Search-and-Destroy Force vs. Demons is a battle between the Search-and-Destroy Force and the Demon Clan's army.


As the Holy War is unleashed, the army of the Demon Clan is released from the seal and prepares for the battle. The allied forces of Stigma, the Holy Knights and the Seven Deadly Sins sends a division designed to face them, the "Search-and-Destroy Force".


As the Search-and-Destroy Force takes way to Camelot, the two armies ends colliding in battle. Guila takes charge of reak their formation, using her Brilliant Detonation and in conjunction with Howzer and the other Holy Knights attack to eliminate a good amount of demons, but the rest still unleashes their attacks against them, but all are diverted by Deathpierce's Melody. Deathpierce and his fellow Pleiades of the Azure Sky takes ahead killing some demons grants to Ludociel's Breath of Bless. Almost all the other knights continues to fight under the effect of the technique, even after being badly injured. Unknown to almost everyone, Elizabeth Liones begins to talk with the demons, convincing a great amount of them to retire. She also takes care of heal everyone during the battle, achieving their survival.

While the battle continues, the Holy Knights are oppressed by the difference of power and resources and are forced to consider a withdrawal. There, Diane astonish everyone by razing with a great amount of the army with her Queen's Embrace, also destroying a surviving Albion with Gideon. King then uses Chastiefol's Tyrant Tempest to eliminate all the other Albions, leaving the knights surprised with their strength. The Archangels Sariel and Tarmiel unleash their Omega Ark, killing most of the remaining demons.


As the Search-and-Destroy Force emerges victorious, there were some demons that survives and attack Liones, being confronted by the Defensive Force.

After everyone's injuries are healed by Elizabeth, they take a moment to regroup, but in that they are surprised by Derieri who falls in the battlefield being pursued by Estarossa.



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