Reference Guide
Believe it or not, references are extremely important in wikis. They enable users to access where the pieces of information are obtained from - they're basically bibliographies.

Remember to count the number of pages before adding them in references since the page numbers on online websites are, most of the time, incorrect - they consider two-page spreads as a single page and sometimes include a page for crediting the scanlators in the chapter of the manga.

What to referenceEdit

References are to be added to every section of all pages, from the initial introduction to the trivia, with the only exceptions being the chapter pages, which do not require references. Editors are encouraged to reference every piece of information that they add to a page.

How to add referencesEdit

  1. References are added by using the HTML tag, <ref>. That is, <ref>Your text here</ref>
  2. However, this method is inconvenient, as editors will have to add "Nanatsu no Taizai Manga:" and so on every time they add references. Thus, the {{ref}} template has been created for easy addition of references. Usage, {{ref|ch=the chapter number|p=the page number}}
  3. For example, {{ref|ch=5|p=13}} results in, [1]
  4. . If the sources are outside the manga, use, {{ref|YOUR TEXT HERE}}
  5. For example, {{ref|YAOWYAOWAOWY}} results in, [2]
  6. To complete the entire process, add the following after the trivia section in a separate section:
{{scroll box|{{reflist}}}}

It generates the box below for the references to be stored in. Note that without this, the references will not appear.


  1. Nanatsu no Taizai Manga: Chapter 5, page 13.
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