Meliodas vs. Alioni is a battle fought between the Deadly Sin, Meliodas, and the Holy Knight, Alioni, in the original oneshot.


While Meliodas and Elizabeth were talking about the Deadly Sins, a giant crash appeared at the front door of the bar which reveal a higher rank Holy Knights named Alioni and the same people (who are beaten up by the Alioni) appear toward them. Meliodas was then surprised when Alioni revealed that Elizabeth is really a princess of the kingdom but then Meliodas got upset when he saw his knights beaten up because of Alioni, and got out his giant board sword.


Alioni try to clash Meliodas with his sword, but somehow the sword was blocked without Meliodas even moving, some of the knights thought he did move but without them knowing, Alioni then charge right in but Meliodas block the attack and sent Alioni flying through the mountain and scare off the low-class knights.


When all the Holy Knights fled, Meliodas went to Elizabeth and told her he will help her save her kingdom which made her happy. Meliodas then reveal to Elizabeth the secret giant robot spider under the bar and went off to they next adventure to find the other Sins.



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