to be who he is. He even used to have long hair to imitate Ludociel's when younger and continued his philosophy for years. Mael looked up to his brother greatly and trusted him enough to ask his help in conveying his feelings to Elizabeth.


Being a member of the Four Archangels, Mael worked alongside Sariel in many occasions. It is unknown what their relationship was, but Sariel cared about him enough to seek revenge against his killer. Mael also seems to regard Sariel as a comrade, as he was clearly surprised when he and Tarmiel went up against him and still cordially greeted him and asked him and Tarmiel a chance to stand down.


Being a member of the Four Archangels, Mael worked alongside Tarmiel in many occasions. It is unknown what their relationship was, but Tarmiel cared about him enough to seek revenge against his killer. Mael also seems to regard Sariel as a comrade, as he was clearly surprised when he and Sariel went up against him and still cordially greeted him and asked them a chance to stand down.

Demon Clan


As Estarossa, Mael's memories of Ludociel were replaced by memories of Meliodas. As a result, he highly looked up to his "older brother", especially the cold and evil version of Meliodas that he remembered. However, he also felt that Meliodas had intentionally betrayed him by winning Elizabeth's heart, even though he knew Estarossa's feelings for her. In reality, this was not the case as his memories were altered by Gowther and his true feelings for Meliodas was the same as his brother Ludociel: he was a filthy demon whom he despised simply for existing but his hate grew personal when he lost his love interest, Elizabeth, to him.


Great Fight Festival arc

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

Current arc


  • According to the official fanbook (Estarossa data, before Chapter 273):
    • Handedness: Right-handed
    • Birthplace: Demon Realm
    • Special ability: Turning living beings into demons
    • Hobbies: Dragon Slaying
    • Daily Routine: Goddess Slaying
    • Favorite food: Dragon meat
    • Dream/Hope: Being the best
    • Charmpoint: Nothing
  • The name Estarossa was seemingly taken from the name of a little dog the goddess Elizabeth was taking care of.
  • According to his power level, Estarossa has the highest amount of strength measured accurately thus far in the series.
  • Mael used to have long hair to imitate Ludociel's, but after his memories were altered, he cut it to imitate Meliodas'.


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