Meliodas vs. Galand is a battle between Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins and Galand of the Ten Commandments.


Meliodas gains back the strength he had 10 years ago and decides to have Merlin teleport him to Galand's location.


After being teleported to the remains of Edinburgh, where the Ten Commandments were resting to recover their power, Meliodas nonchalantly greets them. Before any of the other Commandments could react, Galand jumps down to where Meliodas is standing, and tells the other Commandments not to lay a hand on him, as he is his "prey" that he had let escape. Galand states that he would be the one to finish Meliodas, only to be interrupted by Meliodas delivering a vicious punch to Galand's face, then grabbing the back of his head and slamming his face into the ground. Galand asks if Meliodas have changed since they last met. Then the Commandment uses Bunzaradan, swinging his halberd around, trying to hit Meliodas, only for him to dodge every blow, even going so far as to stand on the blade of Galand's halberd when he stops. Meliodas then states that he just returned to his old self. Before Galand can react, Meliodas delivers a knee strike to his face, followed by a hit on the back of the neck, which leaves Galand on his knees. Galand struggles to get up, but before he can, Meliodas punchs him. Meliodas jumps up and kicks Galand in the abdomen with both feet, sending him flying against the ground.

Galand gets up and exclaims that this was more to his liking, not wanting it any other way. Then Meliodas slashes Galand several times, so fast that it made it look as he just barely unsheathed his sword. Greatly injured, Galand falls over.


Meliodas warns the Ten Commandments of the dangers that will come if they try to continue what they did 3,000 years ago. Enraged, Zeldris and Fraudrin rush towards Meliodas, trying to hit him, only for him to be teleported back to Istar.



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