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Pellegarde「ペルガルド」 is a Holy Knight of Camelot who takes interest in Percival with intent to train the boy.


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Full Appearance
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Pellegarde with his armor

Pellegarde wears black armor with unique type of helm that looks like a clam with spikes and a large orb on his chest, and a high collared cape.


Pellegarde appreciates fighting strong people such as Percival and wants to fight them. Although he sees potential in the boy and wants to train him.


In the Holy Knights of Camelot, Pellegarde was acquainted with Ironside and Varghese when they served King Arthur.


Percival arc

At the castle, Pellegarde witness through a crystal how his large wolf familiar gets defeated by Percival and heads towards the village to meet Percival.

Seeing Percival in good shape, Pellegarde comments that Ironside must have feelings for his son and wonders if Varghese is alive too. Katz demands Pellegarde to apologize, however Pellegarde decides to push him away, but uses a bit more power and sends him flying few meters as he meant to shake him off lightly. After introducing himself and explaining he knows his father Ironside and grandfather Varghese, Percival wants him to tell him where Ironside is, however instead of answering Pellegarde just comments how he likes strong people and that he is impressed that Percival isn't afraid of him. As their conversation is going nowhere, they starts to fight and Pellegarde is surprised Percival's strength and that he doesn't use any weapon. Pellegarde agrees that if he loses he will tell him where Ironside is, but if he wins, he will take Percival with him as he found worthy traits in him and wants to raise him himself. Eventually Pellegarde grabs Percival and tells him that if he doesn't use a weapon, he should at least use his magic, but is surprised to hear that the boy doesn't have any magic. Pellegarde then starts hitting Percival trying to make him admit defeat, but is suddenly pushed back by Percival's unknown power that has awakened.

Although Percival does not know what to do with his magic, he accidentally manages to attack Pellegarde with it. Pellegarde decides to stop restraining himself and releases a fireball with his power Pyre, although Percival manages to dodge it and then disperse it, Pellegarde manages to redirect it and hit it squarely. Despite the fact that Percival manages to enchant her entire body with his magic, Pellegarde declares that the fire will not stop until burning him to ashes. However, there he notices that a large number of miniature golems emerge from Percival's magic and restrict his arms to undo his magic. Pellegarde thinks it doesn't matter anymore since Percival already suffered lethal burns, but then Percival's magic completely heals his wounds. Pllegarde comes to the conclusion that Percival's magic is a Hero-Type, which only occurs in one in a million people.

After Percival hit him, Pellegarde compliments him on his instincts and potential, wanting to take him with him. Pellegarde then unleashes all of his power, eliminating the golems and saying that Percival cannot win since he is still an inexperienced novice. Donny decides to intervene by making Pellegarde levitate so that Percival can escape, but the boy doesn't understand his intentions. Annoyed by Donny's magic, Pellegarde unleashes a blast of fire that leaves Donny and Percival at their mercy, but there appears a fox that uses an Incantation Orb to teleport them away.

Upon returning to Camelot, Pellegarde traverses the pathway to the castle altered by Chaos, walking past the guardians. Entering the meeting, he greets his fellow Holy Knights and asks them if they are keeping up their good work only to be ignored. Pellegarde sits next to Ironside who commented that he never changes. He internally remarks that it is a shame that he lets Percival go and vows to take him back next time. When the robed figure with a scaly hand holding the staff reveals to the attending Camelot Holy Knights that the Four Knights of the Apocalypse are young lads and believes them to be Apprentice Holy Knights. Pellegarde internally notes that Percival is not even an Apprentice Holy Knight back in their fight. The Black Knight notices Ironside slamming his fist on the table in frustration and confronts him outside the castle where he thought out loud that the Red Knight let his son go out of pity or the like. Pellegarde muses that Ironside's reputation of "The Assassin" is at risk for failing to kill one of his targets. He reveals to Ironside that Percival is alive and they had a battle, confirming the boy to be one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Pellegarde chides Ironside who thought he finished Percival off and stated that it would be a waste for he has guts and room to grow. He retorted to Ironside that it would be far better to raise the boy and bring him under their wing. Suddenly, Pellegarde is struck at close range by Ironside's sword slash only to easily block it with his arm. Pellegarde asks the Red Knight if he truly believes Percival is a threat to King Arthur. When Ironside beseechs him to fulfill his duties as a Holy Knight, Pellegarde pushes back the sword and retorts if his duties as Percival's father don't matter.

Entangled Forest arc

Pellegarde appears before Arthur Pendragon to inform him of Tamdhu's death at the hands of Gowther. He asks if he wants him to go monitor the battle between Peecival and the Dark Talismans. Arthur asks him to better help him in the search for his wife, to which Pellegarde gladly agrees. Arthur lets him do whatever he wants as long as he brings results. Pellegarde leaves eager to see how much Percival has matured.

On his way to the Entangled Forest, Pellegarde feels the magical power of the Dark Talismans disappear, wondering what happened since Percival may not yet have enough power to eliminate them. Finding Percival's group, everyone is alarmed by his presence, but Lancelot says they don't have time to play with him. Pellegarde asks who he is, to which Lancelot says they're leaving, using an Incantation Orb to teleport away leaving Pellegarde with the words in the mouth.


Pellegarde, like all other Holy Knights, has magic imbued within his body. Katz senses that he is like a rock before Pellegarde uses a bit more power that sent him flying and render him injured although he meant to shake him off. Pellegarde is skilled in hand to hand combat and use of his iron ball mace during battle. Donnie notes that Pellegarde did not use all of his power when he fought Percival which is confirmed after the Holy Knight broke free from Percival's magic golems with a simple exertion of his magic. Pellegarde is able to easily block a sword strike aimed for his neck from Ironside with his arm.


  • PyreほむらHomura」: Pellegarde possesses an ability that allows him to create fireballs, and control their trajectory at will. He can also create massive explosions of flame by releasing his magical energy all around him.


  • Mace - Pellegarde wields a large iron ball mace strapped at the back of his waist. He uses it in conjunction with his Pyre ability, and seems to be able to call it to himself at will.
  • Shield - An ornate shield that has the ability to fly. Pellegarde uses this item for defense in battle and as a means of transportation. He has shown that he can stand on it and control it's movements while in the air

Magic Items

  • Cape - Pellegarde's cape can remove is his armor and weapons hiding them within it when he takes it off. When he places the cape back on it clads him back in his armor and weapons.
  • Crystal - a magic crystal that allows Pellegarde to see through the eyes of his familiar.


Pellegarde's familiar is a massive wolf, easily dwarfing a small village house. It uses its large claws and teeth to attack it's prey but was easily defeated by Percival.





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