Meliodas vs. Dogedo is a battle between Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins and the member of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, Dogedo.


During the award ceremony held in honor for the Seven Deadly Sins minus Ban and King who were at the new Fairy King's Forest and Escanor still missing, Meliodas called for objection and demanded the Holy Knights who had complaints and talked behind his back to step forward and had a voice for this matter, revealing to be three of the Pleaides of the Azure Sky, who serve under Lord Denzel, an assistant to the Great Holy Knight themselves: Deathpierce, Waillo and Dogedo.

After King Bartra Liones reluctantly granted Deathpierce's request to face the Seven Deadly Sins as proof that the legendary group of knights that saved the kingdom from Hendrickson are as powerful as the rumors say, Dogedo volunteers to battle Meliodas although was surprised of Hawk's reading of his Power stats through Balor's Power Eye.


The battle starts when Dogedo, in his killing intent, launches a series of several quick powerful punches which Meliodas dodges them all with ease and jumped towards the Holy Knight before knocking him down to the ground, amazes everyone.

However, Dogedo remains unharmed and gets up easily, feeling not impressed of Meliodas' power and wondered if Hendrickson and Dreyfus would be defeated by the likes of the Sins and called them weak, not deserving the title of Great Holy Knight after Zaratras suddenly died, revealing his intention to candidate himself for that rank, mocking Griamore in the process.

Meliodas then told Dogedo that although he has no intention of defending Hendrickson and Dreyfus after all they did in the past, at least they stood and fought for what's right and being a Holy Knight must not only the power but the heart and conviction of what they believe in. Hearing Meliodas' principles, Dogedo retorts that a Holy Knight only needs overwhelming power that destroy all enemies as he launched another wave of punches again but Meliodas parried them all and broke his hands at the same time, impressing Deathpierce and Waillo who were observing the battle.

Refusing to give up after being insulted by the Dragon's Sin of Wrath playfully teasing him to demote himself back to Apprentice Holy Knight, Dogedo attempts to headbutt Meliodas but was sent flying by the latter's simple but powerful palm strike on the head, defeated.


Dogedo lost consciousness as he was easily caught by Deathpierce after Meliodas won against the one of the Six Stars and asked who's next to face him to settle the Holy Knights' discontent.



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