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The Ragnarok arc its a story arc created exclusively for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross mobile game.


Fights and Events

  • Meliodas, Ban and King vs. Sigurd


The story begins with Grimmir reciting the prophecy of a three-years last-longing unceasing winter falling in the land of Yggdrasil and how heroes from a distant land are fated to save this world from the imminent chaos.

Then, the perspective shifts to Sigurd, with him and his squad in an expedition at the Elua Forest aiming to exterminate Demonic Beasts that escaped from Jotunnheim, outside of Ymir's eyelashes. After the prince sucessfully slaying the snowfield beast that was giving a hard time to his soldiers, one of them reported to Sigurd about the rumored moving tavern runned by fearful demons being nearby, heading towards the Elua Plains.

A time break then jumps to the Xatenburg soldiers advancing towards the Boar Hat, but getting koncked out by Meliodas. The soldiers, feared by Meliodas' dragon symbol together with his immense power, assumes him to be the incarnation of the Evil Dragon Fafnir. Assuming, Meliodas to be the incarnation of the dragon long ago slayed by his father, Sigurd wields Gram towards the him, which surrounds the Dragon Sin around a mysterious black aura that drastically reduces his powers and stamina. Not seeing any possibility of victory, Meliodas asks Hawk Mama to take the rest of the group to safety while him, Ban and King distracts the Prince of Xatenburg and his troup. At the verge of defeat, King summons Oslo at the last moment and the Black Hound manages to save the trio from Gram's final blow, taking them back to the Boar Hat with the rest of the group. However, Sigurd remains tracking down the Sins' magic track with Gram, redirecting his troups towards their direction, aiming to exterminate Meliodas at any cost.

Now the story returns to the the time before the Sins were dragged into this mysterious world. There, Meliodas is seen walking through the libray of Liones' castle when a book suddenly falls off from the shelf. Coincidentally, the book is the same one which Meliodas used to read to an infant Elizabeth regarding the story of a three years long winter. When the Dragon Sin his attention from the old book, he seees himself not the castle of Liones anymore, but in a strange snowfield. Shortly after, Meliodas reunites with the remaining sins, Elizabeth, Hawk and Hawk Mama, who were also mysteriously teleported to this environment.

Now reunited, the group starts their work at the Boar Hat as a way to collect information from the costumers about this strange place. While serving their otherworldly costumers in need of a good local of leisure after enduring three years of unending winter, the group is astonished by a hooded figure that suddenly appeared at the tavern, much like how Elizabeth first appeared at the Boar Hat, calling Meliodas his dad before collapsing.

Story Impact

  • The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth, Hawk and Hawk Mama are dragged into the world of Midgard of Yggdrasil.

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