Purge浄化パージ Pāji」 is a secret technique known only to the Druids, taught to them by the Goddess Clan[1].


Purge is used to remove evil entities from the world, and has been used to kill both vampires and demons.

Besides from expelling the evil, Purge can also get rid of any impurity, such returning sludge to fresh and clear water.


Combined TechniquesEdit

  • Combined Technique: Holy Shock「合技 浄滅衝ホーリーショック Gōgi "Hōrī Shokku"; literally meaning "Purifying Destructuve Blast"」: Dreyfus combines his Shoha with Hendrickson's Purge, creating an explosion of energy capable of eradicating multiple evil souls at once. [2]

Gallery Edit


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