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Mono「モノ」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters, representing the policy of Blood and Iron.


Similar to Gowther before recovering his memories, Mono hardly demonstrate emotions and her actions are purely based on reason and logic. She also judges every situation she's in as how it will contributes for her training.

However, Mono has developed more social skills over her time with the Disasters, having even befriended a tribe of Wererbear that resided on the forest near Porto City, for much of the group's surprise.


Mono GC.png
Mono's initial appearence

Mono is a tall woman with light skin, short light violet hair, blue eyes, curvaceous figure and wears two hoop earrings.

After upgrading her weapon arsenal under Valenty's assistance, Mono's hair growns longer and is now tied in a ponytail with side bangs.


Mono is an artifical human created exclusively for combat and murderous purposes, with her entire life being resumed on training, fighting and killing. Her creators appearently made her to live at the behest of others, as the own Mono mentioned after being summoned by Eastin that she lives to 'follow orders'.

After Lilia gets caught by Merlin, she is summoned by Eastin and Valenty to help them rescue the mage, the Human Weapon initially refuses and attacks the two Disasters, however, after a brief battle, Eastin and Valenty convinces Mono to help them after the latter convinces her to join the group to find a new purpose on life now following her own desires.

After sucessfully breaking into Lilia's prison, Mono, along with Eastin, is surprised by a sudden attack of Ban and Gowther, but Lilia suddenly appears and defeat the two Sins with the Ruler of Seas' help. After those events, Mono officialy becomes a member of the Seven Disasters.


Werebear Tribe Chieftan

Mono met him on patrol once and seems to have become friends with the beast, occasionally killing things for him. While looking for lumber to use in the construction of their new base, she, Lilia, and Shin dispatched of some Shadow Walkers who were invading upon the area for the Chieftan, in return he brought some spare lumber to the group's construction site.

Abilities and Equipment 

Mono is a skilled swordsman and carries two short swords along with two telepathically controlled katanas. Her swords seems to be steeped with a deadly poison. Mono also affirms that doesn't have biological needs such as sleeping and eating. Its also stated that she has enough strength and speed to tear the space-time tissue.


  • Mono's title refers to the policy of blood and iron of Bismarck. This policy meant being cruel to the enemies, use of swords, harshness, and strictness, and shedding blood
  • Mono might be based seventh and fourth disaster of the Benevolent King Sutra's and Lotus Sutra definitions, "war" and "attacks by swords and staves", respectively, since she was created by battle proposes on her original world.
  • Mono seems rather confidant in her ability to make friends.


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