Meliodas vs. Golgius is a battle fought between the Deadly Sin, Meliodas and the Holy Knight, Golgius.


When Dana tells Elizabeth and Hawk that he had poisoned Meliodas, he thanks him for holding his end of the deal, explaining that they have to take significant measures to face one of the Seven Deadly Sins, since even they wouldn't come out unscathed if they fought them head-to-head. He then appears before Elizabeth and Hawk and introduces himself to them, telling them that he has come to pick up Elizabeth and Meliodas' sword grabbing it.[1] However, Meliodas, who is revealed to still be alive, doesn't let go of it. Golgius then quickly escapes by jumping out of the window when he sees Meliodas' enraged face.[2]


While walking in the streets, he thinks as to what would have happened if he had escaped a second later. He seems to be surprised when Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk quickly find him, but surrenders, telling them that he is a coward and doesn't like fighting. However, Meliodas notices the blades that he threw and blocks them. Just then, as Dr. Dana demands the return of his daughter, Golgius disappears, and soon reappears, killing Dana by stabbing him in the back. He also tells him that his daughter will join him in the next world shortly. He then tries to attacks Elizabeth, before Meliodas to block his attacks.[3]

Meliodas blocking Golgius attacks

Meliodas saving Elizabeth from Golgius' attack.

As Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk run, he repeatedly attacks Elizabeth, only for Meliodas to move her out of the way every time. When the three run into an old build, Golgius tries to kill the Deadly Sin from behind but falls for a trap that the former had placed. When he hits the bottom floor, Meliodas explains Golgius' abilities before attacking him with his sword at point blank range,[4] which sends him flying into the street. Upon being asked the reason he is after Meliodas's sword and Elizabeth, the Holy Knight takes advantage of a small distraction and escapes on a horse. As he then leaves the town, he comments about how frightening his mission was.[5]


After defeating Golgius, Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk head for Baste Dungeon to rescue Dana's daughter, Cenette. While walking, they find Diane[6], who has been hypnotized by the Holy Knight, Ruin into thinking Meliodas was him. After Meliodas is also soon hypnotized, both start battling[7], only coming to their senses when Elizabeth manages to remove the source of the illusions, Ruin's staff's bell.[8]


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