Monspeet & Derieri vs. Estarossa is a battle between Monspeet, Derieri, and Estarossa of the Ten Commandments.


As the Holy War is occurring, Derieri and Monspeet are resting in a human village. Derieri is resting on Monspeets lap, and they converse about the ongoing war. Monspeet tells Derieri that Zeldris will likely deliver punishment on them and the village for betraying the Demon Clan. Derieri then tells Monspeet that she doesn't care about Zeldris and ask what he wants to do. Monspeet tells her that he likes living with her and wouldn't mind living out the rest of their lives as is. Derieri then tells him she is going to return her commandment to Zeldris. Monspeet looks on in shock and asks why. Derieri begins to explain her lack of confidence and confusion between the war and what is right and wrong. Monspeet tells her he is glad she is talking so much as she turned silent after her sister's death. Derieri responds by saying she has to because her sister loved him and it wouldn't be fair not to. Monspeets attempts to tell her that he loves her but before he can finish his sentence, the human villager girl comes in warning them of the village attack.



Monspeet sacrifices himself to save Derieri, who ends up in the middle of the Holy War beside Elizabeth.



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