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The Dark Dream Begins「黒き夢の始まり, Kuroki Yume no Hajimari」 is the 1st episode of the Signs of Holy War arc and was first broadcasted on August 28, 2016.


With the capital retaken and the Liones Kingdom slowly getting back on its feet, Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk turn their attention to the Boar Hat.


Elizabeth Liones wakes up in a good mood. After eating breakfast, she goes to the Boar Hat, where everyone is still asleep following the festival. She decides to let them sleep as she cleans the deck outside. She is then greeted by Hawk, who still is in a miniaturized size. Elizabeth says she would feel better if Hawk did not leave her side. When they head inside, Meliodas surprises and startles Elizabeth before introducing her to a meat pie made with vegetables that looks like a roasted pig, but it turns out to be unfit for human consumption, having as "victims" Gilthunder and Howzer. Meliodas then gets the idea of using pork as the main ingredient, scaring Hawk to the point of making haste out of the bar, despite Elizabeth warnings about the dangers outside.

Meanwhile in the remains of Hendrickson's Magical Research Facility, Merlin and Ban are with the corpse of the Gray Demon, which Ban tries to destroy due to the hate he has towards the Demon Clan, but Merlin stops him.

After a while, Hawk still has not come back, despite Meliodas leaving scraps in his bowl, while Elizabeth worries about his wellbeing. Meliodas then comes up with a contest for his friends, in which he will obey any order for a day from whoever catches Hawk first. Diane and King also join the search. Meanwhile, Ban is outside of the bar seemingly planning something.

Meliodas, Elizabeth and Gilthunder start looking for Hawk. Meliodas tries looking in a box before reassuring Elizabeth that he will be easy to find due his small size. Gilthunder then says that he will track down Hawk before anyone, and Hawk sneezes and says that someone is talking about him. While Elizabeth talks to Gilthunder about his plans for the future, Meliodas then puts his face between Elizabeth's legs as soon as he spots Hawk behind Gilthunder, who tries to catch him but is outsmarted by his small size.

Diane, King and Howzer are somewhere else looking for Hawk. Diane immediately gets annoyed when King and Howzer start arguing, much to Howzer's anxiety. Diane then thanks both boys for protecting her during the battle before saying that she will catch Hawk and go on a date with Meliodas, much to the boys' disappointment. Diane spots Hawk and tries to catch him, but the latter jumps into her clothes wriggling himself all the way up to Diane's chest area. King tries to get him out, but collapses in a nose bleed after grabbing her chest in the process. Howzer goes after him and runs into Gilthunder, who engages Howzer. Hawk runs between Meliodas' legs and gets away.

After a long day of trying to catch Hawk everyone heads back to the Boar Hat, only to find that Hawk has returned on his own, feasting on food scraps made by Ban, who is declared the winner as a result. Elizabeth is pleased to see Hawk back safe and sound. However, Meliodas grabs Hawk and declares himself the winner to everyone's chagrin. Everyone gets disappointed that they went through all that trouble for nothing, with the exception of Elizabeth, who says she had a great time.

Later, while the group is having a good time, Ban and Meliodas talk about their unfinished battle, which Hawk and Elizabeth notice.

At night, Meliodas takes Elizabeth back to the palace while also assuring that his purpose in life is to protect her, which makes Elizabeth happy.

Afterwards, Meliodas goes to the catacombs to tell the Horn of Cernunnos to stop lying to Ban. When the goddess in the vessel taunts him for his reputation as a demon, Meliodas destroys it in retaliation as it laughs in its final moments.

Meanwhile, in another location, a shepard boy sees a winged arm flying through the air and runs to tell his father of it. As he runs into his house, he trips and falls. In that moment a person who looks like Dreyfus appears behind him and asks him to tell that story in more detail.

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