The Rain Forest Invites the Beginning「はじまりを誘う雨の森 Hajimari wo Sasou Ame no Mori」 is the sixth Side Story of Nanatsu no Taizai manga.

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Q409. Hachishimoda Yūsuke-san (From Tochigi Prefecture): Do you put lemon on the mackarel pike? Or sudachi (another kind of lemon)?

Nakaba: It can be either. The most important thing to do is check whether it has innards or not.

Q410. Otome-za-san (From Niigata Prefecture): Even though Tarmiel took a dead body as his vessel, why did he leave it?

Nakaba: He felt that the efficiency of the vessel was at its limit.

Q411. Rio-san (From Niigata Prefecture): Which event made the biggest impression on you during the serialization of Nanatsu no Taizai?

Nakaba: There were too many things in the serialization... If I had to say it... that would be the adaptation into an anime or a movie. I also had many signing events too.

Q412. Sanshoku Hige Sōmen-san (From Wakayama Prefecture): Since when has Hendrickson been able to use Purge?

Nakaba: At around 10 although there is no fixed time.

Q413. Hajime Saitō-san (From Hiroshima Prefecture): I read that you've never read "Guri and Gura" (a picture book aimed at kids), but did you read any picture book when you were a child?

Nakaba: Doreamon (No, it isn't a picture book!!) Ah, I loved the picture books by Sachiko Kashiwaba!!

Q414. Elena-san: Baccho-sensei, which is the first SSR character you've ever drawn in Grand Cross?

Nakaba: Meliodas.

Q415. Mayacchi-san (From Hyōgo Prefecture): Which chapter title did you love the most?

Nakaba: Chapter 210, "Emotional Maelstrom". Sounds like the title of a song, doesn't it?

Q416. Gudenoko-san: We've seen Ban interact with anyone while drunk but does Elaine too?

Nakaba: She gets emotionally attached to anyone!!

Q417. Teruteru Bōzu-san (From Mie Prefecture): Baccho-sensei, which side dish do you often eat that comes with alcohol?

Nakaba: Sashimi. Grilled squid. Dishes fried in garlic oil. Especially salty food. I feel like I'm going to die young...

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