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Pump「パンプ」 is a member of the Demon Clan and part of the Six Knights of Black.


Pump is a very tall humanoid demon. At first sight he can be mistaken for someone wearing a full set of magenta armor, when this is his actual body. He has very large hands with sharp blade-like fingers. He can extend sharp, poisonous needles from his body to impale opponents or fire off as projectiles.


Pump is very competitive and lonely. Pump is also very violent and acts childish as well, referring to the upcoming battle with the Celestial Clan as “festivities”. He also takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others, such as when he laughed after impaling Ban with needles. Pump has a strong desire to fight, shown as he appeared rather excited when confronted by Meliodas, and he was disappointed when Bellion appeared and began to fight Meliodas in his place.


3,000 years ago

As a member of the Six Knights of Black, Pump fought in the ancient Holy War against the Goddess Clan and the other races.

The Six Knights of Black were part of the battle against the four races in the Sky Temple, where an Indura brought destruction. When the victory of the Demon Clan seemed certain, the Great Oshiro appeared and defeated the Indura, allowing the Goddess Clan to seal the Six Knights of Black, the Indura and other Demons within the Egg Rock.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky

After 3,000 years, when the seal of the Egg Rock falls apart, the Six Knights of Black were released from their imprisonment. Pump managed to kill several Celestials in order to use their souls to release the Indura. He is then attacked by Ellatt, and Pump wonders if he must kill her or make her suffer. Meliodas then stops Ellat before she gets pierced by Pump's needles. Understanding that Meliodas is Bellion's objective, he lets him fight Meliodas and gets annoyed by Bellion's ignorance towards his desire of fighting.

Pump resumes his fight with Ellatt, resisting all of her sword hits and then paralyzing her with his Hypno Stinger. However, before he can kill her, Ellatt is saved by Solaad and Ban makes his entrance to fight Pump. Despite being overwhelmed by Ban in the fight, Pump manages to paralyze him and then impale him with his body needles. However, Ban recovers instantly thanks to his immortality and breaks Pump's body apart with a bear hug.

His soul along with his companions' are later sacrificed to the Indura by Bellion.

Abilities and Equipment

As a member of the Six Knights of Black, Pump is stronger than an average Demon. He can use long needles that come from his body to attack his targets.


  • Hypno Stinger「ヒュプノスティンガー, Hyupuno Sutingā 」: Pump stings his opponent with a poisoned needle that leaves them paralyzed. [1]



Prisoners of the Sky

  • Ellatt & Meliodas vs. Pump: Indecisive
  • Ban vs. Pump: Lose


  • He makes a cameo appearance in the intro on the Demons' side.


  1. Nanatsu no Taizai Movie: Prisoners of the Sky


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