Roxy「ロキシー」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters.

Apparence Edit

Roxy is a woman of average height with light skin, long blond hair in two pigtails, blue eyes and wears a spiked choker.

Personality Edit

Roxy has a psychotic behavior and become violent when things doesn't happens the way she wants, living up to her title as "Lunatic Destroyer". In certain occasions, she acts with certain innocence and insecurity only to manipulate her enemies.

History Edit

She used to be a warrior slave before becoming a wanted criminal around Britannia.

After joining the Seven Disasters, her behavior tends to causes a lot of trouble wherever she goes, requiring her friends, usually Mono and Shin, to intervene before she goes into rampage.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

She uses a spiked flail which creates powerful explosions whenever it strikes a target.

Trivia Edit

  • Roxy might be based on the first disaster of the Lotus Sutra's definitions, fire, due to her fire-based powers.
  • Roxy is the only Disaster that wasn't summoned from a different world.
  • According to Grand Cross data, Roxy despises King's human form because it reminds her of bad memories related to her uncle.


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