The Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc is the eighth arc in the series, starting from the 101st chapter and ended on the 107th.


Fights and EventsEdit


Story ImpactEdit

  • Merlin decides to rejoin the Seven Deadly Sins for the foreseeable future.
  • Gowther brainwashes Guila and causes her to fall in love with him.
  • Elizabeth Liones is able to heal herself of her injuries for the sake of Meliodas.
  • Using Minimum Tablets, Diane is able to fulfill her past dreams of shrinking down to the size of a human whenever she desires.
  • Ban decides to leave the Seven Deadly Sins and depart on his own journey.
  • Members of the Seven Deadly Sins receive new outfits.
  • King and Jericho follows Ban to the new Fairy King's Forest.
  • King is branded a traitor by other fairies, whereas Ban is recognized as the Fairy King.
  • Hawk receives the Balor's Magical Eye from Merlin and Gowther acquires one as well.
  • Meliodas demonstrates his strength in front of the knights of Liones by easily defeating Dogedo.
  • Bartra Liones' ability, Vision, informs him that the omen of the Holy War has strengthened even further, and prophecize that an immense threat is approaching Camelot.
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