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Shin「シン」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. He is a member of the Seven Disasters.


Shin is a tall muscular man with pale skin, short white hair with black bangs, light blue eyes and wear black gloves.


Shin is rather reserved and hardly talks, being described by Roxy as 'boring'. He likes to judge the situations he's in as a videogame, wants to seek powerful people, find informants and is ready to complete a quest wishing for the reward. He also states that likes powerful men, as he got interested on Meliodas after sensing the power emanated by the Dragon Sin when they first met, he later developed the same interest in Escanor when the Sins invaded the Timespace Junction.


Born in an apocalyptic world, Shin used to be leader of team of robbers that traveled between worlds to plunder dungeons. However, at some point of his life, he was summoned by Lilia and joined the Seven Disasters.

Some time after his summoning, in order to help Valenty, he went a mission to find Gilthunder to use the Holy Knight's electric powers to charge a mobile device that came with him from his original world. During the mission, Roxy ends following him and the favor exchanges ended turning into a battle because Roxy was being hunted by the Holy Knights after the massacre she caused in a near village. At the meantime, Shin personally meets the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, who came to aid Gil, Howzer and Griamore after sensing the emanated magic over the area. Shin then requests the Dragon Sin to battle him to fulfill his curiosity towards his enemies' leader. After his battle with the demon, the Disaster is evacuated from the area due to Valenty's experimental escape device.

A certain time after these events, Shin eventually became friends with Gilthunder and asked the Holy Knight to use his electric powers to charge the tablet that came with him from his original world to Valenty's research. However, Gilthunder ends exaggerating and overcharging it. Later, now reunited with Mono and Roxy, the latter offers Shin her help to fix the tablet using magic, however, due to Roxy's inexperince on spells' casting, she ends summoning Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya from the King of Fighter '98 installed on it.

After failed a attempt to send the video game characters back with a battle, Shin asks for Lilia's aid and is informed that something is imprisioning them on Britannia, which is later revelead to be Omega Rugal, who invaded Britannia due to the time-space distortion of Roxy's summoning and has organized a fight festival subordinating Taizoo. Shin, then, with the fellow Disasters, Kyo, Mai and Athena arrives on a newly reformed Vaizel, encounters the Seven Deadly Sins and, along with Meliodas, seals a pact between the Sins and the Disasters to help sending back the video game characters to their original world.

While Eastin, Valenty and Camila represents the Seven Disasters at the Fight Festival, Shin, Hawk and Merlin remain investigating the mind behind the fight festival and Taizoo's personality twist and discovers about Rugal's plan on using the festival as an excuse to absorb magic and be powerful enough to conquer and destroy the world.

After witnessing Valenty unleash the powers of her upgraded MK-II Weapon, Shin asks Valenty's help to create a new weapon to himself.


Seven Disasters


Despite considering her one of his friends, Shin appears to have trust issues with Lilia, as he noticed that the mage remain keeping secrets from the team.


Shin seems to be good friends with Valenty, as he is the only member of the Disasters to manifest some curiosity when she's developing her weapons.

Eastin Amabyllis

Despite barely interacting with her, Shin appears to be on good terms with Eastin.


Shin and Mono doesn't interact so frequently, but they seems to work well together, as they, along with Roxy, managed to deal with Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya after Roxy accidentally summoned them.


Shin and Roxy seems to be good friends. Shin usually scold her before she ends in trouble and cares about her as he see the fellow Disaster as a promising ally. On the other hand, Shin can also get upset with Roxy whenever she insists to piss him off stealing his things or making fun of something he's afraid of.


Shin and Camila appears to be on good terms with each other. However, Shin often treats her much more politely and respectfully than his fellow teammates due to her title as a goddess on her original world, something that slightly annoys her.

Seven Deadly Sins


Despite being the leader of the Disasters' main enemies, Shin admires Meliodas due to his enormous power and was often show disappointed to be his enemy. Shin, on his quotes to raise his Affection meter, reveals to have romantic feelings for Meliodas.


Despite being enemies, Shin and Merlin worked well together when the Sins and the Disasters joined forces in order to stop Omega Rugal after Roxy accidentally summoned The King of Fighters' characters into the real world.

Holy Knights


Shin seems to have became friends with Gilthunder after the incident with Roxy.

Abilities and Equipment

Little is know about Shin's powers, but he seems to be very powerful, being able to overpower Howzer, Gilthunder and Griamore with certain ease. Also, he possesses a futuristic bracelet developed by Valenty that create and control drone-like machines that fire powerful energy blasts towards his targets. Valenty also created for him a Satellite Cannon able to blast his opponents directly from the exosphere.


  • Shin might be based on the seventh disaster of the Lotus Sutra's definitions, 'attack by bandits', due to his past as a dungeon conqueror, where he used to travel between worlds and plunder dungeons.
  • Shin is a fan of King of Fighters' franchise.
  • Shin is the second canonically homosexual character on the series, the other being Slader.
  • A side story required to unlock Halloween Shin's unique reveals that Shin has a deceased sibling.
  • Shin himself acknowledges he possess very poor social skills.
  • He is only character shown so far to own and use modern technology so far


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