Nanatsu no Taizai Official Fanbook: Sinful Testament「七つの大罪 公式ファンブック 罪約聖書 Nanatsu no Taizai Kōshiki Fanbukku Shin'yaku Seisho」, is the second fanbook of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.



Q: How long do you need to draw a page?

A: The draft takes 30 minutes. For the real deal it depends on the page but generally about 1-2 hours

Q: Can King transform into anything else than the old man form?

A: He can, but he won’t

Q: What kind of female character is your type?

A: Appearance-wise Merlin, personality-wise Elizabeth

Q: How many magic tools does Merlin have?

A: About 300 different ones

Q: Can anyone use the incantation balls?

A: Merlin made them to be like that, yes

Q: Do fairies take baths?

A: They play in the water at least

Q: When did Elizabeth start hiding her right eye?

A: When she was little. When she started realizing that it was different from other people’s

Q: When will Elizabeth stop calling every sin Lord/Lady?

A: Well, that’s more of a personality problem…

Q: What do the different clans see as an old man? (from what age?)

A: That depends from person to person I think

Q: Tell me what to do against stiff shoulders!

A: I don’t have stiff shoulders often so I don’t know

Q: Is King the silent type when he’s not with Diane too

A: Well, yeah

Q: Why does Diane hate Ban?

A: Because he’s gaudy (at least that’s how she views him)

Q: With which sin would you go drinking?

A: With King or Diane, the other ones would be scary, lol

Q: Did Merlin and Arthur ever bath together

A: Definitely not, lol

Q: Why did you get interested in the Arthurian Legends?

A: Because there’s a lot of different interpretations by lots of different writers

Q: Who is the biggest crybaby out of the male characters?

A: King

Q: Where do fairies sleep?

A: Everywhere. Except in beds

Q: Do giants make kids because of marriage or out of love?

A: Except for Diane and the recent Matrona giants mostly mate out of a breeding instinct

Q: Is it very special that Diane as a giant loves a fairy like King?

A: That’s actually very rare!

Q: What is Ban’s psychological age?

A: His mind is stuck in his 20ies

Q: Tell me how to get nice abs like Ban

A: Working out stoically is the only way to get there

Q: Can every giant create golems?

A: They can! (though how good they are made depends on the person)

Q: What movie did you like as a kid?

A: “The Goonies”. I still like it a lot even now!

Q: Did Merlin have a master too?

A: When she was young she learned the basics from someone but soon surpassed that master easily

Q: How many apprentices did Merlin have?

A: Over the years she had a lot of apprentices

Q: Can King and Elaine talk with every animal?

A: Yes. Except for Hawk Mama

Q: Why does Gowther wear glasses?

A: Because he’s super near-sighted

Q: What did you say when you proposed?

A: “Please help me applying the tones for the rest of my life!!”… That was a joke

Q: If it’s raining or cloudy does Escanor’s power get cut in half?

A: He can’t use 100% at least. Probably.

Q: Why doesn’t Elizabeth remember the Sins?

A: Because of an accident that happened when she was young she doesn’t remember much of that time



  • It was released on the same day along with Volume 22.


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