Meliodas, Ban & Wild vs. Demon King is a battle between Meliodas, Ban and Wild against and Demon King in Purgatory.


After meeting Wild, the pig-like creature agrees to take them to find the Demon King on the condition that he can escape alongside them before taking them to his home to avoid a hot sandstorm.

Inside, Meliodas and Ban tell Wild about Hawk, much to his surprise but is nonetheless relieved to know his younger brother is doing alright, making Meliodas remember Zeldris and he tells Wild and Ban about how their relationship soured, but upon trying to remember Estarossa, Meliodas begins to notice how his memories of his second brother seem to be fluctuating.

A voice begins to agree with him stating that it doesn't remember anything about Estarossa either and the three are shocked to realize that the Demon King himself has appeared before them.



Ban and Meliodas decide to tell Hawk about his brother when they see him again.



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