The Shape of Love「愛のかたち Ai no Katachi」 is the 4th episode of the Signs of Holy War arc and was first broadcasted on September 18, 2016.


Business at the Boar Hat is dropping, so Meliodas asks Merlin to join the staff as a waitress along side Elizabeth and Diane to attract customers.


Merlin agrees to be a waitress at the Boar Hat, in exchange for Meliodas and Gowther following Gilthunder to find out if he is being stalked by someone. Meanwhile, Gilthunder, Howzer and Griamore are each hit with falling debris in the streets, unaware of the situation. Gowther is distracted by a boy named Pelliot, who asks him to retrieve a fat cat off a roof. Since Gowther reminds Pelliot of his mother, who recently passed away, Gowther transforms into Pelliot's mother for a moment and disappears when Pelliot's father finds Pelliot. Gowther hides and watches in confusion as Pelliot starts to cry and call for his mother, having thought he was doing something good.

Meliodas finds Gilthunder, Howzer and Griamore at a restaurant, where he purposely spills coffee to expose Vivian, revealed as the stalker. Merlin punishes Vivian by planting a cursed ring on her finger, which will bring pain to her each time the curse is activated, and Merlin explains that the Ten Commandments are the highest class in the demon race. At the Boar Hat, Merlin quits her job as a waitress, while Hawk and Gowther fill in for the position, much to the guys' dismay.

Bartra Liones gathers the Sins and explains a premonition he saw with his power Vision involving ten shadows. And that a menace is looming over Camelot.

Meanwhile, Hendrickson succeds in performing the ritual to release the seal on the Demon Clan. A pillar of pink light shoots into the sky.

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Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, King Baltra presents his prediction of a monster invading Camelot to four of the Seven Deadly Sins outside his castle after the award ceremony; as oppose to the anime, which was inside his headquarters while having Diane human-sized and Hawk tiny, while also including Ban and King.


Signs of Holy War arc
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