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Power... it draws its source from one's strong will, belief and experience.

— Dreyfus in Chapter 66.

Holy Knights using their magical powers.

A Magical Power「魔力, Maryoku」 is a mysterious and supernatural ability that allow its wielder to perform various techniques. Generally, it is unique to individuals.


Magical Powers are mysterious abilities invoked through unknown means.[1][2] The source of an individual's power is stated to be drawn from one's will, beliefs and experiences.[3] The power resides within the body itself[4] even though the catalyst to awaken one's power is unknown[5], the former being supported by the Holy Knights' beliefs that their bodies are imbued with "magic that transcends human knowledge."[6] Magical powers can also be gained and utilized from other sources of power by research and experimentation. There are times when powers are inherited.

These abilities can be categorized into offensive, defensive and support skills in battle. The Holy Knights from different kingdoms across Britannia use their magical abilities to protect people from various threats.

Everyone has their own unique magical power, though some powers can be shared by more than one person, such as the case with Gustaf and his sister Jericho. Some races have magical powers that are shared across their races population, though individuals would still have their own individual magical powers. In some cases, powers can even be taught to others, such as how Chandler taught Meliodas how to use Full Counter.

A persons magical power can also be measured as a numerical value by Balor's Magical Eye, along with Physical Strength and Willpower. These three factors, when added together, determine one's overall Power Level. Magical abilities can also be sensed through the exertion of the individuals' auras and those who felt it have different reactions towards such levels of power.


While powers grant users various advantages and benefits when engaged in combat, there are drawbacks for using them: For example, Full Counter's inability to reflect indirect or normal attacks; Ruin's ability requires a unique staff's bell to make it work; and Invasion's requirement of a long-range distance.

A magical power weakens and grows unstable if the user loses control of their emotions,[7] though this may be remedied through training.[8]


As explained by Pellegarde, there are different Magical Power Types「魔力の型, Maryoku no Kata[9] by which abilities fall into one of nine categories[10]. There are very rare instances of a person possessing two or more types of magic.[11] Few cases among these people possesses four or more types of magic. Such people are called Hero-Types.

  • Destruction-Type「破壊型, Hakai-gata」: Allows the user to exert magical power with destructive properties, with natural forces like thunder or flame, or a non-natural dark force.
  • Shifting-Type「変性型, Hensei-gata」: Allows the user to modify the properties of matter. There are a ton of varieties to it, like modifying an object's weight, the hardness or water into ice.
  • Healing-Type「回復型, Kaifuku-gata」: Allows the user to heal injuries and ailments of themselves or others. Its effects and scope are diverse. It is regarded to be mostly belonging to the Goddesses'.
  • Search-Type「探索型, Tansaku-gata」: Different forces, like locating a particular object or finding out how genuine a person is, have been identified.[12]
  • Mental-Type「精神型, Seishin-gata」: It is regarded to be able to manipulate a person's mind and their memories. Depending how it is used, it can be more powerful than the Destruction-Type.[13]
  • Deception-Type「幻惑型, Genwaku-gata」: A magic power that generates illusions or causes auditory hallucinations. It is thought to be found in Fairies the most.[14]
  • Stealth-Type「隠密型, Onmitsu-gata」: A shadow force that lets one to approach their opponent without being noticed or track the opponent's movements from faraway.[15]
  • Enchantment-Type「符呪型, Fuju-gata」: Allows the user to imbue things with magic (e.g., their fists or weapons) to strengthen them and/or give them the properties of said magic.
  • Oracle-Type「神託型, Shintaku-gata」: A force surpassing the human intellect, that predicts the weather or the future events. It is regarded to be the rarest of 9-Types of magic.[16]
  • Hero-Type「英雄型, Eiyū-gata」: A very rare-Type of power; those who possess four or more different types of magic, fall into this category. Percival is the only known person so far to have these type of magic.

List of Magical Powers

Name Possessor Description Image
Acid腐蝕アシッドAshiddo Hendrickson Allows the user to generate and manipulate acid. Hendrickson Acid.gif
Blaze火炎ブレイズBureizu Cain Barzad Allows the user to generate and manipulate fire. Cain using Blaze.gif
Boost爆進ブーストBūsuto Dogedo Allows the user to propel themselves at high speed. Boost anime.png
Break砕貫ブレイクBureiku Dreyfus Allows the user to manifest their willpower as great strength and destructive force. Break anime.png
Calamity天災カラミティKaramiti Talisker Allows the user to control the weather. Calamity.png
Combo Star連撃星コンボスターKonbo Sutā Derieri Allows the user to increase the force of each physical strike they make as long as they are uninterrupted. Derieri using Combo Star.gif
Crisis終局クライシスKuraishisu Original Demon Allows the user to increase their power in proportion to the amount of damage they have sustained. Crisis Anime.png
Critical Over臨界突破クリティカルオーバーKuritikaru Ōbā Galand Allows the user to increase their physical abilities and power level for as long as their magic holds out. Galand using Critical Over.gif
Curse不浄カースKāsu Grayroad Allows the user to inflict their opponent with disadvantageous circumstances. Grayroad using Jubaku Ensa.gif
DeathデスDesu Unknown Holy Knight Allows the user to kill foes by enveloping them with black fog. Call of Inferno anime.png
Disaster災厄ディザスターDizasutā Allows the user to manipulate life, allowing the user to enhance or diminish the natural state of something, as well as deploy the properties of the Sacred Tree through the Spirit Spears. King using Status Promotion.gifGuila running, dodging and blocking King's spear attacks.gif
Discriminate識別ディスクリミネイトDisukurimineito Unnamed Holy Knight Allows the user to get a description of other people's abilities and weaknesses.
Explosion爆炎エクスプロージョンEkusupurōjon Guila Allows the user to generate and control explosions. Guila using Explosion.gif
Full Counter全反撃フルカウンターFuru Kauntā Allows the user to reflect an enemy's attacks back at them with even greater force. Meliodas repelling Twigo's attack.gifEstarossa Full Counter.gif
Full Size巨大化フルサイズFuru Saizu Allows the user to grow to gargantuan proportions. Fraudrin using Full Size.png
Gift恩恵ギフトGifuto Theo Unknown.
God魔神王ゴッドGoddo Zeldris Allows the user to nullify all magical attacks. God.gif
Great Thunder雷神グレイトサンダーGureito Sandā Zaratras Allows the user to generate and manipulate lightning. Zaratras Thunder God Movement.gif
Ground大地グラウンドGuraundo Drole Allows the user to control and shape the earth. Drole using Giga Pick Anime.png
Guardian守護ガーディアンGādian Gerheade Unknown.
Haste加速ヘイストHeisuto Fiddich Allows the user to increase their speed. Haste.png
Hell Gate獄門ヘルゲートHerugēto Melascula Allows the user to open portals. Melascula using Summon Ring.gif
Hide Cloak隠密ハイドクロークHaido Kurōku Zhivago Unknown.
Hollow Sound幻聴ホロウサウンドHorou Saundo Gannon Allows the user to create sounds, even over great distances. Hollow Sound.png
Homing追尾ホーミングHōmingu Tamdhu Allows the user to infuse a weapon with magic in order to launch it against a target regardless of its distance. Homing.png
Hope希望ホープHōpu Percival Allows the user to tap into the hope of their allies to generate a magical aura that can be used in several different ways: increased physical power, accelerated healing, creation of "magic golems", change of shape, etc.. Percival using Hope.png
Hussle倍力ハッスルHasssuru Waillo Unknown.
Ice Fang氷牙アイスファングAisu Fangu Allows the user to generate and manipulate ice. Gustaf attacking Hendrickson.gif
Imitation偽物イミテーションImitēshon Edlin Allows the user to create an illusory replica of a single target that looks and feels perfectly real.[17] Edlin tricking Nasiens with Imitation.png
Impact衝撃インパクトInpakuto Doronach Allows the user to generate an energy wave with a radius of 50 feet. Impact.png
Infinity無限インフィニティInfiniti Merlin Allows the user to keep their spells active indefinitely until the user chooses to dispel them. Merlin using Enchant Infinity.gif
Invasion侵入インベイションInbeishon Allows the user to search through and manipulate people's thoughts and memories. Gowther using Search Light.gif
Judgement審判ジャッジメントJajjimento Denzel Liones Allows the user to manifest their opponent's guilt of killing people as a means to "judge" the opponent. Denzel using Dead Man Revenge.gif
Link同調リンクRinku Helbram Allows the user to form a magical link with anyone who has allied themselves with the user and allows the user to access their powers and abilities. Helbram using Link.png
Location探知ロケーションRokēshon Allows the user to track a person wherever they go, regardless if their appearance is known or not.
Love Drive衝動ラブドライブRabu Doraibu Deldry Allows the user to make a person fall in love with them to the point of absolute loyalty. Deldry Love Drive.gif
Melody旋律メロディMerodi Deathpierce Allows the user to manipulate the activation time of other people's Magic. Melody delayed Fraudrin's attack.gif
Miracle Wind神風ミラクルウィンドMirakuru Windo Elaine Allows the user to manipulate wind. Elaine blowing Ban away.gif
Mirage残像ミラージュMirāju Burgie Allows the user to create illusory clones of themselves. Mirage.png
Mix Venom調毒ミクスベノムMikusu Benomu Nasiens Allows the user to consume poison and create new poisons based on what was consumed. Nasiens using Mix Venom.png
Mute沈黙ミュートMyūto Dale[18] Unknown.
Ominous Nebula凶星雲オミノス・ネビュラOminosu Nebyura Zeldris Allows the user to create a powerful vortex that pulls others towards them with an immense power of attraction, as well as rendering all physical attacks useless. Ominous Nebula.gif
Overpower威圧オーバーパワーŌbāpawā Slader Allows the user to exert a malicious aura to intimidate their enemies. Slader Owerpower.gif
Perverseness天邪鬼パヴァースネスPavāsunesu Pelliot Makes the target's body move in the opposite manner to their will. Perverseness.png
Punishment天罰パニッシュメントPanisshumento Chandler Unknown.
PyreほむらHomura Pellegarde Allows the user to create and control fireballs. Pellegarde using Pyre.png
Resonant共鳴レゾナント「Rezonanto」 Cusack Allows the user to link themselves with and control someone through eye contact.[19] Cusack controlling Arthur's actions with Resonant.png
Reverse逆再生リバースRibāsu Ardbeg Allows the user to send all living beings within 5 yards back to their infant age.[20] Reverse.png
Seal封印シールShīru Jenna Unknown.
Snatch強奪スナッチSunacchi Ban Allows the user to rob people of material objects without direct contact and also steal the abilities of others. Ban taking Red Demon's heart.gif
Suck吸収サックSakku Vivian Unknown
Tempest暴風テンペストTenpesuto Howzer Allows the user to generate and manipulate wind cyclones. Howzer defeating Taizoo.gif
The Ruler支配者ザ・ルーラーZa Rūrā Demon King Allows the user to invert the effects of all powers and techniques used against them. Demon King using The Ruler.gif
Thunder Ray天雷サンダー・レイSandā Rei Zaneri Allows the user to manipulate lightning. Thunder Ray.png
Thunderbolt雷帝サンダーボルトSandāboruto Gilthunder Allows the user to generate and manipulate lightning. Thunderbolt.gif
TransparencyとうめいTōmei-ka Golgius Allows the user to become invisible but does not entirely erase presence. Golgius appearing next to Dana and Elizabeth.gif
Transpork変身トランスポークToransupōku Hawk Allows the user to take on the characteristics of any magical creature they consume for as long as they are still digesting it. Transpork anime.gif
Trick Star遊撃星トリックスターTorikku Sutā Monspeet Allows the user to make two objects of similar size switch places with each other. Trick Star.gif
Vain無駄ベインBein Arden Allows the user to increase the amount of Magic an opponent needs to utilize their abilities. Vain.gif
Vision千里眼ビジョンBijon Bartra Liones Allows the user to see a vague glimpse of the future. Baltra foreseing the coming of the Ten Commandments.png
Wall障壁ウォールWōru Griamore Allows the user to erect extremely strong barriers. Griamore using his ability Wall.gif
Wither劣化ウイザーUizā Elgin Allows the user to generate a magical substance that reduces the strength and durability on what is applied to. Wither.png

Unnamed Magical Powers

User "Nickname" Description Image
Elizabeth "Empathy" A mysterious ability that allows her to persuade others to retreat from battle by speaking into their hearts and souls. Elizabeth talking with Derieri.png
Friesia Friesia's Power A power that manipulates insects and uses their poisons. Friesia using Rain Capriccio.gif
Jericho "Godspeed" During her time as a Reactor-class Holy Knight, Jericho possessed a slashing technique referred to as Godspeed. It was lost with the removal of her demon blood. After her brother's death, she naturally awakens Ice Fang. Jericho using Godspeed Cross Slash.gif
Jillian Unknown Jillian possesses the power to constrict her enemies with a wire-like trap ability, rendering them immobile for the time being. Jillian catching King.gif
Marmas Marmas' Power A power that allows the user to increase gravity on their opponents at specific increments with maracas-like maces. Marmas using Hyper Gravity X30 on Hendrickson.png
Ruin Ruin's Power A power that hypnotizes and deludes others into believing that their comrades and allies are the users, which results in them battling each other. Diane and Meliodas fighting under illusion 1.gif
Twigo Unknown A power that allows Twigo to release powerful blasts by slashing.[21] Twigo doing vertical slash.gif
Weinheidt Unknown Weinheidt possesses the power to create a realistic illusion of himself to deceive enemies, as well as the ability to charge his arrows to shoot with more power to deal maximum damage. Ban attacking Weinheidts illusion.pngWeinheidt shooting his charged arrow.gif

Named Techniques

Name Description Image
Hunter Wisp狩玉ハンターウィスプHantā Uisupu; literally meaning "Hunt Sphere"」 A power that summons three small light orbs and fires them at the target. These orbs relentlessly hunt the target down and explode on impact. Helbram using Hunter Wisp.png
Aura Burst「オーラ・バースト, Ōra Bāsuto A power that allows the user to perform powerful energy wave slashes with dual swords at the target. Knight using Aura Burst.png
Bullet Squall弾雨バレットスコールBaretto Sukōru A power that launches a torrential rain of bullets to deal area-of-effect damage. Knight using Bullet Squall.png
Death Breath死神の息吹デスブレスDesu Buresu A power that summons carnivorous ghosts which devours their enemies. Knight using Death Breath.png
Flick Stone「フリックストーン, Furikku Sutōn A power that sends forth a massive avalanche of rocks towards targets. Knight using Flick Stone.png
Goen no Jujin豪炎ごうえん呪陣じゅじんGōen no Jujin; literally meaning "Inferno Incantation" A power that produces and fires flames from the user's hands. Similar to Blaze. Knights using Inferno Incantation.png
Dontsu no Kiri鈍痛どんつうきりDontsū no Kiri; literally meaning "Mist of Dull Agony" A power capable of killing foes by enveloping them with a white mist. Similar to Death. Mist of Dull Agony.png
Plant Whip暗緑鞭プラントウィップPuranto Uippu A power that summons a large plant which whips enemies with its numerous vines. Knight using Plant Whips.png
Wind Shooter「ウインドシューター, Uindo Shūtā A power that sends a succession of sharp winds towards a target. Knight using Wind Shooter.png

Race Based

Name Possessor Description Image
Ark聖櫃アークĀku Allows the user to manipulate holy light, which can be used for various purposes. It is the race-based ability of the Goddess Clan. Nerobasta using Ark.gif
Creation創造クリエイションKurieishon Allows the user to freely manipulate the earth. It is the race-based ability of the Giant Clan. Diane rising pillars to crush Friesia's insects.gif
Purgatory FireれんごくほのおRengoku no Honō Allows the user to generate unholy fire that can be turned into Hellblaze. It is the race-based power of the Demon Clan. Red Demon breathing fire.gif
Purge浄化パージPāji Allows the user to erase abominable souls.[22] Race-based power of the Goddess Clan taught to the Druids. Hendrickson using Purge.gif


Name Possessor Description Image
FlashせんこうSenkō Ludociel Allows the user to move at amazing speeds, to the point where it seems like teleportation. Ludociel Flash.gif
OceanたいかいTaikai Tarmiel Allows the user to make powerful currents of water, turn their body into water so attacks pass through them harmlessly, or even create an entire ocean in a different plane of existence. Tarmiel Ocean.gif
SunshineたいようTaiyō Allows the user to create and manipulate a minimized sun. Also makes the user become stronger as the sun rises and weaker as it sets, becoming invincible for one minute a day at noon. Mael Sunshine.gifEscanor the Sun.gif
TornadoたつまきTatsumaki Sariel Allows the user to create powerful winds that can slice apart anything they touch and protect themselves in a wind sphere. Sariel Tornado.gif


Name Description Image
FaithしんこうShinkō A Commandment that sets the eyes ablaze of anyone who shows faithlessness. People's eyes burned by the Faith Commandment.gif
LoveあいJiai A Commandment that prevents anyone from afflicting harm on anyone else if they hold hatred in their hearts. Love Commandment.gif
PacifismさつFusatsu A Commandment that rapidly steals the remaining time of anyone who kills. Dogedo killed by the Pacifism Commandment.gif
PatienceにんたいNintai A Commandment that inflicts great pain on anyone who shows an intolerance for pain.
PietyけいしんKeishin A Commandment that enslaves the mind of anyone who shows their back to the wielder. Zeldris Piety Commandment.gif
PurityじゅんけつJunketsu A Commandment that inflicts illness on anyone who commits impure acts.
ReposeあんそくAnsoku A Commandment that seals the magic of anyone who fights without rest.
ReticenceちんもくChinmoku A Commandment that blocks the voices of anyone who expresses hidden feeling and/or emotions.
SelflessnessよくMuyoku A Commandment that causes anyone who holds desire from another person to lose their sense of self.
TruthしんじつShinjitsu A Commandment that petrifies anyone if they lie or go back on their word. Merlin Petrified.gif


Name Description Image
Immortality Grants the user immortality, bestowing them with unrivaled regenerative abilities. Formerly possessed by Ban, acquired by drinking the Fountain of Youth. Ban healing from King's drilling hole.gif
Levitation An ability that grants objects and users to fly at will. Possessed by fairies and most wizards. King fighting Helbram.png
Transformation An ability that allows a user to alter their physical appearance and apparels. King transforming to introduce himself.png
Heart Reading A common ability among fairies that allows them to read people's thoughts from their hearts. Heart Reading.gif
Rapid Movement A common ability that allows users to move in great speed at a blink of an eye in battle as if by teleporting. Meliodas dodging Gilthunder attacks.gif
Magic Detection A common ability that allows users to perceive any source of magic whether in objects or people.
Power of Darkness A characteristic ability of the Demon Clan that allows them to control mysterious black matter. Meliodas forming claws from the black mark.png


  • Most, it not all of the magical powers' effects closely resemble their users' traits and personalities:
  • Despite magical powers being largely unique, there are several cases where individuals related by blood have displayed similar abilities.



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