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Miracle Wind神風ミラクルウィンドMirakuru Windo」 is a power possessed by the Holy Maiden of the Fairy King's Forest, Elaine.


This power gives its user the ability to control wind through a mere flick of her hand. She can blow physical objects or people away, and even manipulate the shape of wind itself.


  • Manpuu no Gekirin全風まんぷう逆鱗げきりんManpū no Gekirin; literally meaning "Imperial Wrath of Great Wind"」: Elaine raises her arms and calls forth a great gale to blow away her enemies.[1]
  • Soyokaze no Gekirin「そよかぜ逆鱗げきりんSoyokaze no Gekirin; literally meaning "Imperial Wrath of Zephyr"」: With a flick of her wrist, Elaine blasts her opponent through forming a circular barrier of wind.[2]
  • Konjiki no Gekirin金色こんじき逆鱗げきりんKonjiki no Gekirin; literally meaning "Golden Imperial Wrath"」: Elaine raises both arms and calls forth a more powerful gale to crush her enemies to the ground.[3]
  • Tsuigeki no Tsumujikaze追撃ついげきのつむじかぜTsuigeki no Tsumujikaze; literally meaning "Pursuing Whirlwind"」: Elaine attacks her opponent with several large, extremely sharp projectiles of wind. [4]
  • Tempest Falls嵐瀑布テンペスト・フォールスTenpesuto Fōrusu」: Elaine creates several huge tornadoes around an opponent. [5]


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