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Mix Venom調毒ミクスベノムMikusu Benomu」 is a power possessed by Nasiens.


Mix Venom enables Nasiens to ingest any kind of poison and "teach" its composition to his body, letting him create his own mix.[1] Nasiens can also enchant weapons with his mixes.[2]

This power also renders Nasiens immune to poisons, since he is able to synthesize and neutralize them within his body.[3]

Despite supposedly being supposedly limited to "poisons" - it may vary to certain substances that might affect the body and qualify as "drugs", such as alcoholic brebages. This is further demonstrated in that he can create tonics that are not "poisonous" in nature but bring forth various other affects.


  • Misty Rain霧状化ミスティレインMisuti Rein」: Nasiens administrates his mix in the form of mist to cover large areas.[4]
    • Misty Rain: Belladonna霧状化ミスティレイン睡眠毒ベラドンナMisuti Rein - Beradon'na」: Nasiens creates a mist based on belladonna that poisons whoever breathes it.[5]
    • Wither: Upon exposure to the substance generated by Elgin's Wither power, Nasiens is able to create a mist with the same debilitating properties.[6]
  • Enchant: Henbane & Belladonna付呪エンチャント麻痺毒ヒヨス & 睡眠毒ベラドンナEnchanto - Hiyosu & Beradon'na」: Nasiens infuses his poison into his dagger and shortsword.[7]
  • Enchant: Henbane付呪エンチャント麻痺毒ヒヨスEnchanto - Hiyosu」: Nasiens infuses a dizzying poison into a weapon.[8]
  • Marigold+Green Berry+Giant's Toenail皮膚修復キンセンカ+成長促進グリーンベリー+効果倍増きょじんのあしづめKinsenka+Gurīnberī+Kyojin no Ashizume」: Nasiens creates a mixture to be used as a hair growth tonic.[9]
  • Cernunnos Horn付呪エンチャント極大向上ケルヌンノスの角Kerununnosu no Kaku; lit. "Maximum Improvement"」: Nasiens recreates a drug based on the horn of Cernunnos which greatly increases his strength and durability. [10]



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