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Roxy「ロキシー」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters.


Roxy is a woman of average height with light skin, long blonde hair in two pigtails, green eyes and wears a spiked choker.


Roxy is a very cruel and merciless individual and doesn't care about anyone but herself and people who owe something to her. She can also be very temperamental when things doesn't happen the way she wants or when people doubts about her abilities. Besides that, she is also a bit lazy.


At her original world, she used to be a warrior slave until being summoned by Lilia and joining the Seven Disasters.

After joining the Seven Disasters, Lilia often sends her on field missions with the aim of destroying villages and cities. However, the Disaster usually overreacts during these missions, forcing her friends, usually Mono, to stop her before she loses control completely. 

At some point, Roxy complained to Lilia about the fact that they hadn't a good-looking man on the team, something that possibly influenced on Shin's summoning.

Abilities and Equipments

She uses a spiked flail which creates powerful explosions whenever it strikes a target. Also, after having some magic lessons with Lilia, Roxy managed to use her magic for other purposes such as summoning and fixing damaged objects, however, she still posses a very volatile control over her spells, as noted when she, attempting to fix Shin's tablet, ended summoning the characters from his King of Fighters' game into the real world.


  • Magma Swing溶岩投擲マグマ・スウィングMaguma Suwingu; literally meaning "Lava Throwing"」: Roxy spins her flail, creating a magma circle to attack her enemies.
  • Volcano Ash火山灰落下ボルケーノ・アッシュBorukēno asshu; literally meaning "Volcanic Ash Fall"」: Roxy launches her flail at the target and causes a massive explosion.


Seven Disasters


According to Roxy, Lilia was the first person to not be interested on her due to her appearance, but for her destructive powers and ideologies, something that caught a bit of Roxy's respect for her.


Roxy seems to be good friends with Valenty, as she is seen cheering her up during the fight on the King of Fighters' tournament and when she agreed on help on her research collecting battle data from Lilia's Awakened Form.


Roxy and Mono seems to get along, as they occasionally go on missions together and are both training to develop their powers under Lilia's aid.

Eastin Amabyllis

Eastin and Roxy have a complicated relationship, Eastin usually scolds her for acting as "barbaric", Roxy, on the other hand, sees this as reason enough to start a fight with her. The two's arguing got so bad they exposed themselves while in hiding on a mission, causing Camila to scold them. Despite this, Roxy seemed impressed by Eastin's skills as she stopped the under-construction base from being flooded by Skira, later commending her on a job well done.


Roxy acts like a younger sister to Shin. She occasionally insists to follow him in some of his missions and often attempts to annoy him by stealing his things or making fun of his fears. Roxy, however, doesn't seem to know to stop when her humor actually upsets Shin. Despite that, she appears to have had a crush on him, though potentially having gotten over it as she has since been on trips to the beach to find herself hot men.


  • Roxy might be based on the first disaster of the Lotus Sutra's definitions, fire, due to her fire-based powers.
  • According to Grand Cross data:
    • Roxy despises King's human form because it reminds her of bad memories related to her uncle.
    • Roxy loves beef, something that Shin occasionally use as an excuse to prevent her to cause a rampage.
    • During her free time she occasionally likes to flirt with men she finds interesting.
  • Roxy shares some resemblances with Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia.
    • Both are short-tempered and aggressive.
    • Both posses explosion-based powers.
    • Both usually scream 'die' to their opponents during a battle.


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