Red Demons赤き魔神 Akaki Majin」 (alternatively, "Blood"「ブラッド Buraddo」 Demons) are a family of lower-class entities within the Demon Clan.[1]


The Red Demons appear as large, obese creatures with clown-like faces. They possess sharp claws and teeth that grow in rows, along with two ridged horns protruding from their heads. The veins on their necks are prominent and can be easily seen. They have sagging skin and do not possess a tongue. However, official art from the anime depict it with a tongue, which could be due to it not having been revealed back then not to have a tongue. They are 800cm (26'3") tall.

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The Red Demons are savage monsters, though possess a level of intelligence. They are shown to be destructive and impossible to reason with.


3,000 years agoEdit

The Red Demons were sealed along with the rest of the Demon Clan after losing to the Goddess allied clans in an ancient war. However, a number of individuals somehow managed to escape the seal.[2]

Bandit BanEdit

Red Demon breathing fire

The demon releasing its purgatory fire.

Just as Ban offered to find Elaine's brother, the Red Demon suddenly appeared, probably to steal the Fountain of Youth, and started burning the Fairy King's Forest with its purgatory fire. Ban, immediately instructing Elaine to take the cup of the fountain and escape, began attacking it and successfully removed its heart. However, it did not die, since demons possess more than one heart, and then fatally wounded both Elaine and Ban with its claws. After Elaine made Ban drink the Fountain of Youth, he becoming immortal, quickly and angrily killed the demon.[3]

Sometime after it was killed by Ban, its corpse was found by some knights who were sent to investigate the Fairy King's Forest's destruction, including Hendrickson, who also discovered a power enhancing quality of the demon's blood, and that its blood could transform compatible living beings and draw out immense power after witnessing crows mutated after they ate its flesh.[4] This quality of its blood has been used by Hendrickson to secretly increase the abilities of many ordinary Holy Knight apprentices, many of whom were considered as failures. The apprentices were called the "New Generation" with the kingdom unaware of their new abilities' origin.[5] Hendrickson also experimented on himself as well, resulting the obtaining of Demon powers and Hellblaze.


Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

Hendrickson showing a Red Demon's corpse

The bloated corpse of the red demon is kept suspended below Hendrickson's Research Facility

Twigo and Jericho are brought to the cave, where the Red Demon's corpse is hidden by Guila.[6] After receiving explanations about the qualities of its blood, the two decide to drink it due to their desires for greater strength. Twigo, however, explodes due to being incompatible; Jericho remains fine and survives after ingestion.[7]

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

As Great Holy Knight Dreyfus leads a strike group of Holy Knights (Gilthunder, Howzer, Guila and Jericho) into Merlin's old castle, Helbram expressed worries of what would happen if Dreyfus find the Red Demon's corpse beneath the castle before encountering Diane underground.

Later, when the five of the Seven Deadly Sins battle Hendrickson at the ruins of Merlin's old castle, Ban discovers the corpse after being sent flying into the wall by the Great Holy Knight. Recovered, Ban questioned the Druid's acquisition of the corpse and then assaulted Hendrickson in full force, that sent him flying into the wall. The wall collapsed to reveal the chained demon's corpse with the Sins' shock and Hendrickson laughing in confidence. Hendrickson reveals how he came by that corpse and used it to make countless experiments on the Old and New Generations and himself, boasting of the vast powers he had gained before attacking the Sins again with Ban taking the blow and revealed to the Great Holy Knight that he was the one who killed it 20 years ago before pummeling him. After Ban smashed Hendrickson far deep underground, the Fox's Sin of Greed destroyed the demon's corpse with his nun-chunks.

Istar arcEdit

When the Ten Commandments are revived and pretend to recover their lost magic power, some Red and Gray Demons are summoned by Melascula in order to collect human souls. One of the Red Demons proposes to carry out his work in Byron, stealing the souls of his inhabitants but is then attacked by Gilthunder, Howzer and Griamore while they were in a road. Combining his powers, the three Holy Knights are able to kill the Red Demon and release the souls he had stolen.

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

During the conquest of the Demon Clan in Britannia, several Red Demons are seen invading kingdoms and killing several knights.

Some Gray and Red Demons attend the Ten Commandments during the invasion of Liones. One of them is destroyed by the Ark of Nerobasta.

During their advance to Liones, Elizabeth and Zaratras meet with a group of Red and Gray Demons, but all are destroyed by Hawk Mama. Then, some Red Demons are called by Monspeet along with other demons in order to sacrifice themselves to load Derieri's Combo Star.

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

Various Red Demons are with many other demons figthing with the Holy Knights. Some of them are eliminated by Guila, but with she and Jericho are wounded by Blue Demons, a Red Demon pretends to eliminate them with his Purgatory Fire, but is destroyed by Howzer. Thee rest was killed by the Archangel Tarmiel.

Current arcEdit

Various Red Demons are part of the Demon Clan army that is faced by the Holy Knights during the Holy War. Several are eliminated by the knights but the rest manages to release their attacks against them. The rest are eliminated by Diane's Queen Embrace and the Four Archangels's Omega Ark.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Red Demons are shown to be powerful beings, capable of mass death and destruction. Despite being low-ranked among the demons, their strength surpasses that of a standard Holy Knight. In its battle against the immortal Ban, it demonstrated great strength to withstand and persevere through a barrage of lethal strikes, leading to a battle of endurance between the two. Its claws were strong enough to greatly wound Ban, who only survived the onslaught due to the immortal regenerative powers gifted to him by the Fountain of Youth.[8]

As members of the Demon Clan, they retain the characteristic biological features of their species, including possessing multiple hearts and the ability to create unnatural black wings that they can use to fly.[8] Their most catastrophic power was the ability to breathe Purgatory Fire煉獄の炎 Rengoku no Honō」 from their mouths. This unholy, black flame was so destructive it could even burn the Fairy King's Forest to the ground; a particular forest that could not be burnt by natural fire. They are also capable of firing destructive beams from their eyes, which one used to fatally wound both Ban and Elaine before they had time to react.[8]

Their blood possessed the unusual trait of unlocking great power within certain individuals. Those compatible to the blood receive unnatural power upon consumption, shown by their eyes changing color to an eerie black. Incompatibility to the blood leads to rapid swelling of the body, ultimately causing the individual to explode and die.[9]

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit
1.000 - 1.300???


Bandit BanEdit

Istar arcEdit


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