Meliodas vs. Fraudrin is a battle fought between Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins and Fraudrin of the Ten Commandments.


After Fraudrin is forced out of Dreyfus' body by Zaratras' Purge, the former, thought to be defeated by Dreyfus' Tenkan Hagokujin, unveils his ability Full Size to reduce the damage and easily overpowers the Great Holy Knights. As he attempts to stomp them, Meliodas appears and takes over the fight.


Meliodas engages Fraudrin in a small scuffle, slashing across Fraudrin's chest. In return Fraudrin smashes his assailant to the ground and rapidly stomps on the floor, intending to crush Meliodas. Flying out of the debris cloud, Meliodas headbutts Fraudrin and lands as Fraudrin stumbles back.

Meliodas perforating Fraudrin

Meliodas perforating Fraudrin's body.

The Meliodas that Fraudrin was fighting ends up being a clone made by Lostvayne's power and the real Meliodas shows up from behind, dispelling the clone as he passes. He then activates his demon mark and makes quick work of Fraudrin, driving dozens of holes into his body within moments and causing so much damage that Full Size becomes undone, shrinking Fraudrin back to his original size. Meliodas then doubles back after a moment of talk, giving a pat on Fraudrin's face that sends him smashing into the ground.

In a final act of desperation inspired by Zaratras's sacrifice, Fraudrin intends to use all of the life force within his body and condense it into an explosion that will wipe Liones off the map, along with every human within it.

At this point, Griamore escapes from his father's hold and runs to hug Fraudrin's leg, trapping the both of them in his Wall. Despite his begging, Griamore refuses to let the barrier down until Fraudrin finally relents. Having gained emotions during his time with Dreyfus, he laments his own failing and lets Griamore return to his father safely before requesting Meliodas to kill him.


Meliodas kills Fraudrin with a single flaming punch, blowing the upper half of his body into ashes without hesitation.



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