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Ordo「オルド」 is an apothecary who lived in Echo Gorge


Ordo Monster.png
Ordo's monster form


As a human, Ordo was a caring and kind man, dreaming of making Echo Gorge a druggist's cabinet where all species of Britannia can be treated. He is also very free from prejudice, accepting everyone around him regardless of his clan.


Ordo was an apothecary who regularly treated the wounded and sick in the Echo Gorge, becoming even well-liked among the local fairies. At some point he adopted a lost young giant girl and an abandoned human baby, making them his family.

One day, Ordo was confronted by Talisker, who warned him to stop helping other clans and focus solely on humans, however, Ordo refused. Seeing this as a betrayal to Arthur Pendragon's ideals, Talisker punished Ordo by turning him into a horrible monster with the sole purpouse of destroying Echo Gorge.


Echo Gorge arc

After Nasiens managed to cure Echo Gorge with his drug, a monstrous Ordo appears and begins to destroy the nature of the Gorge with his poison. This is soon revealed to be under the control of a fairy who was actually Talisker's puppet. Nasiens tries to reason with Ordo to no avail, being saved from him by Dolores who ends being hitted by Ordo's poisonous breath. While worrying for Dolores, Nasiens is once again saved from Ordo this time by Percival. When Nasiens asks what he is supossed to do, Percival says that they will bring Ordo back together.

Nasiens takes a heavy hit from Ordo. Although Percival manages to get in the way and tries to bring him to his senses, Nasiens thinks it is too late. However, a trace of consciousness shows up on Ordo, so Percival protects him from Talisker's hailstorm resulting in severe injury.

When Percival manages to confront Talisker by unleashing his magical power, Nasiens hears the story of his conflict with Ordo and how it turned him into a monster. After Percival defeats Talisker and destroys the staff that converted Ordo, the latter returns to normal to the joy of Nasiens.

When Percival, Donny and Sin were about to leave, Nasiens catches up with them saying that he is going with them. When questioned about it, Nasiens tells them that Ordo asked him to travel the world to become a better apotechary than him.










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