Shin「シン」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. He is a member of the Seven Disasters.

Apparence  Edit

Shin is a tall muscular man with pale skin, short white hair with black bangs, light blue eyes and wear black gloves.


Shin is rather reserved and hardly talks, being described by Roxy as 'boring'. However, he deeply cares for his friends, specially Roxy when she gets in trouble, he is also interested in powerful people, visible on his interest on Meliodas after sensing the power emanated by his demonic aura, he later developed the same interest in Escanor.

History Edit

Abilities and Equipment  Edit

Little is know about Shin's powers, but he seems to be very powerful, being able to overpower HowzerGilthunder and Griamore with certain ease. Also, he possesses a futuristic bracelet developed by Valenty that create and control drone-like machines that fire powerful energy blasts towards his targets.


  • Shin might be based on the seventh disaster of the Lotus Sutra's definitions, 'attack by bandits', due to his past as a dungeon conqueror, where he used to travel between worlds and plunder dungeons.
  • According to the game's data, Shin was also leader of an unknown group of dungeon conquerors before being summoned by Lilia.
  • Shin once stated that, if they weren't his enemies, he would like to be friends with Meliodas and Escanor.


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