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Monspeet「モンスピート」 is an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Reticence of the Ten Commandments.


Monspeet Indura Anime 2.png
Monspeet's Indura Form
Monspeet Full Visual.png
Monspeet Full Anime Appearance
Monspeet as a member of the former Ten Commandments.png
Monspeet as a member of the former Ten Commandments
Monspeet in human clothes.png
Monspeet's current appearance

Monspeet is a man with dark purple hair and a small mustache. Unlike the other demons (besides Meliodas) his demon markings are on the right side of his face, consisting of three lines, the outer two curving outward, forming the shape of his Commandment's symbol which is Reticence. He wears a cloak which covers most of his body and underneath he is shirtless with his muscular torso and arms being covered with dark matter. He tends to be depicted without his mouth save for rare occasions.


Monspeet is a gentleman of sorts for a demon and hates rude and ill-mannered people. He acts as an attendant of sorts to Derieri, always being by her side and catering to her needs. He would translate her quick and crude phrases with detail and shows a deep care by staying by her whenever he can.

He is not one for immediate violence and would prefer for most to surrender rather than fight even if he was to crush the enemy. There is an exception in Meliodas' case however as he had his Purgatory Flame Bird home in on him upon merely sensing the latter's presence. The only other instances he resorts to violence is when Derieri is in danger. He likes to watch and think rather than act, often making comments to himself.

He has a slight preference for seeing Derieri in a cute dress and seems to enjoy styling her, though the feeling is not mutual.


Memories of the Holy War arc

As one of the Ten Commandments, Monspeet fought in the ancient Holy War against the Goddess Clan and the other races (human, fairies, and giants).

After that, a horde of demons was imprisoned by Ludociel as live bait, Monspeet alongside Melascula, Derieri, Galand, and Fraudrin, led an army of demons to the Fairy King's Forest in order to rescue them. They were confronted by Elizabeth, who wanted to stop the fighting between the Goddess and Demon Clans. Monspeet is curious about the identity of the goddess, stating that her companions had been kidnapped. After Elizabeth promises to do something about it, Monspeet identifies her when she declares her feelings for Meliodas. After all the hostages were killed, the Commandments enter into combat against two of the Four Archangels. When all the demons of the army are eliminated, Monspeet swears to avenge them. After surviving the Omega Ark, Monspeet attacks Sariel by surprise with his Purgatory Flame Bird without being affected. After receiving several injuries by the Archangel, Monspeet and his companions are overpowered by Ludociel. Without further alternatives, Monspeet and Derieri decide sacrifice six of their hearts to perform their Indura Transformation, being able to hurt Ludociel and the other Archangels with all the power unleashed. However, Elizabeth intervenes and uses her powers on the demons' Indura and frees them, returning them back to normal with the help of two of the Archangels.

Along with the rest of the Demon Clan, Monspeet was sealed away by the Goddess Clan after losing the Ancient War against the other four races.

Abilities and Equipment

As a member of the Ten Commandments, Monspeet is an extremely powerful demon. Like all members of the Demon Clan, he is able to utilize the mysterious jet-black power of darkness, as previously seen by Meliodas, forming wings for flight and other such feats. His aura, combined with the other Ten Commandments is so powerful that it made the normally calm Hendrickson sweat in fear by their mere presence and unnerved Meliodas when he sensed it from several kilometers away.

King has noted how incredible Monspeet's (along with Galand and Matrona's) power is.[2] Matrona, similarly noted that she had never seen power like his (and Galand's) and compared him to a living natural disaster.[3] His very bloodlust alone is also extraordinary, as when the Seven Deadly Sins sensed it they felt threatened by it.[4]

Monspeet has high sensory and homing attack capabilities, being able to notice a strong group including Meliodas approaching from hundreds of miles away, and being able to send an attack which locked onto them. He also was able to sense that the Ten Commandments were being watched by Meliodas' comrades from Liones castle several kilometers away easily.[5] Meliodas states he was the last of the Ten Commandments he wanted them to be noticed by.[6]

Monspeet possesses immense levels of durability and endurance; he emerged completely unscathed after being hit by Matrona's Saiha,[7] as well as Tarmiel and Sariel's Omega Ark,[8] and survived a deep slash to the neck from Meliodas.[9] He is extremely fast, as shown when he appears next to Sariel and attacks him before he could react.[10] He also possesses tremendous physical strength, sending Derieri flying a considerable distance with a simple palm thrust.[11]


  • Trick Star遊撃星トリックスターTorikku Sutā; literally meaning "Raid Star"」: Monspeet's innate magic power that allows him to switch two objects with each other.[12]
  • Hellblaze獄炎ヘルブレイズHerubureizu; literally meaning "Hellfire"」: A mysterious ability possessed by Monspeet that allows him to generate black flames. The technique also has the additional effect of nullifying an immortal's regeneration. According to Derieri, Monspeet is one of the greatest users of Hellfire even within the Demon World, and his mastery of the technique has given him a great amount of resistance to the flames themselves, as shown during his fight with Estarossa.[13]
  • Gokuencho獄炎鳥ごくえんちょうGokuenchō; literally meaning "Hellfire Bird"」: Monspeet raises his arm and creates a large, triangular flame with the likeness of a bird. Upon being fired, the flame flies towards its target at an incredible speed, incinerating anything caught in its path and leaving a trail of fire in its wake. The flame is locked on to its target, homing in on it until contact is made.[14]
  • Kaijinryu灰燼龍かいじんりゅうKaijinryū; literally meaning "Ash Dragon"」: Using all his available magic, Monspeet summons an enormous flame with the appearance of a dragon's head and directs it at his opponent.[15]
  • Indura Transformation: By sacrificing six of his seven hearts, Monspeet can transform into the beast of destruction Indura to gain incredible power and strength but in exchange loses his original form and ability to reason.[16]


Monspeet was bestowed with the Commandment of Reticence沈黙ちんもくChinmoku」 by the Demon King. Those who expressed hidden feelings or emotions would have their voices blocked.

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit
53,000 34,000 16,000 3,000



Monspeet and Derieri seem to have a very friendly relationship, almost like that of a couple, when resting and regaining their magical powers they are always side by side, with Derieri resting her head on his leg when they have nothing to do. Monspeet also proposed to Derieri to wear a cute dress he found in a house and said that he will grow back her hair after it was damaged by Nerobasta's Ark showing that he cares about her appearance. They also seem prepared to die as long as they are together with Monspeet taking Derieri in his arms whenever they are greatly threatened like against Meliodas' Full Counter and Revenge Counter. Aside from that, he is ready to throw everything away to help Derieri when she's wounded and warn her against attacking Nerobasta. He's also willing to take her orders to a certain extent as he summoned demons as fodder for her Combo Star when she asked him. Still, he's ready to scold her like for attacking Nerobasta relentlessly.

It is hinted that he had feelings for Derieri and wanted to be free from his Commandment so that he could tell Derieri the words he hidden from his heart. However, he was unable to do so as he sacrificed himself in place of Derieri when Estarossa was about to pierce her heart.


Great Fight Festival arc

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

Memories of the Holy War arc

New Holy War arc


  • According to the official fanbook:
    • Handedness: Ambidextrous
    • Birthplace: Demon Realm
    • Special ability: Interpreting Derieri
    • Hobbies: Protecting Derieri
    • Daily Routine: Skipping out
    • Favorite food: Souls
    • Dream/Hope: Conquering Britannia
    • Charmpoint: Muscular body below his mantle
  • His Commandment of Reticence appears to be based on the commandment "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain", which dictates no blasphemy.
  • When Monspeet was first introduced in the manga he was seen wielding a Rapier, however this seems to have been retracted.
  • In the one-shot Sono Tenkōsei X ni Tsuki, the author uses Monspeet's character design for one of the characters.


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