Meliodas vs. Helbram is a battle fought between Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knight, Helbram in Vaizel.


When Meliodas broke out of the Goddess Amber, half of his body was cover in the mysterious mark. Meliodas end up defeating both Jericho and Guila with great ease and later sense King and Helbram and form a wing to fly there.


Meliodas begins the battle by giving a powerful punch to Helbram which creates a giant storm but Helbram grabs Meliodas' hand to stop the attack, Meliodas then gives Helbram a punch to the face and ends up attacking him, but Helbram counters the attack and sent him flying. Helbram then mentions that Meliodas is different from the Reactors and says that he was a mix from the beginning.

Helbram keeps questioning Meliodas if he is a half breed, but Meliodas did not respond due to his wrath state, but they continued to fight as Meliodas keeps creating things from his mark, a giant sword and crawls. When Helbram was attacked by Meliodas' dark blade, Helbram easily dodges it and slices Meliodas. Helbram was then worried that he might have cut Meliodas in two, but it was revealed that Meliodas survived the attack by using his mark to defend himself.

Meliodas then flies toward Helbram, but Helbram used Hunter Wisp which follows Meliodas and hits him. Meliodas then landed down and Helbram made some notes, stating that Meliodas can not use Full Counter in this form due to losing reason or an altered personality, and wanted to research him quick, but Meliodas got up and use his dark claws which made Helbram excited.

Helbram continued to dodge Meliodas attacks and stop one of the crawls with his one hand and claim that Meliodas could not beat his power Link which he states is like Ban's power Snatch but less dirty because whoever allies with him, which is now using twenty Holy Knights, he will get their powers. Helbram then attacks Meliodas who then bounces back toward Helbram, and launches lots of attacks.

The Holy Knights who were giving Helbram powers, told him that Meliodas is overpowering them, which shocks Helbram and he realizes that his power is still growing and he is not in a complete state. Hendrickson then enters the circle and affords Helbram some of his powers which Helbram uses to defeat Meliodas with one hit, winning the battle.


Helbram now relaxed, realize that he would not know what happen if Hendrickson did not give him some of his powers. Helbram then walk toward Meliodas Broken Sword which Meliodas drop when he was defeated, and Helbram pick it up stating that he just have to take both the sword, Meliodas, and Elizabeth Liones, and the mission will be over, even stating the Deadly Sins has been merrily annihilated.



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