Ordan Village「オーダンの村, Ōdan no Mura」 is a tranquil village in the Britannian countryside, nestled between forests and mountains. The Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther, was found and hunted by the Holy Knight group Dawn Roar after reports of an 'Armored Giant' hiding out in the surrounding mountains.


Five years ago, a howling could be heard coming from the Ordan mountains. As this phenomenon continued, tales soon spread that the mountains had become the home of a great Mountain God. The villagers came to believe that they had been brought under the Mountain God's protection, as he drove away the beasts that once threatened their peaceful way of life.


Corand arc

When the Demon Clan invades Britannia, Ordan was take over by an Ochre and Copper Demon (and many others in the anime), who forced the villagers to regulary offer some of them as sacrifices. Fortunately, the Seven Deadly Sins appear and free the village by killing all the demons.



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