Seven Deadly Sins vs. Hendrickson is a fight between the five member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, and Gowther and Great Holy Knight Hendrickson.


As Hendrickson taunted the Deadly Sins for being outnumbered due to the New Generation transforming into Demons and left the capital city to their mercy, Meliodas pointed out that he should check again. Hendrickson sense that all of the New Generations were stopped as they return back to normal due to Ban and King help while the rest of the Holy Knights are currently surrounding the ruined castle.


Laughing maniacally, Hendrickson, however, continued his attempt to battle against the Deadly Sins as he try to once again reattach his sever arm which Meliodas immediately sliced the arm, declaring that they will stop him. Hendrickson manage to reattach his arm and strike Meliodas who spin around and landed three large slice wounds on Hendrickson body. Hendrickson healed himself with demonic power and try to slice Meliodas who dodge and let King use Chastiefol Form Five to stab Hendrickson many times, all over his body.

King then mocked the druid to die for Helbram's revenge, Hendrickson scream as he ejected the blades out of his body while Diane used Double Hammer by forming two large stone arm to smash and trap him where Meliodas rush in and slice him, performing Combined Technique: Metal Crush. Hendrickson rush toward Ban and smash him into the wall where the latter found the demon corpse and return to Hendrickson, smashing against the wall furious for having the demon while questioning him for having it. The wall break down to reveal the demon which shocked the Deadly Sins.

Hendrickson then explained to the Sins of how he got it and performed countless experiments from the Old and New Generations and to study dark magics to attain vast Demon powers as he fired dark matter at the five Sins who either dodged or block them except for Ban who took the blow straight in the chest. Ban then quickly approached Hendrickson and revealed to him that he's the one who killed that demon 20 years ago before smashing the druid with great force that sent him far beneath the ruined castle. Its tremors were felt by the Holy Knights who sensed it.


The Sins were instantly defeated and the Holy Knights stepped in to fight Hendrickson but were defeated by the Great Holy Knight regardless of their strength in powers and numbers.



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