Meliodas vs. Guila is a battle fought between Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knight, Guila in Vaizel.


After Guila and Jericho's attack, Meliodas, noting that the two are now much more powerful than before, instructs the other Sins to separate.[1] He soon after encounters Guila.[2]


Meliodas and Guila greet each other, and unsheathe their weapons as the latter states that she seeks revenge. Pointing her large lance towards Meliodas, she releases several explosive flares, which, to his surprise, stop midway before reaching him. As he speculating that they will explode if he makes a wrong move, and jumps to destroy them individually, the flare he is moving towards suddenly explodes, which triggers multiple chain explosions, that together result in a gigantic explosion. When Meliodas, heavily injured, falls from their air, Guila thanks him for him cutting her hair while adding make-up on her earlier, stating that the person most important to her complimented it, referring to Zeal.[3]


Just as Meliodas is defeated by Guila, Jericho also defeats Ban. When the Holy Knights' main target, King, then arrives, the Sin of Sloth easily defeats them, since he is the only Sin who still has his Sacred Treasure.[4]


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