Meliodas vs. Oslo is a brief battle fought by Meliodas and King's pet Black Hound, Oslo.


After Oslo quickly taken care of Andre and his partner, Ban tries to frighten him by releasing a lot of killing intent. However, Oslo, being a black hound, grew and became very big since black hounds have the ability to change their size depending on how threatened they feel.[1]


Before Ban could kill Oslo, Meliodas stops him, saying that they were the ones who entered Oslo's territory and uses his sword to create an immensely huge dragon-like ethereal creature, which only the black hound can see. As soon as he hound sees the dragon-like creature, he becomes very frightened and flees.[2]


After the battle, Oslo ran back to his master, King, shrunk down to a puppy like state, and the Boar Hat continued on they journey to find King.


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