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This article may contain spoilers from recently released, or unscanlated chapters!

What are Spoilers?Edit

A spoiler is any piece of information that may potentially reveal plot elements that some people may wish to remain unrevealed so that they may enjoy the source material to its fullest extent, without having any previous knowledge of the outcome. For example, the death of a major character or an unexpected plot twist.

We will record every bit of information regarding the series, Nanatsu no Taizai, including the progress of events and its results. Please only read if you do not mind the spoilers.

Further PoliciesEdit

  • Do not post fake information of fake spoilers
  • Do not create pages for characters unless their name translation is officially confirmed.
  • Do not add the plot spoilers until the confirmed translations are released, even if the raw scanlations have already been released. The only exceptions are facts regarding about the equipment and appearance of characters.
  • Pictures and texts are both considered as spoilers.
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