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PyreほむらHomura」 is a power possessed by the Holy Knight Pellegarde.


Pyre enables Pellegarde to create fireballs, and control their trajectory at will. He can also create explosions from his own body, allowing him to free himself from being restrained and blow away anything in his immediate area.[1] Pellegarde has stated that his flames will continue to burn the target until there is nothing left, unless he cancels the technique himself.[2]

However, one weakness of this ability is that it can be dispelled if Pellegarde's arms are restrained.[3]


  • Shiranui不死火しらぬいShiranui; lit. meaning "Immortal Fire"」: Pellegarde creates a huge fireball that scatters in an array of smaller ones every time they are intercepted. [4]
  • Kenran Goka絢爛けんらんごうKenran Gōka; lit. meaning "Brilliant Hellfire"」: Pellegarde rises the temperature of his flames to the point that they are able to burn the opponent's magic away.[5]