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Sacred Treasures神器 Jingi」 are uniquely powerful weapons wielded by the Seven Deadly Sins and were once treasures of the Kingdom of Liones.


Not much is known of the Sacred Treasures but according to King, King Bartra Liones entrusted these weapons to the Seven Deadly Sins when the king of Liones formed them.

After the Seven Deadly Sins' supposed betrayal 10 years ago, some of the Sacred Treasures were lost to fate: Meliodas' Lostvayne was sold to fund his Boar Hat business, Ban's Courechouse was stolen after he intentionally lets himself get captured by the Weird Fangs 5 years ago, and Diane lost Gideon for unknown reasons until she later regained it at Vaizel. King, Gowther, Merlin, and Escanor remained in possession of Chastiefol, Herritt, Aldan and Rhitta respectively.


According to King, a Sacred Treasure allows the user to draw out their powers to their full potential. He exemplifies the strength by using the lake and a cup as an comparison for his use of Chastiefol in combat. As Helbram stated that the Sacred Treasures made the Seven Deadly Sins the most formidable group of knights that could surpass even the Holy Knights. Sacred Treasures cannot be picked up and used by anyone but the Sins themselves, although Helbram was able to hold Chastiefol with ease when battling King at Vaizel.

List of Sacred Treasures

  • Spirit Spear Chastiefol霊槍 シャスティフォル Reisō Shasutiforu」: the sacred treasure of King. It is able to levitate and change its form at will.
  • War Hammer Gideon戦鎚 ギデオン Sentsui Gideon」: the sacred treasure of Diane. It appears as a giant war hammer.
  • Twin Bow Herritt双弓 ハーリット Sōkyū Hāritto」: the sacred treasure of Gowther. It appears as a pair of luminous energy bows.
  • Demon Sword Lostvayne魔剣 ロストヴェイン Maken Rosutovein」: the sacred treasure of Meliodas. It appears as an ornamental short sword.
  • Holy Staff Courechouse聖棍 クレシューズ Seikon Kureshūzu」: the sacred treasure of Ban. It appears as a ornate four section-staff.
  • Morning Star Aldan明星 アルダン Myōjō Arudan」: the sacred treasure of Merlin. It appears as a crystal ball.
  • Divine Axe Rhitta神斧 リッタ Jinpu Ritta」: the sacred treasure of Escanor. It appears as an axe with a blade shaped like a crescent moon, similar to that of a monk's spade.



  • Merlin estimates that a Sacred Treasure is worth more than a hundred thousand gold coins, and that their value cannot be accurately judged.
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