The Divine Axe Rhitta神斧 リッタ Jinpu Ritta」 is a sacred treasure in the possession of the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor.


Rhitta is giant ornamental axe with a blade shaped like a crescent moon, similar to that of a Monk's spade. The axe also features two golden protrusions, one larger than the other, with the white tips of a spear, the longer one is in the middle at the top of the axe and the smaller one is on the opposite of the blade of the axe. The handle is dark blue and it features a golden semicircular guard with four golden spikes on it. Its design specs and distribution of weight are (likely intentionally) off: most of the weight is concentrated in the head, leaving it off balance, and even more difficult to wield than its impressive weight would already make it.


  • Charge & Fire充填 (チャージ) 放射 (ファイア)  Jūten & Hōsha (Chāji & Faia); literally meaning "Fill & Emit"」: Rhitta's special ability is to completely absorb and store the enormous amount of heat Escanor radiates from his body during the day. This allows him to release the heat on command and with precision instead of simply burning away everything in his vicinity.[1]

By saying the command "Sacred Treasure Release"神器解放 (じんぎかいほう)  Jingi Kaihō」, Escanor can release all the power he has stored in Rhitta in an instant. The release is accompanied by an incredible wave of light and heat, illuminating the night sky, causing onlookers to mistake it for the sun itself. He can call it to himself at will, and it will travel at incredible speeds through the sky to reach him.[2]


  • Rhitta is the third Sacred Treasure to be shown in a flashback.
  • Rhitta is named after a young maiden loved by the sun.  
  • Despite its large size and the weight of its head, Rhitta is a one-handed weapon.
  • Rhitta is the heaviest of all Sacred Treasures.[3]
  • In the manga, the handle of Rhitta appears mistakenly facing the opposite way at first. In the anime is correctly facing the direction of the blade of the axe.


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