"Power... it draws its source from one's strong will, belief and experience."
— Dreyfus in First Casualty

Nanatsu Legend 2

Holy Knights using their powers.

This page includes a list of all the powers that have appeared in Nanatsu no Taizai.


Powers魔力 Maryoku; literally meaning "magic powers"」 are mysterious abilities invoked through unknown means.[1][2] The source of an individual's power is stated to be drawn from one's will, beliefs and experience.[3] The power resides within the body itself [4]even though the catalyst to awaken one's power is unknown[5], the former being supported by the Holy Knights' beliefs that their bodies are imbued with "magic that transcends human knowledge."[6] Magical powers can also be gained and utilized from other sources of power by research and experimentation.

A power weakens and grows unstable if the user loses control of their emotions,[7] though this may be remedied through training.[8] Magical abilities can be sensed through the exertion of the individuals' auras and those who felt it have different reactions towards such power. They can be measured by Balor's Magical Eye by Power, Strength, and Spirit in numerical values that determines one's overall Power Level. While powers grant users various advantages and benefits when engaged in combat, there are drawbacks for using them: For example, Full Counter's inability to reflect indirect or normal attacks; Ruin's ability requires a unique staff's bell to make it work; and Invasion's requirement of a long-range distance.

These abilities can be categorized into offensive, defensive and support skills in battle. The Holy Knights from different kingdoms across Britannia use their magical abilities to protect the people from various threats in their lands.

List of PowersEdit

  • Ark聖櫃 (アーク) , Āku」: An archetypal light-based magic of the Goddess Clan. Possessed by most of the members of the Goddess Clan including Elizabeth Liones.
  • Acid腐蝕 (アシッド) , Ashiddo」: A lethal power that corrodes and deteriorates. Possessed by Hendrickson.
  • Blaze火炎 (ブレイズ) , Bureizu」: Grants the user the ability to generate and manipulate fire. Possessed by Cain Barzad.
  • Boost爆進 (ブースト) , Būsuto」: A power that allows the user to propel itself at high speeds. Possessed by Dogedo.
  • Break砕貫 (ブレイク) , Bureiku」: A mysterious power with great destructive potential. Possessed by Dreyfus.
  • Combo Star連撃星 (コンボスター) , Konbo Sutā」: A power that stacks additional force to chained attacks. Possessed by Derieri.
  • Creation創造 (クリエイション) , Kurieishon」: A power exclusive to the Giant Clan brought about by their deep connection with nature. It allows the user to control and shape the earth as they please. Possessed by Diane, Dolores and Matrona.
  • Crisis終局 (クライシス) , Kuraishisu」: A power that allows the user's power to grow in proportion of how much their life is shaved. Possessed by the Original Demon.
  • Critical Over臨界突破 (クリティカルオーバー) , Kuritikaru Ōbā」: A power that coverts the users magic into raw strength. Possessed by Galand. While using this ability, his power level rises to 40,000.
  • Curse不浄 (カース) , Kāsu」: A power that inflicts curses on the opponent. Possessed by Grayroad.
  • Death (デス) , Desu」: A power capable of killing foes by enveloping them with black fog. Possessed by an unknown Holy Knight, borrowed through Helbram's Link.
  • Disaster災厄 (ディザスター) , Dizasutā」: A power that allows the user to control life, death, and nature. It can draw out the power of the sacred treasure Chastiefol. Possessed by King and Gloxinia.
  • Discriminate識別 (ディスクリミネイト) , Disukurimineito」: A power capable of describing other people's abilities, like pointing their weaknesses. Possessed by an unnamed Holy Knight.
  • Explosion爆炎 (エクスプロージョン) , Ekusupurōjon」: The power to generate and control explosions. Possessed by Guila.
  • Full Counter全反撃 (フルカウンター) , Furukauntā」: A power that completely counters; reflecting them back at the enemy with even greater force, or vanishing the damage. However, Meliodas and Chandler's Full Counter works only on magical attacks while Estarossa's Full Counter works only on physical attacks. Possessed by Meliodas, Estarossa and Chandler.
  • Full Size巨大化 (フルサイズ) , Furu Saizu」: A power that allows the user to grow to gargantuan proportions. Possessed by Fraudrin and Dreyfus.
  • Gift恩恵 (ギフト) , Gifuto」: Possessed by Theo.
  • God魔神王 (ゴッド) , Goddo」: A power capable of nullifying all magical attacks. Possessed by Zeldris.
  • Great Thunder雷神 (グレイトサンダー) , Gureito Sandā」: A power that allows the user to generate and manipulate lightning. Possessed by Zaratras.
  • Ground大地 (グラウンド) , Guraundo」: A power that allows the user to control and shape the earth. Possessed by Drole.
  • Guardian守護 (ガーディアン) , Gādian」: Possessed by Gerheade.
  • Hell Gate獄門 (ヘルゲート) , Herugēto」: A power that allows the user to form portals for various purposes. Possessed by Melascula.
  • Hide Cloak隠密 (ハイドクローク) , Haido Kurōku」: Possessed by Zhivago.
  • Hollow Sound幻聴 (ホロウサウンド) , Horou Saundo」: A power that allows the user to create sound over great distances to confuse and distract their opponents. Possessed by Gannon.
  • Hussle倍力 (ハッスル) , Hasssuru」: Possessed by Waillo.
  • Ice Fang氷牙 (アイスファング) , Aisu Fangu」: A power that allows the user to generate and manipulate ice. Possessed by Gustaf.
  • Impurity () (じょう) , Fujō」: An unknown power of darkness. Possessed by Izraf.
  • Infinity無限 (インフィニティ) , Infiniti」: A power that allows the user to keep their spells active until himself chooses to dispel them. Possessed by Merlin.
  • Invasion侵入 (インベイション) , Inbeishon」: A power that imprisons an opponent within their own memories. It can also be used to invade the mind and manipulate memory. Possessed by Gowther.
  • Judgement審判 (ジャッジメント) , Jajjimento)」: A power that uses the opponent's guilt of killing the people depending on how many they came across and "judge" them. Possessed by Denzel Liones.
  • Link同調 (リンク) , Rinku」: A power that creates a magical link between anyone who allied themselves to the user by use of a conjured orb-like object. The user can call forth the powers and abilities of all those in contact with the orb. Possessed by Helbram.
  • Location探知 (ロケーション) , Rokēshon 」: A power capable of tracking a person, regardless if his/her appearance is known. Possessed by Vivian and Merlin.
  • Love Drive衝動 (ラブドライブ) , Rabu Doraibu 」: A power capable of having a person fall in love to absolute loyalty. Possessed by Deldry.
  • Melody旋律 (メロディ) , Merodi 」: A power that allows the user to control the rhythm and flow of magic similarly to a song allowing them to delay magical attacks by a considerable amount making any offensive magic used before them, redundant. Possessed by Deathpierce.
  • Miracle Wind神風 (ミラクルウィンド) , Mirakuru Uindo」: A power which enables its user to control wind. Possessed by Elaine.
  • Mute沈黙 (ミュート) , Myūto 」: A power possessed by Dale.[9]
  • Ominous Nebula凶星雲 (オミノス・ネビュラ) , Ominosu Nebyura」: A power that allows the user to pull others towards him with an immense power of attraction, and renders all physical attacks useless against him. Possessed by Zeldris.
  • Overpower威圧 (オーバーパワー) , Ōbāpawā」: A power that lets the user exert a malicious aura to intimidate their enemies. Possessed by Slader.
  • Purgatory Fire煉獄 (れんごく) (ほのお) , Rengoku no Honoo」: A demonic power that generates unholy flames capable of burning everything to the ground in a hellish blaze. Possessed by the Red Demon. Similar to Hellblaze.
  • Purge浄化 (パージ) , Pāji」: A secret technique of the druids that erases abominable souls.[10] Possessed by Zaratras and Hendrickson.
  • Seal封印 (シール) , Shīru」: Possessed by Jenna.
  • Snatch強奪 (スナッチ) , Sunacchi」: An enigmatic power that enables the user to "rob" material objects without direct contact. Further, it allows the user to rob their opponent of their physical abilities, such as strength and speed. The stolen abilities are then added to the users own. Possessed by Ban.
  • Suck吸収 (サック) , Sakku」: Possessed by Vivian.
  • Sunshine:「太陽 (サンシャイン) , Sanshain」: A mysterious power of overwhelming light, greatly amplified by the rising of the sun, the peak of noon and severely weakens at night. Possessed by Escanor and Mael.
  • Tempest暴風 (テンペスト) , Tenpesuto」: A power that grants the user the ability to form and control violent, cyclonic winds. Possessed by Howzer.
  • The Ruler支配者 (ザ・ルーラー) , Za Rūrā」: A power that allows the user to invert all powers and techniques that are used against him, regardless of their nature. Possessed by the Demon King.
  • Thunder Ray天雷 (サンダー・レイ) , Sandā Rei」: A lightning manipulation power. Possessed by Zaneri.
  • Thunderbolt雷帝 (サンダーボルト) , Sandāboruto」: A power that allows the user to generate and manipulate lightning. Possessed by Gilthunder.
  • Transparency (とう) (めい) () , Tōmei-ka」: A power that makes the user invisible, though it does not erase their presence entirely. Possessed by Golgius.
  • Transpork変身 (トランスポーク) , Toransupōku」: A power that copies the characteristics of the being the user ate. Possessed by Hawk.
  • Trick Star遊撃星 (トリックスター) , Torikku Sutā」: A power that allows the user to switch two objects with each other. Possessed by Monspeet.
  • Vain無駄 (ベイン) , Bein」: A power that can increase the magical burden of an opponent's abilities with the effect can be applied multiple times, preventing powers which use a significant amount of magic from activating through weapons. Possessed by Arden.
  • Vision千里眼 (ビジョン) , Bijon」: A power that enables the user to see small glimpses into the future. Possessed by Bartra Liones.
  • Wall障壁 (ウォール) , Uōru」: A power that forms a spherical, defensive barrier around the user. These barriers can also be used to entrap opponents. Possessed by Griamore.


  • Enchantment: Hellblaze付呪 (エンチャント) 獄炎 (ヘルブレイズ) 」, Enchanto): (Herubureizu」: A mysterious demonic enchantment that generates black flames which never extinguish and the additional effect of nullifying an immortal's regeneration. Possessed by Meliodas, Zeldris, Monspeet, Estarossa, and Hendrickson.
  • Enchantment: Hard Protection付呪 (エンチャント) 防壁膜 (ハードプロテクション) 」, Enchanto) (Hādo Purotekushon」: An enchantment that forms a protective barrier, forming around the user and is capable of fending off physical attacks. Possessed by Helbram.
  • Enchantment: Resist Fire付呪 (エンチャント) 炎の耐性 (レジストファイヤ) , Enchanto) (Rejisuto Faiya」: An enchantment that greatly reduces the damage the user received from fire attacks, notably from Explosion. Possessed by Helbram.
  • Enchantment: Resist Wind付呪 (エンチャント) 風の耐性 (レジストウインド) , Enchanto) (Rejisuto Uindo」: An enchantment that greatly reduces the damage the user received from wind attacks, notably from Tempest. Possessed by Helbram.

Unnamed PowersEdit

  • Elizabeth's Power: A mysterious ability that allows her to persuade others to retreat from battle by speaking into their hearts and souls.
  • Friesia's Power: A power that manipulates insects and uses their highly destructive and corrosive poison for offensive purposes. Can be utilized for espionage and reconnaissance.
  • Jericho's Power: Jericho previously possessed a slashing technique referred to as Godspeed. It was lost with the removal of her demon blood. After her brother's death, she awakens an ice manipulation ability similar to Gustaf's Ice Fang.
  • Jillian's Power: Jillian possesses the power to constrict her enemies with a wire-like trap ability, rendering them immobile for the time being.
  • Marmas' Power: A power that allows the user to increase gravity on their opponents at specific increments with maracas-like maces.
  • Ruin's Power: A power that hypnotizes and delude foes into believing that their comrades and allies are the users, which results in them battling each other. The bell on the user's staff is the source of that power.
  • Weinheidt's Power: Weinheidt possesses the power to create a realistic illusion himself to deceive enemies, as well as the ability to charge his arrows to shoot with more power to deal maximum damage.

Named TechniquesEdit

  • Hunter Wisp狩玉 (ハンターウィスプ) , Hantā Uisupu; literally meaning "Hunt Sphere"」A power that summons three small light orbs and fires them at the target. These orbs relentlessly hunt the target down and explode on impact.
  • Aura Burst「オーラ・バースト, Ōra Bāsuto」: A power that allows the user to perform powerful energy wave slashes with dual swords at the target.
  • Bullet Squall弾雨 (バレットスコール) , Baretto Sukōru」: A power that launches a torrential rain of bullets to deal area-of-effect damage.
  • Death Breath死神の息吹 (デスブレス) , Desu Buresu」: A power that summons carnivorous ghosts which devours their enemies.
  • Flick Stone「フリックストーン, Furikku Sutōn」: A power that sends forth a massive avalanche of rocks towards targets.
  • Goen no Jujin豪炎 (ごうえん) 呪陣 (じゅじん) , Gōen no Jujin; literally meaning "Inferno Incantation"」: A power that produces and fires flames from the user's hands. Similar to Blaze.
  • Dontsu no Kiri鈍痛 (どんつう) (きり) , Dontsū no Kiri; literally meaning "Mist of Dull Agony"」: A power capable of killing foes by enveloping them with a white mist. Similar to Death.
  • Plant Whip暗緑鞭 (プラントウィップ) , Puranto Uippu」: A power that summons a large plant which whips enemies with its numerous vines.
  • Wind Shooter「ウインドシューター, Uindo Shūtā」: A power that sends a succession of sharp winds towards a target.


  • Flash (せん) (こう)  Senkō」: A Grace that grants immense speed to his wielder, with such speed it seemed like he teleported. Possessed by Ludociel.
  • Tornado (たつ) (まき)  Tatsumaki」: A Grace that allows its wielder to manipulate wind. Possessed by Sariel.
  • Ocean (たい) (かい)  Taikai」: A Grace that allows its wielder to creates a literal ocean to trap his opponents and to liquefy his body. Possessed by Tarmiel.
  • Sunshine (たい) (よう)  Taiyō」: A Grace that enhances the wielder's strength dramatically until the rise of the sun to the point where they can become nigh-invincible but will weaken as the sun sets. It was blessed upon Mael. After his identity changed to that of Estarossa, it was passed to Escanor through unknown means.


  • Immortality: Grants the user immortality, bestowing upon them unrivaled regenerative abilities. Formerly possessed by Ban.
  • Levitation: An ability that grants objects and users to fly at will.
  • Transformation: An ability that allows a user to alter their physical appearance and apparels.
  • Rapid Movement: A common ability that allows users to move in great speed the a blink of an eye as if by teleporting.
  • Magic Detection: A common ability that allows users to perceive any source of magic whether in objects or people.



  • All of the powers' effects closely resemble the users' traits and personalities - for example: Ban's ability Snatch corresponds to his habit of stealing, Meliodas' Full Counter reflects his intention not to directly harm people, and Dreyfus' Break symbolizes his ambition to become supreme and crushing anyone who stands in his way to supremacy.
  • Despite powers being largely unique amongst the characters, there are several cases where individuals related by blood have displayed similar powers. These include:


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